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Hey ,I was thinking of buying this script, I connected my FB id, but it doesn’t show my friends list, neither does it post to my timeline. I clicked on yes, on all the permissions it asked me for.

What could be the issue?

Thanks for letting me know about it. I will check it out and see what’s happening and release an update. Is that only the friends list that you see missing when you connect? I just tried the posting and seems working fine though !

i installed but am not geting friends from other users only mine

must not be supported anymore


Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out for you, thanks !

Hi guys,

I like your script and it works for me however I am trying to integrate it into Wordpress. The issue is I need to do some conditional statements with the email (to test if a user has the same email as the Facebook email) however I get the following error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/headstud/public_html/clients/hschero/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/facebook_connect/include/library/Fb_box/include/class/Fb_ypbox.php:144) in /home/headstud/public_html/clients/hschero/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/functions.php on line 815

Basically I need to have access to the $userdata array without echoing any JS or anything of the sort so I can use the PHP header() command to redirect the user to another web page if the email in $userdata matches the email of a user on the website.

Does that make sense?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Best, Kosta

WordPress is quite complex. I would suggest you check our Facebook Connect WP plugin that could already be doing what you are trying to accomplish:

OK. I purchased and have a few questions. All I mainly wanted was for people to be able to log into my site via Facebook & the admin gather their info. But when you login. It takes them to their Facebook info page. Is there a way to just send them to my site without letting them see all their info. And if there is, How does the admin see their info? Or did I purchase the wrong script? Second. I am setting up the Facebook app and now it wants “notes” for ALL the permissions that I checked. It wants to know WHY I need this info from users before submitting for approval. What do I do?

Please help?

This script is not saving the users data into the DB. That need to be added as a customization. I have some other script that do that you can check them out. For the notes before an approval that’s required by Facebook and cannot avoid it. But that’s only for the extended permissions you want to get from users. For customization requests please contact me through my profile page


alhejji Purchased

I can not submit my app for approval as i got the following error “It looks like you haven’t made any API requests to access content with the publish_actions permission in the last 30 days.” even though i filled all the information required

You will probably need to connect with the script or let your users do it, in order to have the request to the API done


bananoo Purchased

Facebook is automatically refusing the permissions required to make this work, such as user_relationship_details and publish_actions etc.

They are asking everyone to explain why each permission is required. However, they did give me three permissions: email. public_profile and user_friends

I am wondering if there is a lightweight version of this code which would allow users to log in, fetch less data and only require those 3 permissions?


bananoo Purchased

Okay I’ve done some more testing of the “Disconnect my Facebook account” link.

Internet Explorer on Windows > Works

Safari on Windows > Works

Safari on Mac > Works

Firefox on Windows > Works

Firefox on Mac > Works

Chrome on Windows > Failed

Chrome on Mac > Failed

So I am guessing it has something to do with JavaScript / Jquery on Chrome?

Can you send me a link and temporary FTP access through my profile page? I will get a look and get back to you by email, thanks


bananoo Purchased

Wow thanks, I have sent you a message via this site!


indexto Purchased

Hi I purchased your script and was willing to integrate it with phpfreechat 1.7 (it’s a simple chat program without database needed but it lacks a login feature so my chat room full of fake accounts) but after looking at your code it’s not that easy to implement it with my php knowledge. Can you give me a clue on how to integrate it? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

Curl and json_encode need to be enabled, that’s for the most part :)


indexto Purchased

I’ve sent you an email. Please check thanks!

Should get back to your soon, thanks


indexto Purchased

I’ve sent you an email. Please check thanks!

Hi, Everything is working except logout link. The link ‘Disconnect my Facebook account’ doesn’t work. Any suggestion?


Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out for you, thanks

Thank you for your response. I’ve already solved it.


smilee Purchased

Hi, nice job!! :D How can I get the first name and last name of the user? (separately)

Fir support and customization requests please contact me through my profile page, thanks

hi bro any one there i need 1 help i need this apps if i warder there that means u gives me a new fb apps with manages pages also publish action

I believe I answered to your emails ;)

Hey want to purchase this script . Does it support friends list option s

Is it possible to show the Facebook user’s likes (interests) with this script?

I need to ask a Few thins before buying. 1 – As Facebook is updating its SDK to v 2.2 will you be updating your app as well? 2 – I am looking forward to develop some apps particularly for Facebook Pages. I assume there wont be any permission issue like that right?

1. The script is updated whenever needed to keep it working ;) 2. You can check the other apps about Facebook pages we have in our portfolio as well


I’m looking to add to a webform FB identification to show to web-owner who is contactin him. Your scipt can to this?

Best regards NPinelo

This script can only do what’s on the demo, any other things would mostly likely need a customization. But this script can be based as a base for it ;)

Hello, good evening! I am Brazilian and bought his script, I know how to change the settings allowing only get the name Facebook profile, those present are asking to relationship, bought the script only to catch the name Facebook profile, where I change ?


For customization requests please contact me through my profile page with your full request for an estimate, thanks


enjesl Purchased

I purchase today this app I can’t get any details from Facebook why what is the problem how can i solve it

Got your email ans should get back to you soon by email

are you supporting the new sdk 4?

This script is supporting the latest Facebook API, and is not based on an SDK

Hello, I love your script, it is very helpful and allowed me to move faster in my webapp. But when I try to add the facebook ID of the person who logs in the output URL, but I do not know how?

For support on customization please contact me through my profile page, thanks !

Hey, i find the response to my problem. But i have a problem with friend_list. In the demo, the friend list is limited to 24. By modifying the ‘nb_display’, there is no change, it remains blocked at 25 (with array0). the display_functions.php adds nothing about this block. Thank you in advance for your response.

Sorry for the delay. Just answered to your email

Hi, I just tried to attach the the zip file from CodeCanyon and Gmail alerted me saying virus detected. Please test


That’s a wrong alert we don’t have any virus in our files