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how to add times like “19:33” or “0:11”? Only 0,15,30,45 possible?

myevneton settings > time settings > Back-end time/date settings


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at v. 2.1.12.? This version too old?

yes the latest version if 2.3.21

question that has not been updated this plugin. the latest version of wordprees. I have it installed and the system does not allow me to update it. It comes in a subject that I bought. and when active. Full Cal. Does not show the user editor. this practically stopped. someone else happens this or just me. thanks for your reply. I like to think it is the best in its genre, because I’ve seen others. I think it should be up to date.

it doesnt show in here as you have purchased our plugin. You can try this to update eventon http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/update-eventon/

Client purchased EventON, Full Cal and Single Events plugins so can’t register for official support forum.

When I go to edit an event, User Interaction for event click is always back at “Pop up window” even though it was last saved with “Open Event Page”

I am sorry you are going to have to ask the client to login from his account and ask support questions. We had people misusing our system and this is done to make it fair for those who bought the plugin.


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Help. This is not compatible with the new WordPress 4.5.1

Already did it! :( Is this plug in compatible with Karma Theme? I think is not! When i switched the template to WordPress theme it worked fine, any solutions ideas?

I was able to fix the most parts but still showing 3 lines please advice http://graceacademync.com/calendar/

@mrrod I’m using it without any issues on 4.5.1… possibly a conflict with a theme/plugin?

our demo site is running new WP just fine http://demo.myeventon.com/

Hi, I’m intrested in buying your eventON but have some question. Is it possible to generate link only for a month event list? I would like conect the link under theiamge. The image will link up to a month.

yes its simple as create a new page call it whatever you want, insert eventon shortcode > publish > link this to your image.

i have WP 4.5 -how can i make event on stable? i have http://themeforest.net/item/fineliner-responsive-portfolio-wordpress-theme/6363903 theme…. thank you

You would need to have purchase EventON to request support from us. Part of support policy.

I have downloaded and installed the latest version of EventOn that is available on Codecanyon. When I install it, it says ver. 2.3.20 – and the Actionuser addon that I bought cannot work with that + it needs 2,3,21 … My wordpress installation informs me there is a newer version of eventon available, but when I try to update, I am told I have the latest version. Could you either advise me where I can download the 2,3,21 version or where I can download an older version of action user, so I can get on with that installation_

the latest version is 2.3.21 dont download installable version, codecanyon always mess that one up. Download the complete zip file.