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we also want to use the eventON calendar on our site. Till now I love the plugin and it looks really good and is easy to use.

While integrating the calendar to our site I ran into the same problem. As soon as I add the eventON widget all I get is an empty page. According to my debug.log it seems to be a memory issue.

Using the calendar without the page builder is working fine. But even shortcodes are not working with the page builder.

I did a little debugging myself and followed your guide (http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/check-eventon-working/)

I’m a developer myself and would be willing to assist you. But I’m not familiar with Wordpress development so it would be good if you could point my into a direction.

Here are my notes so far:

1.0: Check One – Clear Cache

Browser cache: cleared Server side cache: not active (no plugin installed)

2.0: Check Two – Javascript Issues

2.1: Javascript issue 1: older version of JQuery

eventOn version: jQuery v1.11.1 current version: jQuery v1.11.1 (jQuery Migrate v1.2.1)

2.2 Javascript issue 2: conflict with other plugins

The problems are only in combination with the SiteOrigin PageBuilder. There are no JS errors visible.

2.3 Javascript issue 3: Missing javascript files from the footer.

As soon as I add the eventON Basic Calendar widget into the PageBuilder I only get an empty page with empty header and body area. The calendar works perfectly fine if I do not use the page builder. I’ve checked the footer.php and wp_footer() is called properly.

3.0: Check Three – Plugin Check

Problems occur in combination with the SiteOrigin Page Builder

4.0: Check Four – Code Issue Check

I’ve found the following line in the debug.log

[14-Apr-2015 07:24:06 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65552 bytes) in …/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1427

That would be the following line in the formatting.php:

// Fix Word pasting
$content = strtr($content, $wp_htmltranswinuni);

Best Regards, Martin.

gambinog Author Team

Anima, can you join our forum at http://support.ashanjay.com and I can help via a URL or something possibly to see your site as well for ourselves?



we will get back from there

Looks great guys, but, I don’t think it is possible to let visitors of my website sign up through this plugin? Like an attending/ make reservation option..?

Or do you have another plugin that does support this feature?

Look forward to your reply :)

gambinog Author Team

Yes it is possible to allow RSVP for events, you would need the base plugin here and also the RSVP Addon from our main website which is http://myeventon.com If you need a demo you can check it out on our testing site:

http://dev.myeventon.com/wp-login.php user: tester pass: pass

Regards, Michael


Hi Michael, thanks for the quick reply! I see it, looks good.

2 other questions I hope you can answer positive..: Is this plugin compatible with Salient theme (one of the trending themes on Themeforest) and the VC Ultimate Addons by BrainstormForce?

Keeping fingers crossed!!


I am sorry we have not tested with those so we cant vouch for you.

hi, there is a countdown to the events? h: m: s for the next event?

gambinog Author Team

We do have an Event Countdown Addon for our plugin, you can check out a demo of the Countdown Timer here:


You can also see the addons on our main website http://myeventon.com

Regards, Michael

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I have a problem with the RSSfeed it doesn’t work correctly.. When i inserted the shortcode [add_eventon rss=’yes’] it will display the button. But when i will click the button the page is not available… http://saasveldwebsite.mediaidee.nl/rssfeed

Thanks a lot.


please try refreshing permalinks

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Hi There,

First, thanks for that great plugin!

We want to include it on a website using Enfold. Unfortunately all (CSS-) settings done within your settings are not taking effect. We followed your suggestion of including your CSS code into Enfold’s, no change. The only think that helps is doing it manually using !Important.

As Enfold is very wide spread, do you have an idea what is causing the conflict? Would save us some time.

Thanks, T.


make sure the styles for eventON are indeed loading up in your site if not go to eventon> settings> write dynamic styles to header try that please. If that doesnt work please write to us via forum http://support.ashanjay.com/forum/eventon/ Mike should be able to help with CSS

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I have a problem with Action User. I used Action User with Metrodir wp theme I want to know how users can change their events, there ’s no button or link in back or front office. I want the user to have the ability to change the event after event validation.

Nota : I bought your plugin on CodeCanyon but it is impossible to connect to your “support forum for adje products”...


actionUser does not have that feature at the moment to be able to edit from front-end.

And if you can easily register for our official forum http://support.ashanjay.com/forum/eventon/ Other support methods to get a hold of us http://www.myeventon.com/support/

ajc31 Purchased

What is the shortcode to back office actionUser access for each user.

Metrodir theme offers only a button to add an event … How to change a published event ?



there is no shortcode, publish events can be changed by going to wp-admin edit events

Hello I’m interesterd in buying your plugin but before I need some clarifications:

1) When I set an event with tickets, and a logged user buy a ticket, is there an administration page to check what are the users booked for the event? For this functionality I need to buy the Ticket Addon or/and the Action User Addon?

2) Is there an option to restrict the ticket buy function to some user “role” (only “authors” can buy)?

Thanks…waiting for response


event tickets addon is a bridge between eventon and woocommerce. Woocommerce Orders page show all orders. You might be able to see all orders per user I am not positive.

At the moment you can not restrict based on role

Hi There.

This looks like just the event plug-in I need, although there is one area which i’m not sure that I am able to do with this plug-in which i’d like some clarification with.

I’d like to have a view of the next 7 events from the current day, using quite large featured images in a horizontal & responsive manner. Is this possible in any of the settings, or something similar?


Thanks in advance.



you can use this addon to show next 7 events http://www.myeventon.com/addons/event-lists-extended/ however you may not be able to show large featured images without lot of custom CSS work

Macrodo Purchased

Hi There,

We purchased the importer add on from your site and it would not work. Being on a tight deadline we ended up manually adding everything. How can we get a refund for this?

Thanks, Dave


sure thing Dave send me your orderID and I can get you refund for this

It seems the envato website needs to be updated with the most recent version. For some reason, After updating directly through a zipfile, I was not able to get the most recent version without doing the built in update. (downloaded 2.3, needed 2.3.1)


they take sometime to clear updates please try now

jucapuna Purchased

hello, as I can, that partly active minimalist design, I would like to turn to the widget..?????? in that part of the options is that done?


i am sorry its hard to understand what you are trying to say. The box style is not optimized for widgets just yet.

ezimerman Purchased

Hi. Can you please tell me how to create a single event page? I mean, once I’ve created an event, is there a way to show it on it’s own page? Thanks


you would need the single events addon for single events pages to show in similar layout to evneton calendar.

I went on ahead and purchased the eventon plugin after you guys had updated to feature the grid/tile layout view. I do like this view for my events, but I do wish that the tile layout was not restricted with Month-by-Month view.

Is it possible for you to extend the tile layout to the Event Lists add-on?


actually the files shortcode variables shoudl work on event lists as well

2Fwebd Purchased

Hi there,

I’m really interested of including your awesome plugin in my next Wordpress theme, so just to check what you’ve said a year ago in the previous comments. I need to purchase an extended license and include it the “core” and not with the TGM class, right ? So, I can play with it (style, option) ? Last question, regarding the “Full-Call extension” what license do I need ? :) Thanks!




you would need unlimited license for fullcal and yes it need to be editted so the plugin can not be taken out of your theme and use standalone.

Love the cal and look but I find the addons extremely overpriced :-S


I am really sorry those are priced based on the amount of time went into it and they come with unlimited updates for life.

Hello, It’s possible to synchronize this plugin with Google Calendar ?

Thanks !


sorry not at the moment this is something in our plan for future

My EventON is wanting me to activate, but when I cut and paste my Code Canyon Purchase code it keeps going without completing the activation process.


please try updating eventon to latest version 2.3.1 http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/update-eventon/ and give the activation a try after clearing cache

For the eventon, is it possible to list with country flag in the list view? We need to display the event with the country location.

2. Can Eventon support user submit a form with event requirement, then we only need to approve the event to display out?

Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

Hello, I seem to have an issue with the event on and ticket system add on. Some customers have been saying it crashes at the booking process. Not sure if this has been an issue for others and if there is a solution?