Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress

Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress

This Facebook Plugins for WordPress is the ultimate and most advanced plugin to integrate Facebook Plugins, Dialogs and Facebook comments into your blog or website. It’s using WordPress shortcodes to make it very simple to add a Facebook plugin or dialog into any blog post or page. The plugins also comes with 4 widgets ready to be customized + a way to automatically add a Like button and/or the Facebook comment system into all your posts and pages.


- 10 Facebook plugins that can be integrated with one line of code.
- 2 dialogs using native Facebook popups.
- Shortcode support for all the plugins and dialogs.
- 9 widgets ready to be customized (Like box widget, Recommendations box widget, Activity feed widget, Facepile widget, Like button widget, Send button widget, Follow button widget, embedded posts widget, share button widget)
- Automatically add a Like Button to all your posts or pages.
- Automatically integrate Facebook comment to all posts and pages.
- Easy way to customize the look and options of the plugins.
- A way to disable the WordPress default comments.
- Rich documentation and each shortcode option is documented.
- Compatible with the Facebook WPress for WordPress.
- New in v2: Customize precisely in which posts or pages the automatic like button is displayed
- New in v2: Customize precisely in which posts or pages the Facebook comments are displayed
- New in v2: All widgets upgraded to the Widgets API supporting unlimited widgets instances in different areas !
- New in v2: Most plugins are now using an HTML5 code (latest Facebook code)


Demo of all Plugins, Facebook comments and Dialogs.

News and Updates

15 July 2014
- Fixed a small issue with the Facebook comments not appearing with certain themes
3 June 2014
- Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0
- Added 3 new widgets and shortcodes (follow button, share button and embedded posts)
- Updated the available Facebook plugins with the latest codes
28 Sept 2012 – v2.0 with major update with a lot or code improvements and new features
- Added the Send buttons support within the Like buttons
- All widgets are now supporting unlimited instances (based on the WordPress Widgets API)
- New send button widget
- Removed the “Live Stream” deprecated by Facebook.
- Customize in which posts and pages the automatic like button, and Facebook comment are displayed.
- Notifications for new updates supported to keep you informed of new updates
- Added more customizations to all plugins

12 July 2011
- Added a way to use the featured image when a page is liked (Open Graph protocol integration).
- Added a way to enable the comments moderator tool by declaring the admin(s).

8 May 2011
- Added an option to set a comment header title from the plugin settings.
- Added color scheme support for all comments (light + dark).