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Why has the update made my ‘Events’ page redirect to my homepage?

I am interested in main EventON and RSVP addon functionality.

About EventON plugin: - It it possible to show events without dates because we have special events organised only by client pre-order and these events should be visible as a list all the time?

Few following questions about RSVP:

- Maybe you have a working demo for this addon?

- Can I add and change form fields? What type of fields are available?

- What does appear after I click final Submit button? Do I stay on the same page with a short “Thank you” note, do I return back to the same form or do I go to a separate “Thank you” page?

You can not create events without dates sorry.

dev.myeventon.com tester:pass—this is in the item details page Check this site for fields in RSVP form as well.

Anyways please feel free to play around in the dev site.

Ok – I give up…

How the heck do I create a list of events like the one you show on your CodeCanoyn productpage. I mean the top one (non tiled) with events ranging from March 17 tot April 30. I need a list like that: an X number of events listed, regardless of the month. I just cant figure out how that’s done. Please help me out here .


I mean the image on this page http://codecanyon.net/item/eventon-wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/1211017, right under “Beautiful Crafted Minimal design”.

Ill check the addon.


It is indeed that addon I need. Am i the first to raise an eyebrow on the pricing…?

I see so that is ONE event that start on March 17 and go till April 21st so it shows as multi-day event. And the calendar itself is showing events for April. But because that event is also belong in April it shows there. :)

As for Pricing: We charge flat price for UNLIMITED updates for life. If you check some of the other guys like Woocommerce they charge you an arm and a leg for just 1 year license. Would you rather we take your arm or a leg :p didnt think so.

How long after ordering can I download my Addons? I’ve been waiting for a few hours now.. (ordered on your site)

And is it possible to import a guestlist for an event? All the best :)

Hope I can download the addons soon. All the best! Dave

I replied to your tweet i believe. Let me know the order ID so I can check. I did get echeck payments for couple of orders in last 2 days so if yours were one of those, then you will have to wait.

Otherwise send me the order ID and I can look up in our system :)

I’m receiving update notices via email

Update available for ‘EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin’

yet the changelog still shows v2.3.18

and so did the Readme.txt file in the Download

What’s up?

yes the latest version update was 2.3.18