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New updated version 1.3 available from 10. august 2012

This plugin is used to display a list of friends using the Facebook JavaScript API . Then user can select a few people and send them a message for example. The output of Facebook Friend Chooser plugin can be user names or user ID or whole user objects obtained by Facebook Graph API


This plugin is for all Facebook apps developers who often used FBML fb: multi-friend-selector components to select users friends. This component had several shortcomings and Facebook also announced that from 1. January 2012 will deprecate the FBML language.

Facebook friend chooser plugin is based on jQuery therefore it is easy to use and easy to customize. Advantage over Facebook multi friend selector is that the data are not sent to server but it uses only the javascript API . Also you can easily change the appearance of your custom Facebook friend chooser using CSS . Friend chooser uses a wide range of callback functions to meet all your needs.


  1. using Javascript API not FBML
  2. pure javascript (no php is needed)
  3. many customization settings
  4. real time searching among friends
  5. number of selected friends can be limited
  6. preloading of friends photos
  7. easy style customization using CSS
  8. callback functions
  9. ready for language translations
  10. tested in all major browsers

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v. 1.3:
     - Added option to exclude some users from listing
     - Added API function to hide users from listing
     - Changed onSubmit() callback to trigger on sending facebook apprequests
v. 1.2:
     - Added option to use checkboxes to select users
     - Added option to automaticly send facebook apprequest on submit
     - Added close icon to top-right corner
     - Added checkbox to select/deselect all friends
v. 1.1: 
     - Added option to minimum number of selected users
     - Added button to select all friends
     - Added option to show number of random friends
     - Added onSelect and onDeSelect callback functions

Credits & Notes

Thanks to user Jareish for help with the update.