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EventOn is breaking on Chrome…. Buyers beware..

umm no Buyer DO NOT be aware :p http://support.ashanjay.com/topic/chrome-44-eventon-breaking-sites/ we’ve already solved this issue man…. like 200 years ago :p


Great looking plugin! Do you plan on creating an addon that will allow automatic connection to MailChimp? I would like to use the Tickets addon, so when a user enters their name and email to buy a ticket, I want that info automatically added to my list in MailChimp.

I see I can export a CSV file, and do that manually, but having a MailChimp addon would be ideal.


actually you can use tickets addon which is powered by woocommerce to do the checkout process – for which you can use other 3rd party mailchimp addons for woocommerce to import name emails from checkout into mailing lists :)

That’s great! Thanks :)


Mrnicoo Purchased

Hi, Can I set up this so it shows on a single page as well or is it just on the widgets? I see there is one calendar that shows different backgrounds so it should work or? If so how do I do this – I purchased already

single event page views can be achieved with single events addon http://www.myeventon.com/addons/ not sure what you mean by different backgrounds


Mrnicoo Purchased

Also, if you look at http://www.todoincambodia.com/restaurants/lemongrass/ I have a big space between the headline and where the calendar start – how do I get rid of that?

make sure you update to latest version of eventon 2.3.7 and try our CSS guide to override any CSS issues related to gaps http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/change-css-calendar/


mudotmy Purchased

“Add Eventon” button on page editor is not working. When I clicked, nothing happens. Console error when button is clicked: TypeError: caller is undefined if ( undefined === caller.getRelatedTab ) { Ref: plugins/js_composer/assets/lib/vc_tabs/vc-tabs.js?ver=4.6.1

How I can resolve this?


you need to be in visual mode on wysiwyg editor. and from the js error seems like another plugin is causing errors on this page

Hi, before I purchase could you tell me if it will allow me to show the next recurring event only?

i.e., I have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week but also one off specialised seminars, and I don’t want the weekly events clogging up the page. So is it possible to show the name of the class, day and time with ‘recurring event’ and that’s the only one that appears on the page, after that date passes it pulls in the next date.


sorry that is not possible

calendar will try to show all the repeating events


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Hi, could you please tell me if the licence for this plugin is limited just for one website? Or can I use it in multiple sites? Thank you!

yes it is, you need a new license for each site


taiger Purchased

hi how do i add social to the plugin.


please check single events addon


tmbond Purchased

Hi Ashanjay, I am looking at the add-ons for EVENT TICKETS and ACTION USER. Questions below:

1. For the Event Tickets, if I have a paypal account, how easy is the integration with paypal? Also, if I have a credit card processor like Authoriz.net, how easy is the integration, based on the existing code? Or am I required to write a lot of code to integrate payment?

For logged in members of my site with subscriber role who I plan to have as the action users submitting at the front end so that admin can approve before publishing, can I hide the price setting from them so that once they submit, the admin can then set the price?

Everyone wants to know if there is a way to actually see the events when you glance on this page without clicking on each date?

We want to take one look and be able to see all the events on the calendar at one glance? Example, http://gonursery.com/calendar-2/

whos everyone? and this is not google calendar ;) so no it will not show all events in one day.


Grenkox Purchased

hello, I can’t sign in in the forum, I’m pasting the themeforest code and use my username but nothing, I have a problem, the plug in is sending a direction to a https direction and it is causing that the whole website present a privacy problem, I have to deactivate it, how can I solve this , Thank you

ok we will reply in there no need for same thing on two places


Grenkox Purchased

waiting for the answer thanks

FYI we dont answer support on weekends ;)


ayron Purchased

Wanted to buy a adon, ma can not complete the purchase by paypal. He refuses payment. After that insert credits Envato and everything went well. I’m interested in adon sync events (facebook / google). Can you help me?

The locations stored, in Single Event should be a link to all the events associated to the same place.

Pre-sales question: it states on your website that ONLY the website admin can check-in guests with the QR code. Does QR code event check in work with the Action User plugin so that the publisher of the event can check in the people for their event?

Just thought of another question. Is the action user plugin compatible with all the other plugins such as RSVP and tickets? Can an action user add ticket sales to their event? Do the ticket sales revenue go directly into their account (assuming PayPal ?)

Hello ashanjay!

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to have all events displayed on a Google Map?

I want to display all upcoming events (or/and already closed) on 13 different French regions (categories) pages.

Thank you

Hello! I’m interested in using this plugin in a multilingual site with WPML. What is the functionality? Can I have the events for each language, like I do with posts?

Hi, I have a quick question before I purchase. I’d like to be able to break down the calendar into categories so people can search for music events, theatre, comedy etc. Is this possible?

Hello, can you help me, i want to show event details in a pop-up when i click on an event, where to set that in the plugin settings ? Thanks

is this support permision user/everyone to submit event on front-end?