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ezimerman Purchased

Hi. Is it possible to start the events list at a future month, for the first event? For example, my events list starts in May, but it’s empty, because the soonest event is in September. Can I get it to start the same month as the next event? Thanks


yes you can use month_incre variable with shortcode http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/shortcode-guide/

ezimerman Purchased

Hi. How can I enable the thumbnail image from the create event page? I know how to do it with a shortcode – [add_eventon show_et_ft_img=’yes’] – but how do you enable it in the new event page?


i dont understand ur question in wp-admin you should see a box to attach featured image for event edit post page/

danielo83 Purchased

Hi! I’ve bought n.6 eventon addons. There is the chance to have a discount on the purchase of other addons?

Thanks :)


sorry we dont have any discounts at the moment

novaremkt Purchased


I’ve purchased EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin.

But I can’t find this option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=55&v=MG1ka_e9L8Q

Can you please help me out?


which option?


May I know if your plugin is compatible with this theme ‘Total’ (http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019)? Thanks!


sorry have not tested so can not say anything if the theme is build correct should work fine


I am using your plugin on this site: www.smagaarhus.dk You can see it on the right under the header “Arrangementer”. The problem is that it shows no events in the current month, however there are events in this month, and they will show if you first click next month and then click back to the current month. How can this be fixed?

Thank you


well if you want to show next month use month_incre shortcode variable http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/shortcode-guide/


I dont want to show the next month, but the events of the current month first. Right now no events for the current month are shown unless you first click the arrow to the next month and then click the arrow back to the current month

Hi ashanjay

Is there a way (canĀ“t find it) to add tags to an event?

hey, this plugin looks great, i am sure it could fit my needs.

three small questions – 1. is it possible to have a booking option inside an event? i need the user to enter email or phone number and a password – so he could book / rsvp his place. 2. is it possible to show the number of people who booked the event 3. is it possible to limit the number of attendees (so only 10 people could book a place) ?



I just updated to the 2.3.4 version and now my eventcards don’t show up like they did… they can now only ‘fold out’ and not show the popup like they did before..

So one of the points of the latest update: FIXED: User interaction not working correct on tiles

Isn’t actually working yet.. Can I do something to fix this?


Also when I want to change settings they don’t work.. when I click any option on the ‘General Calendar Settings’ page nothing happens..

Please help!

hi – to FTP install latest version is it ok to just upload new and overwrite old files (that’s how i normally update plugins)? or necessary to delete old first, then upload new?

. . your directions say to Step 1: Deactivate myEventON Step 2: From FTP delete the eventON folder Step 3: unzip the EventON plugin content into “wp-content/plugings/eventON” directory Step 4: in WP-admin plugins and activate EventON

cant i just upload/overwrite old w/new?


hi – nevermind, after clearing cache I could auto-update…thx for a great plugin :)

Hi.. I love the look of this event calendar. If I buy the extended license can I include it into my theme for sale? Thank you!

santolla Purchased

I’ve bought about a year ago, Single Events × 1 on your website

But it isn’t compatible with the latest version of EventOn calendar.

In my account on myeventon.com

I have available downloads…

Single Events – eventon-single-event_0.17.zip
Single Events – eventon-single-event_0.5.zip

But when I update to the latest version of EventOn, then upload the single events. I get a script error and can’t enter my site.

Are they not compatible?

infushka Purchased

Hi, I paid addon Event Tickets Order No. # 11524 How can I get it now or download?

Heya, pre-sales -

Can a user edit their event entry from the frontend once submitted?

I notice that you have tickets, RSVP etc. Is this available for frontend form submission and if not, are you planning on making available at some point?