Facebook Promotion App

Facebook Promotion App

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Facebook Promotion Application: Easy Social Media Marketing Version 3.0

New: Fangate,Database Connection,OAuth 2.0,New Design, New Facebook API 2.0 This application automatically generates a post in the news stream of your visitors, you can publish anything you want. After the user has authorized the application you can offer them for example coupons,special download links, special content and more! The user data will be stored in your database. This is an very effective way to inrease your Facebookvisitors and Fans. There also is a Wordpress Version of this.

Perfect for

  • Sweepstakes
  • “Join the Event”-App
  • Restaurant Specials
  • Coupons,Discount for subscribers
  • Every kind of promotion can be done with this application!

How it works:

  • The user authorizes the application
  • The application automatically post your text/link/picture in the name of the user
  • And now the user gets redirected to the content page, here you can offer them anything you want (coupons, downloadlinks, premium content). Everything you want!
  • E-Mail,Name will be stored in your database (MySQL database required)

Easy Setup:

Just insert your App-Id,App-Secret and upload the files to your server! P.S Here
you can get the Facebook App-Id,App-Secret.

Try it now! :)

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