Facebook Friends Birthday Awesome App

Facebook Friends Birthday Awesome App

Did you ever missed a Facebook friend birthday? Or wondered which friends birthday is coming next? This app will help you a lot regarding that, and even more.

Just connect using your Facebook account, allow the app to access your birthday and your friends birthdays date, and let the magic begin ! All your friends birthdays will be listed month by month, letting you check who was born on January, February, March and so on.

You can also see the coming friends birthdays to never miss any friend birthday, and check all your friends birthdays on a calendar, using the blue color for boys, and the rose color for girls!

The app also includes a “Send message” feature allowing you to post a message directly on your friends wall. Just in case you missed a birthday and want to say “Happy birthday” without losing a second.

Check our demo here, and get your own copy today !


- Facebook connect and Graph API integration.
- Permission to access your friends birthday requested
- Display your friends birthdays month by month
- Display the coming birthdays to never miss a friend birthday.
- Calendar display with all your friends birthdays on it !
- Distinction between the boys (blue colour) and girls (rose colour) on the calendar
- Ability to post a message on your friends wall within the app
- Your friends birthdays are automatically ordered in the displays
- Let your visitors lean more about their friends anniversary
- Very clean source code

You can try a live demo on this page.


13 Dec 2012
- Updated with latest Facebook API changes to the OAuth authentication system

26 Oct 2012
- Added the ability to send private messages to friends
- Added an autopost feature on connected users wall (can specify the autopost message with attached link and image) from the backend
- Ability to attach a link and/or picture to the private messages
- Ability to attach a link and/or picture to the wall posts
- Made the app compatible with the Facebook viral & marketing app, enabling you to send emails or post on your connected users Facebook wall.