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alfozaie Purchased


I just purchased your plugin and added a few addons all seem fine except for the maps, I am getting the following error “EventON EventsMap is enabled but not effective. It requires EventON in order to work.”

Please advice. Thank you.

Not sure what happen as my calendar page was working before but now it is not Any help? Thank you. http://bandednation.com/events/

The short code that I have on the page is the following. [add_eventon_list number_of_months=”12” hide_past=”yes” cal_id=”2” hide_empty_months=”yes” cal_id=”2” ft_event_priority=”yes” accord=”yes” show_et_ft_img=”yes” ]


do this change the page slug to something other than events or delete this page and create a new page

Hi ashanjay:

Im about to buy this plugin, but i will be using it in spanish, can it be translated? I mean does it include the required files is it translate ready?

Hope it is.

New ActionUser has Captcha Field Validation field however there is no way to customize the text…It just say “Captcha Field Validation” which is cool for user who know what it mean however there will be some users who will get stuck and have no clue that they are required to type in the characters above it in that field.

Suggestion: 1. Have an area in admin section so we can give tooltips or change the text such as “Type In The Above Characters” or “Human Check, Please Type In The Characters” or whatever instruction we would like to give our users.

2. Other fields should have tooltips as well so we can help the user fill out the event submission form quicker and correctly