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bizezee Purchased

Hi, I am unable to register for support using my username. Here’s my purchase code: b96119d4-4944-407d-96b5-9694a84037a8. Everything is great with the plugin but in my admin while adding an event the featured image field is not showing up. So I can’t add any featured images to my events. Please also tell me how to add multiple images to the event. All my other post types and pages in my theme don’t have a problem with the featured image field so the problem is specific to this plugin only.


bonzinho Purchased

Hello, the plugin is doing conflict with the menu in responsive mode , I click on the bars and the menu opens and closes soon . I tried to disable your plugin and menu functions , can u help me please

Hi, I have the same problem as boninzho:

When I click on the nav-menu-bars, the menu opens and closes

Here the website:

view on width: 1000px

I had submitted another comment before. Because I can’t register to your support even with correct purchase code and login id I am submitting another request here. In admin when I try to edit the color for an existing event category type, I can’t do it. clicking on the color does nothing. So the only option for me is to delete the existing category type and create a new one which is not an easy thing to do since I have to associate my event posts to these categories again.

The update via Wordpress always fails for this plugin. Can’t you fix this problem? It is very time-consuming to manually update.

Ok so we tried using the helpdesk and we couldn’t register… we verified all our info… so I’m posting our question here. Just purchased the plugin and noticed the welcome screen after activation. We need to disable this function, how can we do that? Thanks in advance!

Also, we’ll need to get rid of the additional menu welcome items (changelog, welcome to eventON, etc.) How can we do that?

Ok so turns out we are not able to save an event in our local test environment either… We get this error when attempting to save

Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /Users/sermonbox/Documents/dev_sites/ on line 1573

Hi, i cant understand where is Function.php ? and where i must paste this code? – plz help to understand

Hi, I can register. I don’t know why the plugin insert 2 empty lines under a event. could you see the problem at

Ok. I’ve got it. The problem is in a compatibility with other plugin. Thanks and sorry

no worries glad you were able to figure it out

Pre-sale question: Can I restrict events to user roles?

Actually not at the moment but that is something we are trying to add in the future :)

ok, good to know