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Ether > Update returns undefined / does not update

Please update manually by redownloading from CodeCanyon. We will get rid of this issue soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

I have my license key entered and in working order but Ether > Update doesn’t work

Please refer to “Ether > Update returns undefined / does not update” above.

Where do I get a License Key?

It’s the same as your Item Purchase Code you get in an email after you buy an item on in your Downloads > License Certificate section of a specific item


It means your server does not comply with minimum/optimal plugin requirements. Below there’s a list of possible errors and missing libraries that will need to be installed in order to get rid of the issue:

  • imagecreatetruecolor, imagecolorallocatealpha, imagecolortransparent – lib gd – required for automatic images thumbnail generation
  • curl_init – curl_init – curl library is required for download of feeds from external services such as Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • zipArchive – zipArchive – Handles .zip files. Required for manual updates conducted via Ether > Update and migration of backups if Ether Backup is used
  • allow_url_f_open – curl_init – An error pops up if a value of the property is set to false. Changing allow_url_f_open = true will get rid of that. This dependency is not mandatory as long as you have curl library installed on your server.

I get DEP TEST FAILED : class ZipArchive warning message

This is a warning message.

Class ZipArchive is required for Ether > Update feature to work. It does not affect performance of Ether Builder in any way.

In order to get rid of this message (and be able to use Ether > Update feature successfully) contact your server administrator and ask him to enable ZipArchive for you.

When I try to install plugin via Add new in the WP admin panel I get the following error: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found”

Please repack the files you downloaded from CodeCanyon so that there’s only ‘ether-builder’ root directory inside the archive. Here’s a step by step process in case you need it:

  1. Unpack the downloaded archive somewhere on your computer
  2. Create a new archive that consists of ether-builder directory only

Alternatively to that you can remove other directiories directly from the downloaded package.

Yet another solution is to:

  1. Copy ether-builder directory to your WordPress plugins directory (located at wp-content/plugins/)
  2. And then activating the plugin in WordPress admin panel in Plugins section (Find Ether Content Builder position in a table and click activate)

How do I update to the latest version?

You can do so at any time in Ether > Update section. Keep in mind a valid license key is required for updates to take place.

Will I lose my content after I deactivate the plugin?

Nope. Ether data is stored in WordPress database and stays there even after plugin deactivation/removal.

Yoast SEO issues (not picking up the content from builder)

Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO) does not apply the_content filter on post content before extracting data such as metatags from it rendering ether builder content not visible.

Filters allow to modify and add new content to different data types (in this case post content) and not applying the_content filter is a bad practice. We can’t do anything about that beyond contacting Yoast SEO plugin author which we did. As for today it yielded no response from him unfortunately ;(

How to remove ether board section from dashboard widgets?

Insert the following code to functions.php

function ether_dashboard_widget()
       global $wp_meta_boxes;


add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'ether_dashboard_widget');

How to remove ether entry from admin bar?

Insert the following code to functions.php

add_action('wp_before_admin_bar_render', 'admin_bar_remove_ether');
function admin_bar_remove_ether()
       global $wp_admin_bar;

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Additional information from onether:

Note: When reporting WordPress plugin/theme incompatibility please include the following details in your message along with problem description for smoother turnaround:

  • Item purchase code you got after buying an item (It’s viewable on your Envato marketplace account under downloads section)
  • Theme files – Especially if it’s a commercial theme – so that we can run local tests if necessary (What are theme files? Theme files define your site look and functionality. You can send us the same theme files that you downloaded or zip* them yourself)
  • Are you using any other plugins? If so, zip* them together and attach to your message as well so that we can run local tests if necessary (Plugins are viewable under Plugins section in WordPress admin dasboard. Only active ones are necessary.)
  • WordPress admin dashboard access – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.
  • FTP access details – so that we can have a direct look at the issue if necessary as sometimes we may not be able to replicate the issue in our environment. It also makes the process easier and faster.

*Use file archiver such as WinRar or other compression software. In case you don’t know how google it, it’s very very simple

Note: We usually respond within 1-7 days from reporting the issue.