Facebook Like Gate - Wordpress Plugin


FB Like Gate – Wordpress Plugin Updated

The easiest and most powerfull way to setup and manage your facebook Like Gate directly in Wordpress This is the probably most powerfull Like Gate available on the internet, you can setup your fan and non fan content in wordpress. You can use music players,videos,HTML content and much more! The power of wordpress is now connected to facebook. This is an very effective way to inrease your fans.

Some Examples


  • The most powerfull fangate available on the internet
  • Use Videos,Music,Download Content,Iframes,HTML …
  • Extensive content editor
  • Custom background upload
  • Unlimited Fan/Non-Fan Content
  • Add the fangate to you page dialog

Perfect for

  • Exclusive Fan Music
  • Exclusive Download Content
  • Exclusiv Fan Videos
  • Restaurant Specials
  • Coupons,Discount for fans
  • Every kind of promotion can be done with this application!

Easy Setup:

Just insert your App-Id,App-Secret in Wordpress and click on Add the app to my page! P.S Here
you can get the Facebook App-Id,App-Secret.

Try it out now! :)