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still working?

Sure !

demo doesn’t works

I just tried it and working just fine. Maybe you have the codecanyon iframe? Try in out on this direct URL:

friend list not showing in demo

Hello i can’t retrieve email, first_name and last_name.

I put all the necessary scope, but $user_data[‘email’]; doesn’t retrieve nothing. The $user_data array contains only id, token, picture and expire.

Is still working the script?

Yes it’s still working. Please contact me through my profile page with a link to your script and temporary FTP access and will check what’s wrong, thanks!


leeplus Purchased

Hello, I purchased the code. I have some ploblem for post status (In title : Update my Facebook status) I test my app, but I cannot update status.


Please contact me through my profile page with a link to your script and will get back to you by email, thanks


leeplus Purchased

I’m sorry. I forgot step submission to facebook. Now, I try it and wait for facebook review and If I have any problem, I maybe ask you again :-), Thank you

Is it possible to get fb pages which that profile owned ?

can store token and Facebook id ?

This script doesn’t store any data into the database, but stores the connected users data in the active session

where is token and id stores ?

In the session, so you can get them and store them in the DB if needed

Moved to a new server. Script was working fine on old server. It is currently getting stuck on fb_connect after coming back from Facebook.

Figured it out after I turned on all errors on server. I had to set the tmp folder for session ( session_save_path(’/tmp’); ) in include/webzone.php.

Glad for you !

I want to create an web application on a virtual server and not on a localhost. How does script handles the Facebook Oauth when I’m on an IDE?

Nothing changes, virtual or real server come back to the same as long as the server can run php

Friends list,birthday, location, relationship not working ?

Hi still the script is working ?

Yes sure

Update my Facebook status not working…please help

Hello a pre buy question Can i sort male and female friends of a user ? can i get the link of a user profile pic ? and friend’s profile pic ? Thanks

Sorry it’s not possible to know friends genders, or access their profile info

i like the script , looks very useful . if i will by this script could you help me implement it ? your demo app isnt showing my friends list .

please revert back :)

For integration/ customization requests please reach us through our profile page with more details for an estimate

May i want to know does it work on opencart version or will you provide full document for installation. then i will buy.

Sorry this is not an opencart plugin

Hi, Can you guide me for upload image with your api ? Thank.

Sorry uploads are not supported by this script