Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class

Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class

This Facebook plugins class enables you to centralize all your Facebook plugins and dialog declarations. The main advantage is to avoid having your plugins declarations everywhere in your projects. Instead you can have them all in one place, all defined in a structured and flexible class.

If you are interested by integrating Twitter widgets you can have a look to the Twitter widgets class.


- Centralize all your Facebook plugins and dialog declarations.
- Avoid duplicate code.
- Save time by having to update only the class file when Facebook make changes.
- Use efficient and flexible functions.
- Extremely easy to integrate into your existing projects.


- Offer a way to your user to update their Facebook status.
- Offer a dialog box to your users to add you or a specific user as their friend on Facebook.
- Add a Facebook comment system to any page.
- Integrate like buttons and customize the look and the links related.
- Integrate like boxes with the activity of your Facebook page.
- Propose a Live stream box, an activity box, recommendations and more !
- The Facebook SDK in included only once (even when your call several same methods!).
- Rich documentation included (with examples).

The purpose of this class is clearly to give you all the Facebook social tools that could help you offering a richer experience to your visitors. Letting you focus on other important things.

Have a look on all what you can integrate on our demo page.


30 May 2014
- Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0
- Facebook embedded posts added
- Facebook Follow button added
- Facebook share button added

WordPress version

You can find the WordPress Plugin on this page: Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress