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Regarding Sheldon911 question, I too want to know how to center the text, left justify, right justify(now it is left and right and does not look good) Also the tan height of header size is too big do not see how to edited/adjusted or add an image instead of the tan color. Sorry, if all can be edited and I just missed reading it in the docs. Thanks in advance.

you can follow this http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/change-css-calendar/ or send us a message via support forum with links to your site and we can help http://www.myeventon.com/support/

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Thank you VERY much.

you are welcome


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Can I import an image? Also what is the column header I need to add for importing event subtitles?

if this is regarding CSV importer please look at the included sample.csv file for supported fields


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The sample.csv doesn’t have an image column or a subtitle column. What would be the column names for these two?

ok then its not supported at the moment. sorry

A site I host is using this plugin. It is generating up to 45 copies of images included in an event that are eating server space like piranhas. Is there a control in the plugin to stop this behavior? I’d like to advise my client before they max out their space.

surely an image cant take that much space unless they are using 1080p size or bigger images. Tell your client to use smaller images if you are so worries about host space.

I’m not sure if it is really needed but isn’t there a search function included, search by place, date, name, etc…? That would make this plugin amazing.

Ok, I think I saw a search by date and location function,,,, hope that is correct – Is it possible to give certain events a color?

yes you can give events certain colors, but search right now is a separate addon and that does search event names basically. But if you are talking about sorting and filtering yes you can use date, name, event type categories for filtering

I would like to add above the list of events, two boxes of filters to filter by day and by type of event possible ? I could provide the code ?

softing and filtering bar is possible only in event lists ext. addon

Can you explain me please more widespread

in basic event list sorting and filtering is not supported while http://www.myeventon.com/addons/event-lists-extended/ supports sorting function

How do I change event colour for past events, I see the option to delete past events but I would like them to stay but the colour changes so when looking at a month you can see all past events are different colour?

go to event edit > on right side there should be event color box you can change

First, very nice videos and documentation. I’d like to use the plug-in and I guess FullCal to highlight departure dates for some trips that repeat weekly.

1. Does the plug-in allow you do 3 smaller grid calendar months across instead of 1 large one?

2. Can you hide the text box at the bottom that says “no events”

3. Is there a way to remove certain dates when using repeating. For example, if the trip isn’t running during the holidays I’d want to remove it.

Thanks in advance.

1. sorry no, i mean you can show 3 grids of 3 dif months but will not sync as u move months across

2. you’d have to use CSS to hide that box. Because that will show up for which ever date you click that doesnt have events. And I think you should leave this so you know it doesnt have events.

3. yes the repeating event function have a custom feature which allows you to create custom repeat days and also remove dates you dont want :)

Hi, I’m looking for a new event calendar for the new build of our site. On the demo the data appears when you click on the date. Is the data stored like a blog on another page ? Can it show a preview of a week, and on click take you to the event?

event data is stored as custom post meta. and you can use our weekly view addon to show weeks of events and click on even to see event info http://www.myeventon.com/addons/weekly-view/

Yes I found the add on, thanks. sorry I’m being a tad dull, so will the data in the post be indexed by Google (ie will Google see the event data and photo and index it, so it can be found by a Google/Bing etc search)

yes the events have SEO schema data which get indexed in google

Awesome Event calendar! I’m thinking about purchasing it but i have 2 questions before i purchase.

1) Is it compatible with visualizing Composer? 2) Is it simple and easy to handle?

yes you have to use textblocks and use shortcodes inside therre in VC

And you can play around in dev.myeventon.com tester:pass :)


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hello guys any news on when you will get to my support ticket, – http://support.ashanjay.com/topic/a-few-more-question-part-2/


we dont work on weekends someone will be with you


just bought and installed. the RTL isnt working right. and code generator is empty with no options to chose from.

not sure what you mean no options to choose from. Please send us screenshots and more infor with live links via http://support.ashanjay.com/forum/eventon/

hi what’s your money-back policy? I’d like to purchase core and 2 addons for 1 site, to set up and try to convince our client of your system. - do you have set a date for next release of ‘event search’ addon so that it’ll work with dates over 1 upcoming month as well (and event list ext) ? Thanks!

main plugin you need to ask refund from envato and addons we can refund within 60 days

I need to fix a problem with the pluing EVENTS – when booking it reverts to a date in December 2014 – therefore it does not publish as date is in past. I then have to go back in and do a “Quick Edit” to re-type date to correct one, then it is okay.

please let me know how to fix this


not sur what this error means please submit us a message via support forum http://support.ashanjay.com/forum/eventon/ along with wp-admin and DIRECT links to your site where this issue is happening.

I purchased the extended list plugin to show past events for certain years. But it only shows 4 events.

I used this shortcode (created by the plugin): [add_eventon_el el_type=”pe” pec=”ft” fixed_month=”2” fixed_year=”1997” fixed_date=”23” number_of_months=”4” event_count=”30” event_type_2=”196” event_order=”ASC” etc_override=”yes” hide_so=”yes” accord=”yes” cal_id=”2” ]

I also can’t change the sort order. No matter if I use event_order=”ASC” or event_order=”DESC”

I’m also using a widget on the same site: [add_eventon_el cal_id=”1” number_of_months=”13” event_count=”5” hide_mult_occur=”yes” etop_month=”no” etc_override=”yes” ]

What’s wrong?

Add pre-sale questions: 1- can i use different systems on one same website? Page 1 will show all ‘dancing’ events, page 2 will show all ‘eating’ events, and so on (so without filtering, cause client doesnt want to mix dancing with eating events at all) 2- what langauge versions are included or available? Thanks!