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Telepuzik Purchased

Hi, where I can add “br” tag to move arrows < > from the month? Now it shows September, 2014 < >
Need it like this:

September “br”
< >

Why? Because as soon as click on arrow they are changing positions depends of length of month name.

Thanks, Telepuzik

el_sam Purchased

Hello! I don´t know why, but on the event cards the Icons are not shown. Is there a option to turn them on and Off? Didn´t find it yet.

Thanks, Sam


please send me a link so i can see this

el_sam Purchased

Think I found the problem. Will the Icons only show up with the option “PopUp Window” on? Webasite is www.light-is-life.de/wordpress/ in the “Termine” Section.

meltaylor Purchased

How do i upgrade from already purchased items?

meltaylor Purchased

i want to purchase next level up ( 2-5 sites )

gsmith7572 Purchased

Two significant issues since upgrading to 2.2.17:

Serious Issue

Please address ASAP. My site is essentially down until this is fixed.

Going from month to month on the calendar only loads event data for the initial (this) month, when you click over to the next month, it displays “No Events”. If, once you’ve clicked over to the next month, you try and go back, it will no longer show current month event data either.

I’ve tried to rebuild the short codes with the generator, but all that does is result in a list that no longer shows the month arrows to switch from month to month?? Not sure why that is.

Live Examples:

Secondly, the Events Map Google Map does not load on initial load of a page and the header portion is somewhat messed up.This is the only add-on where the above first issue is not encountered, however.

Live Example:

gsmith7572 Purchased

I’ve been able to narrow it down to the use of the short code variables event_type and event_type_2, their use breaks the calendar. Leaving them out allows the calendar to work correctly.

My sort options and short by country, city not working. Am i using wrong code? Can you check?

1- http://www.insanvecevre.com/etkinlikler/ 2- http://www.insanvecevre.com/ – right side widget


1- [add_eventon_dv show_et_ft_img=”yes” jumper=”yes” ] 2- [add_eventon_el cal_id=”1” number_of_months=”12” event_count=”5” pec=”cd” ]

Thanks enes

Is you support forum not working? I have a pre-sales question I would like to ask without publicity.

Regarding the action user addon: Is it possible to have users add, edit and delete their own events based on user role and logged in user? Is there some kind of frontend forms for this, or is everything in this plugin done in the backend? I would like logged in users with a certain role to be able to add events, preferable from the frontend.

vistol Purchased

Hi friends of EventON

I have just updated to the latest version of eventON plugin (v2.2.17 – 11 September 14) and it just simply broke my Wordpress installation.

I get Blank page everywhere. I´m not even able to load the WP Dashboard!! I rename the eventON folder to “eventON_old” and Wordpress is working again.

My Wordpress version is 3.9.1

Please help me.

Hi guys,

I’ve added the calendar addon but it’s not working properly. It shows the wrong number of event for october. i don’t know how it is possible. but it shows that there is an event but if you clic on it .. there is no event.

Help me please to solve this issue.

the site is www.livingcesenatico.it

our site is followed for the event calendar so it’s really important for us to show them in the correct way.



Have purchased this via another account, a friend of mine working on a site together.


Is it possible to have set different Icons for different types of events? I can see that it is possible to set colors for different event category types, but not icons. Am I missing something? Would be a great feature if it is not already there.

So basically, category icons in addition to category colors.

Website crashes after FTP updating process with eventON_2.2.17 The latest update breaks my website completely. I also have had to go back to the older version in order to make the whole website run again. There must be a severe problem with the updated version. All other things equal I have tested upgrading on another domain of mine. Replaced Event folder content via FTP. Bang…. Website OFF. Therefore I am sure that this cannot relate to other changes. What’s needed in order to upgrade correctly? thanks

anweb Purchased

”hide empty month” don’t work and also the widget shortcode executer doesn’t work. But in the event widget Eventon calender I can hide empty months


thanks anweb

ykblue Purchased

Thanks for this great plugin. - I would like to disable certain custom type fields once the event is in the past. - The shortcode for non-opening the event card does not work. I used ux_val=”X” but still clicks on it open the card.

Thanks, ykblue

jonspall Purchased

I receive an error message above my calendar

.....\wp-content\plugins\eventON\classes\class-calendar_generator.php on line 1858

This can be seen at… http://framlinghamconservativeclub.co.uk/framlingham-conservative-club-events/

Any ideas?

I purchased Daily View Add On, and I cannot update it, because I cannot find License # anywhere. Please help ASAP!

eborg9 Purchased

Update wiped out Custom Meta Buttons with prices and purchase links!!!

I spent all day adding new events and purchase links, only to upgrade and now all of the purchase buttons are gone. Custom fields aren’t showing at all.

This is a serious issue. What’s the fix?