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Hi, Just want to know if there are any current problems or new restrictions with this script working on FB at this time before I purchase it.

Thank you


There are no problems with it with the new restrictions. You can see it working ok on the live demo :)

demo domain is offline


Thanks for the message.

I’ll be getting something back on there. I’m just moving to a new host, so everything is a bit skewiff for now.


Please would you offer a downloadable version without PSD file.

it make the file size over than 100 mega.


I’ve sent that on to you, but if you don’t receive it, please let me know :)


I got it.

Thank you very much.


thanks for letting me know :)

I am not able to create SSL for my domain www.luisbalboa.com

I just need these certificates for this plugin I bought work, my website can directly Appear on Faceboook:

In PDF (last page 9) they say it is possible to have free SSL certificates on the website:


Already added luisbalboa.com my website on my Facebook page but does not work if you’re in https:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luis-Balboa-Creative-WORKS/368540106516233?id=368540 106516233 & sk = app_1408169216084202

Can you help me?


email sent! Keys (startssl) the new subdomain website.luisbalboa.com + access to my Media Temple server


Hello Joe,

I managed to install SSL on my domain luisbalboa.com Thanks for the support via email was 100% :)




Congrats on getting it done. It seems these things are sometimes made more complicated than they need to be.

Hello Joe,

A new question:

How to put your Facebook TABS plugin to open the start on my page?


I mostly use my personal Facebook and have an interest in the Facebook Page Business website to appear soon!

This is possible?


you can move the tab around in the your page admin


Joe, Yes I’ve seen it but you can never get in the first place is always in third below the original gallery photos from Facebook …


you’d need to contact Facebook, as this doesn’t have anything to do with the item

Joe, The plugin does not work on mobile devices … the iPad could only view in Safari but the official Facebook application gives this error:

http://www.luisbalboa.com/printscreens/fbtab-03.png http://www.luisbalboa.com/printscreens/fbtab-04.png


Can you do some updating to work? These days it is important that this function devices …


I’ll look into that, but it has worked on all my tests, using the Galaxy S3


I use Apple iOS and I think its important work there too … iPad and iPhone please update the plugin to work on them! thank you


I will check those, but nobody else has had a problem

This works if you view the facebook page in firefox or ie, but if you view in Chrome the framed page doesn’t show?


Can you give me your page url, I’ll take a look.

hi business web, do we need the file (error_log) to be in our server with the rest of the files for the wordpress facebook tabs?



Hi capmaticenvato, you don’t need to have that file :)


Perfect ;-) thanks for the good response time


im not sure if there are changes on facebooks side or something that has to do with the codes, but even if people like the page the notliked page keeps showing up… is there something im doing wrong????


Sorry I missed this message, but we can now get this sorted via your email message


thanks a lot for the support and the fast response time, and i would like to share a link for people to have a look at the possibilities


Awesome script! It seems as though Facebook has updated their system and so the steps do not look the same as in your supplied setup instructions.

I was able to get everything setup correctly except for attaching your page to your app, that step does not work any longer. When entering this url you get a API error: http://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID&next=YOUR_PAGE_TAB_URL.

How do we now attach your page to your app?

Thanks in advance!

I will be taking a good look at both the file and the setup instructions over the next few days, and will be updating everything to ensure it all works smoothly with the latest changes by Facebook.


The new instructions are awaiting CC to be added.

thorsky Purchased

Demo also does not work for me in Chrome?

Any fix for that yet ?


Firstly, I apologise for the late reply. I’ve been offline while sorting out an office.

I’m going to have to look into this Chrome problem. I’ve not used it for the past 6 weeks due to various problems Chrome has been giving and I’m guessing this is another one of these.

I will let you know as soon as I figure out what the problem is.


This seems to be a Chrome problem with apps in general within Facebook, though it wasn’t a problem when I last tested it less than a month ago.

It seems that Chrome has got very strict on redirects within Facebook from http, and is insisting on all links being https instead. Other browsers do not do this as there is no need for it, but Chrome seems to be insisting upon it.

If this does not fix your problem, it seems that there are many Chrome/Facebook problems, as you can see here: