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I posted a question in regards to being able to jump to the 1st of next month as opposed to jumping 30 days. You did respond, which I thank you, but I need a bit more clarity. You said to be sure that mo1st=’yes’ is set in the shortcode – but I can’t see that option. Here is the shortcode I am using:

[add_eventon_dv event_order=”ASC” jumper=”yes”]

How do I modify this? I tried just adding mo1st=”yes” to the end, but it didn’t work.


Great Plugin, we are using v 2.2.16 at http://startupcarinthia.com/

I’m having a problem though. Suddenly during building the site the Google Maps were lost. I already tried to “Disable Google Maps API” and change other settings – but nothing worked.

Except for the theme nothing uses Google Maps. And the theme’s feature for Google Maps is not used in the site.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.


BTW: The Map shows up here http://startupcarinthia.com/event-map/ but not on the event cards here http://startupcarinthia.com/events/

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I think there is an issue with timezones…. the calendar is showing as August when it is september… are we working on US time zones ;) not sri lankan time zone i guess :)

Hi Ashan,

I want to start sorting my events and I was reading that with Event Lists: EXT and the FullCal you can do this. With this in mind I have a few questions: 1. If I get the FullCal can people pick the view they want? Meaning FullCal or Single event? 2. If the answer is yes, then if someone is in Single Event will they see the Sort if I have the FullCal? 3. what is the limit on how many options some can search for? I see two on the demo; Date and Country. I think I will need more. 4. I like the how the Single Event has the break for the months. It looks like that option goes away with the Event List : EXT option. Is that correct?

I also sent an email but I just saw a chat that looks like this is the best place to post questions. :)


Hi Ashan, Thanks for helping, love your product so far. For full cal add-on On WP the error says: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Class ‘evo_addon’ not found in /home5/baykidsp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventon-full-cal/eventon-full-cal.php on line 48

I tried to delete and re-install and same error. I don’t know how to debug…if it needs more than my simple tech skills to use (needing ftp etc instead of just wordpress dashboard) I cannot use this product… ;(

Hi guys,

i have a question about the ticket add-on. Do the customers get printable e-tickets? How do we scan them or what kind of way are we using the tickets. Event bright uses e-tickets and an app to scan them at the door.

Thanks guys.


Is there an email i can get to send over screenshots ect..

Basically i believe a theme and the eventon plugin are causing issues. On the New Post/Page next to the ‘Add Media’ button there is the ‘add eventon’ button.. I need to remove this button.

Not sure what the issue is but when adding a new post the page freezes and becomes unresponsive. However when disabling the eventon plugin it is fine.

I need advise on how to delete the ‘Add Eventon’ button which is situated next to the add media button in wordpress backend.

Cheers Jack

Hello, i buy eventon plugin and eventon action EventON action user and Eventon SingleEvent. For the last (Eventon SingleEvent) when i download the new version of eventon, this message arrive “EventON SingleEvent is enabled but not effective. It requires EventON in order to work.”

What is a solution please?

Same problem as above: I have purchased the single event add on but after updating Eventon, it no longer recognizes my addon. I get this message on my Dashboard: EventON SingleEvent is enabled but not effective. It requires EventON in order to work.

Hi. I purchased and installed the Eventon Tickets Addon. I have the last version of woocommerce already. After the installation I get the following message displayed everywhere on my Dashboard :

“Eventon Tickets need woocommerce plugin to function properly. Please install woocommerce”

I think there is a conflict between eventon and jetpack share… the share button does not show up on pages where i have loaded evenon….

Any suggestions?


Dear Ashan, I found previous version of Daily View pretty comfortable even without the seamless strip, now out of style for my website: is there a way to remove it and restore without downgrading? http://ateliersi.it/si/

More, the event’s lenght now overlay the event’s title… (tutto il giorno = all day)

While on fullcal http://ateliersi.it/si/calendario/ a dot now appears in the middle of day with events.

Regards, Diego


1. Quick question. How can I get single events to display open on page. Basically everything is displayed without having to click to open. I see an option for EventOn events but not single events.

I also have 4 suggestions that would help make this already awesome plugin even more awesome in my opinion.

1. layout options. A Grid layout would be just awesome.

2. Displaying event price.

3. Simplified event buttons similar to this ( http://iplusstd.com/item/eventBookingPro/example/button-examples/) with simalar simplified book now button function popup. This would allow a user to simply add book now button without having to display redundant information that’s already inside post.

4. An inquiry button so a user could inquire about such events Before purchasing a ticket. Or maybe it’s a pay later event were user would pay at the door And they need some more info. The inquiry could populate all necessary info and forwards to selected email.

Best regards keep up the great work.

Hello, I purchased the Event Single Page addon and after uploading it I get this error: “EventON SingleEvent is enabled but not effective. It requires EventON in order to work.”

I have EventON installed and activated as well as another addon installed and working properly.

Please help!