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Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. With a robust UI you will save time and money and create new pages in minutes. No coding knowledge is required and it’s a must have brag for any serious content publisher working with WordPress. Ether Builder is actively developed by Ether with regular updates and bug fixes. Ether Builder can use 3rd party widgets as well as custom crafted ones.

Live site featuring all widgets

Try the demo before you buy!. Login/Password = demo

Problems / Need help?

DON’T USE CodeCanyon Comments for support requests as that’s not what they’re designed for. This will make our lifes easier. Thank you in advance! ;-)

Follow Support Guidelines to get in touch with us for faster turnaround.

Latest Update

September 11, 2014, version 1.9.8

Fixed: Front-End: Tabs & Accordion widget always getting auto focused on page load
Fixed: Live Previews: got hidden in the previous WP 4.0 compatibility update, show properly now
Updated: Brand new video preview

Enjoy Smooth Workflow

Powered with a very friendly UI

Main Editor Window

Ether Builder Admin UI Highlights

Wigets Select Metabox

Ether Builder Admin UI Highlights 2

Wiget Edit Metabox

Ether Builder Admin UI Highlights 3


  • Works with all themes (contact us in case of problems)
  • Mobile ready / Responsiveness of all builder content – ready to use with responsive layouts.
  • Bunch of (40~) default widgets. Custom widgets can be added as well.
  • Two-way support for sidebar widgets. You can use sidebar widgets in Ether Builder and the other way around!
  • Grid Slider integration. Powers all widgets from Grid-Sliders section
  • Drag & Drop interface. What you build in the admin panel is a visual representation of what you get on the page
  • No coding knowledge is required from you to use this tool efficiently. However, widgets accept shortcodes and html notation if you feel up for it
  • Multilingual qTranslate support (a little bit crude at the moment). See usage notes
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files included)
  • Style switcher featuring dark/light presets to better match various themes

Full Widget List


Rows with specified columns. Can serve as containers for other widgets. Columns cannot be nested within each other

  • 1 Column
  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Columns
  • 4 Columns
  • 5 Columns
  • 6 Columns
  • 2/3 + 1/3 Columns
  • 1/3 + 2/3 Columns
  • 3/4 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 3/4 Columns
  • 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2 Columns


Widgets featuring Grid & Slider capabilities. Content inside them can be easily organised into either static or slideable grids with plenty of custom options

  • Pricing table: Showcase detailed pricing plans. Features Customizable headings, table cells and button.
  • Pricing box: Displays pricing plan in a compact fashion. Each box consists of a title, price, short description and a button
  • Post feed: Displays posts from selected category from the blog feed
  • Page feed: Display pages from your website as a post/gallery feed.
  • Custom post feed: Display custom post types as a posts/gallery feed
  • Gallery: Highly customizable media gallery.
  • Services: Multipurpouse widget for displaying combination of images, titles and content. Suitable for presenting team members, listing out product highlights and such
  • Testimonials: Dedicated widget for groups of clients\’ quotes. Comes with a few predefined styles and customizable options
  • Twitter feed: Customizable display of Twitter Feed. Comes in a few different themes and options allowing for displaying only specific tweet info such as user avatar, name and tweet content.
  • Flickr feed: Creates gallery from your flickr feed.


  • Plain text: Simple plain text widget suitable for inserting raw content or shortcodes
  • Syntax Highlighter: Implementation of code highlighting utility by Alex Gorbatchev, capable of highlighting 25 popular programming languages
  • Rich text: Advanced text editor powered by TinyMCE
  • HTML: Use it for inserting custom code snippets of any kind, be it HTML, CSS, or even Javascript.
  • Heading: Hx elements from h1 to h6. Comes with a few customizable options such as text size, alignment, color, weight, style and font family from Google Fonts Directory
  • Image: Simple Image widget with a few predefined styles
  • Post Content: This widget will display content from your post editor.
  • Divider: Horizontal bar for dividing separate sections of the page. Customizable options include back to top link title and source options
  • Message: 6 message box types for special notifications. Comes with a few different style presets
  • Blockquote: Turns given text into a blockquote.
  • List: Unordered lists with custom image icons. Many layout variants available.
  • Button: Turn ordinary links into buttons that will draw attention where you need it. Features default presets and customizable properties such as button size, font size and colors
  • Video: YouTube, Vimeo or
  • Table: Simple Table Generator.
  • Tabs: Generate tabbed content. Customizable options include tab icons, tab orientation (horiz/vert), alignment and more. Compatible with browser history
  • Accordion: Generate accordions or toggle boxes. Custom settings include: constrain, tab icons, predefined themes. Compatible with browser history
  • Facebook Like Button: Facebook Like Button
  • Facebook Comments: Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Like Box: Facebook Like Box
  • Google map: Insert a google map with a specified title and location
  • Contact form: Classic contact form. Available fields include name, email and message.
  • Template: Allows to reuse content previously created and saved with Ether Content Builder
  • Style: Add custom styles to your page using CSS.
  • Link: Basic link element.
  • Heading menu: Menu generator. Menu is created from headings existing in page content. Customizable options include: scrollspy menu, fixed menu position, types of headings that will be included.

3rd Party Sliders

  • Nivo slider: The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider on the market.
  • Roundabout slider: Roundabout is a turntable-like, entertaining and interactive slider

Custom widgets

Standard widget base of Ether Content Builder can be extended with custom ones as well.

Server requirements


  • PHP 5.2.3+
  • MySQL 4.1.2+
  • WordPress 3.1+


  • GD library – used for automatic image scaling and croping
  • Curl library or allow_url_fopen option set to “On” – used for downloading external feeds, e.g. latest tweets


In case of any troubles use and abuse sources below as much as you need.

  • Email: – Note: When reporting plugin/theme incompatibility please include the following details in your message along with problem description for smoother turnaround:
    • Item purchase code you got after buying an item (It’s viewable on your Envato marketplace account under downloads section)
    • Theme files – Especially if it’s a commercial theme – so that we can run local tests if necessary (What are theme files? Theme files define your site look and functionality. You can send us the same theme files that you downloaded or zip* them yourself)
    • Are you using any other plugins? If so, zip* them together and attach to your message as well so that we can run local tests if necessary (Plugins are viewable under Plugins section in WordPress admin dasboard. Only active ones are necessary.)
    • WordPress admin dashboard access – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.
    • FTP access details – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.
  • Support Forum

*Use file archiver such as WinRar or other compression software. In case you don’t know how google it, it’s very very simple ;-)

Note: We usually respond within 1-7 days from reporting the issue.


In case of any troubles you talk to us directly so let’s get to know each other better. We’re WordPress enthusiasts. We live in Poland. We develop for web independently full-time. This should do for starters. Want to know more – visit us on irc for a blether. Cheers!

Update Log

September 11, 2014, version 1.9.8

Fixed: Front-End: Tabs & Accordion widget always getting auto focused on page load
Fixed: Live Previews: got hidden in the previous WP 4.0 compatibility update, show properly now
Updated: Brand new video preview

September 7, 2014, version 1.9.7

Fixed: WordPress 4.0 Compatibility: (main editor tabs overlapping builder widgets modal window)
Updated: Core: Minor Javascript tweaks
Fixed: Front end: Widget: Nivo: Sldier width getting applied incorrectly sometimes
Added: Widget options: Divider: Custom top/bottom spacing
Tweaked: Front-end: Widget: Button: Medium button icon alignment

August 23, 2014, version 1.9.6

Updated: Admin UI tweaks
Fixed: Javascript core: Conditional fields: multiple [OR] conditions
Updated: Gallery widget: Option added: Show links in new tab
Fixed: Front end: Tabs/Accordion widget: page scroll to widget position on a page load even when no hash was set
Fixed: Front end: Custom spacing for grid slider widgets now works as expected
Fixed: Front end: Divider, List, Message, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Feed: Tweaked styles
Added: Widget: Accordion: option to toggle tab state marker on/off
Fixed: Front+Admin: Divider widget: Tweaked styles
Fixed: Admin: Testimonials widget: Javascript error when adding/editing widget
Fixed: Admin: Slider Nav Preview: controls positioning not updating properly
Fixed: Admin UI: Drag&Drop behaviour when inserting widgets into/out of columns
Added: Builder > Grid settings: default grid spacing size
Added: Widgets: New Icons

August 16, 2014, version 1.9.5

Updated: Admin & front-end: Javascript core tweaks
Fixed: Core: Conditional fields issue with multiple and-conditions per group
Fixed: Admin UI: Layout of some of the toggle checkboxes was broken
Fixed: Admin UI: Nivo Slider inits with more reasonable defaults now
Updated: Admin UI: UI Tweaks
Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider version (v.3.2)
Updated: Widget: Nivo Slider options added: slices, box_cols, box_rows, direction_nav, control_nav, pause_on_hover, prev_text, next_text, random_start, theme, start_slide; Updated preview
Updated: Widget: Roundabout: inits with more reasonable defaults now. Reorganised and simplified options interface; Updated preview
Updated: Widget: Divider: Options added: Border style, width, color, text color; Updated preview
Updated: Widget: Button: Options added: Border radius, border color; Updated preview
Updated: Widget: Heading: Options added: Font size, font family (500 fonts from Google Fonts Directory), font color, font weight, font style; Updated preview
Updated: Admin pages: Ether, Builder, License

August 9, 2014, version 1.9.4

Updated: Admin & Front: Javascript core tweaks
Updated: Admin UI: Revisited column widget UI
Updated: Admin UI: Revisited tooltips gfx & behaviour
Updated: Admin UI: Revisited widget edit metabox checkboxes visual feedback
Added: Admin UI: Unwrap row option for column widget
Added: Admin UI: Widget move up/down quick access buttons
Added: Admin UI: Builder widgets filter clear button
Fixed: Admin UI: Page not scrolling up anymore upon widget removal

August 4, 2014, version 1.9.3

Hotfix: Minor CSS tweaks
Hotfix: twitterfetcher.js replaced with twitterfetcher.min.js
Fixed: Pause autoplay on mouse hover
Updated: Revisited Twitter Feed Options (all options available within twitterfetcher are available now)
Updated: Widget Icons - Heading, HTML, List, Message

July 28, 2014, version 1.9.2

Updated: Admin: major admin javascript core update
Fixed: Admin: builder widgets metabox tabs behaviour when specific widget group is empty after filtering
Fixed: Front+Admin: Accordion 'constrain' option
Fixed: Front: Flickr Feed issues with requests where images count exceeded actual existing filtered images
Added: Front+Admin: Accordion 'enable current constrain 'option allowing toggling of a current active item even when the accordion is constrained
Added: Front+Admin: Tabs 'tabs alignment' option 
Updated: Front: Minor javascript core updates
Updated: Front+Admin: Tab/Accordion core update
Updated: Revisited Widget Summary description for all Widgets
Changed: Admin Core: Removed widget excerpts, replaced them with widget summary
Updated: Revisited Admin Interface styles
Added: Group Item Duplicate option for widgets utilizing Grid Slider functionality

July 5, 2014, version 1.9.1

Updated: Admin Pages Layout and Styles
Changed: Reorganised Builder Widgets Select Metabox
Changed: Reorganised Builder Widgets in Ether > Builder > Visibility section
Fixed: Javascript Uncaught ReferenceError: dynamic_label is not defined error when inserting new images to a Gallery Widget via Insert Image button (bug introduced in 1.8.9)

June 26, 2014, version 1.9

HOTFIX: HTML content breaking the page layout and rendering the admin page unusable within widgets such as Services, Pricing Boxes, Testimonials etc.
Fixed: Admin: Live Preview of widget alignment not being updated
Fixed: Pricing Table Widget issues: Aside column disappearing when no title was set

June 24, 2014, version 1.8.9

1.8.9 changelog
Added: Heading Widget: Text Alignment option
Added: Pricing Box Widget: 3 predefined styles. New options (Title icon, title icon alignment, button icon, button icon alignment, button size, button style). Live Preview.
Added: Pricing Table Widget: Live Preview. New options (Title icon, title icon alignment, button icon, button icon alignment, button size, button style). Brand new user interface for adding columns. Slightly updated front-end styles
Updated: Live Preview is now more interactive 
Added: Live Previews for separate items for all widgets utilizing Grid Slider.
Updated: Unified Icon Chooser for all Widgets that utilize icons (List, Button, Pricing Box, Pricing Table, Tabs, Accordion etc.). Currently available sets include recently introduced WP Dashicons and Ether List Icons.
Updated: Optimized Widget edit metabox loading times
Updated: Admin: Minor CSS adjustments 
Fixed: Widgets Previews not showing in Appearance > Widgets

June 11, 2014, version 1.8.8

Changed: Admin: Widget Preview Styles in main editor: Divider, Heading, Tabs, Accordion
Fixed: Admin: Slider navigation style switcher (8 different types available)
Fixed: Front-end: Table content not getting 100% width of the table by default
Fixed: Front-end: Slider navigation position shift gets applied properly now
Fixed: Front-end: Slider navigation dark theme variants get applied now (before this light were selected regardles of Theme field selected value)
Fixed: Front-end: Several Slider issues with more than one slider on a page 
Changed: Front-end: Styles for the following widgets: Tabs, Accordion, Button, Testimonials, Blockquote
Added: Tab Icons with Customizable Color (powered by WP DashIcons) for the following widgets: Tabs, Accordion
Addded: Button Widget Icons; 2 predefined styles: Thin Border & Flat Color
Added: 1 new border style for Image Widget + Old styles tweaks
Addded: Live Previews for: Image Border Style, Blockquote, Button, Testimonials, Services, Slider Nav Live Preview for all Widgets utilising Grid Slider (Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Flickr Feed, Twitter Feeed, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Post Feed)
Addded: Blockquote Widget Options: Author and Url

May 23, 2014, version 1.8.7

Added: Admin: Visual feedback for widget alignment and width in WP Editor for all widgets
Added: Admin: More subtle visual feedback in WP Editor focused on highlighting widget-specific properties for the following widgets: Image, List, Heading, Syntax Highlighter, Blockquote, Video, Post/Page/Custom Feeds, Button, Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Pricing Box
Added: Admin: Clearfloat option for most of the Widgets for an easier control of content alignment and positioning relative to one another
Added: Admin: Toggle visibility option for all widgets allowing for quick toggle of a widget without the need to delete/remove it. It's accessible both in Widget Modal Edit under the Misc section or upon hovering over the item in WP Editor with Builder tab active
Changed: Admin: Widget Icons: Syntax Highlighter, Video, Button, Tabs, Posts Feed, Custom Posts Feed, Pages Feed, Rich Text, Services, Testimonials, Blockquote, Divider, Google Map
Changed: Admin: Reorganised Widget Metabox - separated columns from widgets
Fixed: Admin: Jerky behaviour of content generated with Ether Content Builder when loading WP Editor just before Ether Builder css gets applied
Change: Admin: CSS tweaks, revisited some styles
Fixed: Admin: Disapearing widgets
Updated: Admin: Ether > Builder settings page
Fixed: Front-end: Behaviour of some non-aligned widgets when placed adjacently to a left/right floated one for the following widgets: Blockquote, Message, Lists
Fixed: Front-end: Image Widget not showing in all IE + Image Widget related whitespace bug in Chrome
Fixed: Front-end: Sliders getting 0 width when aligned
Fixed: Front-end: Gallery Widget "Elements Height" field not getting applied with default "Image Mode" 
Fixed: Front-end: Gallery Widget "Image Mode" "Fit" fits image within container right now instead of stretching it with no regard to image ratio
Added: Gallery Widget "Elements Height" Custom option

April 28, 2014, version 1.8.6

Fixed: ether.js error when in Appearance > Customize
Fixed: inserting images via add media button into the visual editor
Fixed: inserting images into the Image Widget

April 24, 2014, version 1.8.5

FIXED: Ether > Update
fixed WordPress 3.9 compatibility
fixed alignment for builder-widget-title
fixed alignment for "add media" button
fixed tinyMCE in wordpress 3.9
fixed height for builder-widget-bar
removed mysql_real_escape_string() in ether.php and replaced it with esc_sql

April 10, 2014, version 1.8.4

NOT FIXED: Ether > Update. SEE FAQ.
Fixed: Google maps issues
Changed: Revised widget edit modal box layout for some widgets.
Changed: Revised all ether-builder.js javascript source.

December 30, 2013, version 1.8.3

Fixed: 1.8.2 Release Hotfix

December 30, 2013, version 1.8.2

Fixed: Builder tab visibility for Custom Post Types
Fixed: Cannot recdeclare ether_builder_metabox class error
Fixed: Sidebar_admin_setup hook replaced by sidebar_admin_page
Fixed: Image title display options for images (including galleries, post feeds etc.)

December 16, 2013, version 1.8.1

Fixed: Builder tab in Wordpress 3.8
Fixed: Link to post in builder feed
Fixed: Random order option for sliders

December 3, 2013, version 1.8

Fixed: Widget edit modal window save/discard buttons not visible IE9 bug
Fixed: Insert images display hidden by builder widget modal window
Fixed: Checkbox display without MP6 Plugin activated

November 27, 2013, version 1.7.9

Fixed: cache directory is required only when cache option is enabled
Fixed: undefined tinyMCE error in ether.js
Added: id parameter to wp_editor() function
Changed: 3rd party widgets are disabled by default. They can be enabled from Ether > Builder > Enable widgets from sidebars/external plugins in the Ether Builder" 
Added: Custom Post Types Feed Widget
Fixed: Widgets Screen styles in WP admin panel
Added: Post Feed option enabling linking of image preview to full article
Fixed: MP6 Compatibility
Fixed: Disappearing Widgets on page update

September 5, 2013, version 1.7.8

Added: New slider options (alternative arrow styles, navigation position, a few others)
Fixed: Revised layout of some widgets' settings
Fixed: Validation of automatically converted sidebar widgets (sometimes not all 3rd party widgets can be converted and in such cases they won't be displayed instead of throwing an error)
Fixed: Scripts and styles load only when necessary
Fixed: Hybridconnect compatibility

July 31, 2013, version 1.7.7

Added: Option to turn off Ether Content Builder widgets in sidebars
Fixed: Twitter Feed
Added: Image and Gallery widget can now open links in new window
Fixed: Javascrip error (switchEditor.go(...) in the dashboard
Fixed: Jerky tabs transitions

June 11, 2013, version 1.7.6

Fixed: issue with facebook official plugin (unfortunately widgets from this plugin won't be available within ether builder)
Fixed: additional classes for divider widget
Fixed: heading menu nested inside a column not showing up
Added: Column options
Fixed: infinite loop in canvas

May 05, 2013, version 1.7.5

Fixed: Internal Server Error (500)

April 20, 2013, version 1.7.4

Fixed: issue with thesis theme
Fixed: Ether Builder takes into account password protected posts
Fixed: Simplekey theme issue
Fixed: Visual composer compatibillity
Fixed: Rich Text
Added: TED video support for video widget
Added: Video support for Services widget (youtube, vimeo, ted, blip)
Added: Start item position for sliders (Gallery, Testimonials, Services widgets)
Changed: Documentation updates (mainly regarding custom CSS rules)
Fixed: Navigation arrows getting partially cut off in Gallery Widget
Added: Custom label for Rich Text widget
Fixed: Rich Text widget error in sidebar widgets

March 5, 2013, version 1.7.3

Fixed: jQuery 2.0 compatibility
Fixed: Removed conditional ( ! user_can_richedit()) - rich text editor should be more stable now
Fixed: "wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/en.js 404" Error
Fixed: Ether does not use built in get_called_class function as it caused too many problems in cases where 3rd party theme/plugin used own implementation of the function and ether assumed it to be a core function (Double from prev update)
Fixed: removed deprecated wp_tiny_mce() function from builder.php
Added: support for https protocol when including css/js

February 4, 2013, version 1.7.2

Fixed: bug with generating wrong slugs (caused by sidebar widgets using wp_query and the_post when moving them from sidebars to builder)
Fixed: Ether does not use built in get_called_class function as it caused too many problems in cases where 3rd party theme/plugin used own implementation of the function and ether assumed it to be a core function
Fixed: Lightbox issues
Added: Resave with the same name to update layouts
Fixed: IE7 Columns issues
Fixed: IE7 Form Fields issues

December 13, 2012, version 1.7.2

Fixed: Behaviour of tabs in ie8/7
Fixed: Behaviour of galleries in ie8/7

December 13, 2012, version 1.7.1

Support for strong Post Revisions (beta) - it's turned off by default and can be turned on in Ether > Builder > Enable revision support for Builder content
Fixed: Scroll Spy issues
Fixed: Conflicts with some theme/plugins interfering with searching posts for Ether Content Builder content
Fixed: 'output buffering' issue causing fatal error
Fixed: pods plugin conflict
Fixed: Saving/Loading Ether Content Builder templates
Fixed: Links in admin bar removed for users without proper permissions
Added: Widget label (misc tab) - allows to provide custom title/label for a widget that appears in admin view (so you can have a widget titled 'Image - custom image description' rather than 'Image - /path/to/image/or-other-cryptic-stuff')
Fixed: Warnings caused by changes applied to $wpdb->prepare() method in WordPress 3.5

November 1, 2012, version 1.7

Added: Blank Canvas option via Builder metabox for creating landing pages without any theme styles and only Ether Content Builder widgets
Added: CSS style widget for adding extra css rules on a single page
Added: Ether > Builder > Custom CSS field for any global css changes
Added: Template Widget - Allows templates to be added to a page the same way widgets are
Added: Link Widget
Addded: Heading menu / Scrollspy menu that takes headings that exist within the content and creates a menu out of them
Fixed: New Twitter api compatibility
Fixed: Error in WordPress 3.5 beta2
Fixed: Unit type input in field widgets (px / % / em)
Added: ID attribute for heading widget
Added: Custom href destination for divider widget
Fixed: Javascript error: "undefined switchEditor" 
Added: Filters for defining new selectboxes in widget styles (ether_image_frames, ether_blockquote_styles, ether_table_styles, ether_multi_styles (tabs and accordion), ether_testimonials_styles, ether_pricing-table_styles, ether_heading-menu_styles)
Added: Filter for adding new color presets in Ether > Builder - ether_builder_presets
Added: Support for default featured image for post feeds. If Ether Builder does not find one set in Builder metabox it will try and search for it in featured image.

September 30, 2012, version 1.6.9

Fixed: Roundabout width and alignment issues
Fixed: Post/Page feed featured image frame not changing styles (Now you can choose between no frame or two predefined ether styles
Fixed: Gridslider height and navigation not adjusting after window resize
Fixed: Gridslider responsiveness issues in some cases (including IE7/IE8 fix)
Fixed: UI tweaks
Fixed: Random disappearing of some widgets in dense column combinations in some cases.
Fixed: Form button color in dark Ether Builder theme
Fixed: Loading templates from the builder metabox
Fixed: Divider back to top link not working sometimes

September 18, 2012, version 1.6.8

Fixed: shortcodes conflicts (shortcodes from all plugins should wor flawlessly now)
Fixed: metabox builder
Fixed: hardcoded strings in builder.js that prevented a few phrases from being translated to other languages
Fixed: rich text issue with visual editor tab turned off
Fixed: image insert in image related widgets (galleries) (it used to break sometimes so that inserted images would line up in one column instead of three)
Fixed: gallery titles
Fixed: issues with post feed and some galleries overlapping other widgets due to their height being incorectly calculated
Added: One Column Widget (Duplicating of multiple widgets is easier when they're packed into one container ;-))

September 02, 2012, version 1.6.7

Added: Spanish translation thanks to <a href="">elpuntografico</a>
Added: Cancel button in widget modal window
Fixed: Several widget issues after duplicating (Tabs and tooltips within builder widget modals not working after duplicating + others)
Fixed: All remaining admin panel menu issues
Fixed: "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../wp-content/plugins/ether-builder/modules/builder.php on line 674" 
Fixed: Quform compatibility error
Fixed: Aligned Images popping out of testimonials
Updated: Roundabout options

August 28, 2012, version 1.6.6

Fixed: Hide 'more' button in post feeds widget
Added: Hide excerpts option to post feeds
Fixed: Bug: columns widget breaking up after saving changes to a page (last update fixes were insufficient)
Fixed: Widget alignment issues

August 24, 2012, version 1.6.5

Fixed: Bug: columns widget breaking up after saving changes to a page
Fixed: images tab in media library can insert images into visual editor now, too
Added: Other widgets featuring Rich text can have images added now, too
Added: Prevention of caching js/css files in admin panel after new releases
Fixed: allow_url_fopen removed from required dependencies list (so the error caused by it won't appear anymore
UI adjustments to the backend

August 23, 2012, version 1.6.4

UI upgrade: Tabbed widget options, enhanced labels and tooltips
Added: Updated Roundabout widget
Fixed: Search results bug
Added: New gallery option: Front Image Only - displays only one image, the rest is available in the lightbox
Added: Upload/Insert button for Rich Text widget (comming soon to other rich texts within tabs, services, testimonials etc.)

August 19, 2012, version 1.6.3

Added: WPML integration (beta; Ether Builder widgets are copied automatically when creating pages for translation) 
Added: Ether menu can be now additionally toggled in the top admin bar (manage its' visibility via screen options)
Added Duplicate Widget Button. You can duplicate Single widgets or whole groups (via columns widget)
Single list widget can be now arranged into (1-10) columns or inline
Added image widget title on hover option + capability of setting any explicit size including % for either linked or not image elements (earlier all entries were converted to pixel values
Fixed: Services widget styles issue with left/right aligned images
Fixed: Gridslider overflow when items are not manipulated in any way (it was affecting - cropping - testimonials style decoration earlier)
Fixed: Gallery grid height modes and image stretch mode. Galleries are now more badass and customizable than anywhere.
Fixed: builder widgets missing in "widgets area" 
Fixed: Builder display issues in some specific cases for reported single pages
Fixed: Appending builder styles for pages where Ether Builder Widgets are present only in sidebar area
Added: ether_builder_header action is called only once now (it used to fire multiple times earlier in some cases)
Fixed: Video Widget display isssues
Fixed: Nasty textarea bug within Ether Builder modal window that prevented user from changing its' size + caused a display glitch in chrome
Added: More prominent indication of active tab/accordion in tab/accordion widget
Added: Gallery / Nivo / Flicker can now be aligned and have explicit width set (they were always 100% of the container width before)
Fixed: IE7 display issues
Revised gui interface in some widgets
Added: Price Box Text gridslider functionality + color option (There was a background option only present before

August 7, 2012, version 1.6.1

fixed bug in ether_builder_widgets filter
fixed builder widgets in sidebars
fixed custom bullet list styles (this time for real :P)
fixed dark/light themes inconsistiencies
fixed button text alignment

August 4, 2012, version 1.6.0

added style switcher (light/dark styles available for now) (BETA)
added rich text editor for widgets wherever applicable
added posts feed + pages feed widgets + option to make specific pages featured / set featured image (for display in pages feed)
revised template manager with a more compact look 
added alternative styles for accordion and tabs widgets
added constrain ratio for gallery widget constrain option (so now you can have relative rectangles rather than squares only)
fixed "invalid argument supplied for foreach" warning" 
fixed 404 errors in ether-builder.css (reset-16px.png and save-16px.png)
added ether_builder_widget and ether_builder_{WIDGET_SLUG}_widget filters
fixed alignment of linked images (image widget)
fixed gallery display issues (images overflowing vertically)
fixed pricing tables styles
refreshed ether builder admin pages layout and look
significantly revised documentation - updated with common faqs and custom Ether Builder filters description
added support for utf-8 serialized data and a new method of fixing it

July 14, 2012, version 1.5.2

Fixed: Migration issues (if serialized data gets damaged during migration Ether Builder will try to fix it automatically)
Fixed: JigoShop compatibility
Fixed: Images issue in product categories in WooCommerce plugin
Fixed: Displaying nivo slider and roundabout on mobile devices
Added: Template tags: ether_builder::the_content and ether_builder::get_the_content as custom wordpress template tags equivalents (useful in custom loops)
Added: Lightbox option for single images
Added: Option to turn off default lightbox and plug in custom one (functions.php -> add ether: ether::config('builder_lightbox', FALSE))
Fixed: Accordion constrain option
Fixed: Custom Bullet List styles and alignment

June 18, 2012, version 1.5.1

Added: ether_builder_widgets filter (you can now hook up and manipulate registered widgets in Builder)
Fixed: Displaying Ether Builder content on archive pages
Added: Option to enable/disable displaying Ether Builder content on archive pages (Ether > Builder screen in admin panel)
Fixed: Nivo Slider styles overwriting

June 12, 2012, version 1.5.0

Added: Video/Image responsiveness in galleries as well as separate items
Added: Custom linking for images from Gallery, Image and Services widgets
Fixed: Services classes
Fixed: Rich Text does not break anymore when visual editor is turned off in user settings
Fixed: cannot read property 'slideshow' of undefined
Added: Option to toggle HTML/Visual tabs on/off in Ether > Builder

June 02, 2012, version 1.4.8

Fixed: Removed Default sidebar
Fixed: Visual-HTML tabs toggling
Fixed: Minor classes glitches in tables and testimonials
Fixed: Problem with sidebar widgets after deactivating Ether Builder
Ether Framework 1.6.0

May 30, 2012, version 1.4.7

Fixed: Vertical Tabs
Fixed: Missing argument warnings
Fixed: Rich text translation issues for non-english languages 

May 25, 2012, version 1.4.5

Added: Framework and plugin version info
Added: Server-feature-test for easier troubleshooting
Fixed: missing prefixes for some css classes (alignment etc.)

May 23, 2012, version 1.4.4

Removed: error handler in production environment
Fixed warnings
Fixed Nivo Slider responsive
Fxied Nivo Slider pause time

May 19, 2012, version 1.4.3

Added: Autoupdate
Fixed: Nivo slider and Roundabout disappearing content issue
Fixed: Removed error handler in a production environment
Fixed: Accordion and tabs broken after the last update

May 16, 2012, version 1.4.2

Fixed: Ether_prototype class renamed to ether which should prevent all "Fatal error: Class 'ether' not found" errors from occurring
Fixed: Duplicate entries in search results
Fixed: Woothemes admin panel conflict

May 6, 2012, version 1.4.1

Added: Custom classes for sidebar widgets available in Ether Builder
Added: Builder Templates (metabox in the top right)
Added: Code view (syntax highlighter) widget
Added: 3 Facebook widgets (like button, comments, like box)
Fixed: Button widget
Fixed: Services widget

April 20, 2012, version 1.4

Added: Ether Builder configuration page: Define what Custom Post Types use Ether Builder and what widgets to display in it. Set builder as a default tab. More options to come soon! ;-)
Added: Color picker for color inputs
Added: Flickr feed widget with built-in gallery-like gridslider options
Added: Adding custom classes for some widgets
Added: Three predefined button styles - small, medium and big
Added: Show/hide address bubble in google map
Added: Heading widget -> h1 tag option added
Added: Blockquote styles
Added: toggle on-hover titles for images in gallery widget
Added: Frame type select for image and gallery widget
Added: Pricing table widget
Added: Pricing box widget
Added: Services widget style selectbox
Added: Contact Form widget
Addded: Ether Builder gui enhancements
Fixed WP e-commerce plugin compatibility (disable builder tab for product custom post type in builder admin page)
Fixed: WP search engine finds matches within content from Ether Builder now, too
Fixed: Ether Builder stylesheets loaded only when necessary
Fixed: Disappearing Ether Builder content after page update
Fixed: Volt themes compatibility
Fixed: Whitelight theme compatibility
Fixed: Sport Edget theme compatibility
Fixed: ithemes compatibility

March 23, 2012, version 1.3

Added: Two-way support for sidebar widgets. You can use sidebar widgets in Ether Builder and the other way around!
Added:  functionality included (works with gallery, testimonials and services widget)
Fixed: Colorbox conflict if a theme already had colorbox included

March 15, 2012, version 1.2.1

Fixed: Bones responsive theme compatibility
Fixed: Apex theme compatibility
Fixed: General code formatting in some themes
Fixed: W3 Total Cache Plugin compatibility
Fixed: Images tab issue when dealing with large amounts of images. 8000 should be no problem anymore :p
Fixed: Localization issues
Fixed: Tabs/Accordion widget compatibility

March 13, 2012, version 1.2

Fixed: Selection of inputs and textareas in Firefox
Fixed: Proper selection of tabs in admin panel
Fixed: Woocommerce compatibility
Added: Alternative frames for image widget
Visual GUI improvements

March 11, 2012, version

Added: Default lightbox (colorBox) in case a theme doesn't provide one
Added: New Google Map widget options (zoom level, display mode)
Added: New Nivo widget options (transition, animation speed, pause time)
Added: New Table Generator options (styles selectbox)
Added: Multilingual qTranslate support (a little bit crude at the moment). 
Added: Testimonials widget
Added: Highly customizable Services widget
Fixed: Responsiveness of images in image widget
Fixed: Responsiveness of videos in media grids in gallery widget
Fixed: Builder tab will show up even with Visual editor disabled
Further improvements to Ether Builder UI

March 9, 2012, version

Added: Support for all Custom Post Types by default + manual selection possible
Added: IE7 support for generated content
Added: Accordion can have toggle box functionality
Refreshed builder ui