Essential Bootstrap Form Pack

Essential Bootstrap Form Pack

Mammothology Essential Bootstrap Form Pack:

A set of styled and functional forms for your next website. Get up and running quickly with these fully working and attractive forms. Please note that these forms will require some very basic programming knowledge in order to customize them to your needs.


  • All forms come with validation examples and database code to store input
  • Multiple versions of login & sign-in forms
  • New user registration and sign-up forms
  • Working contact form using PHP mail
  • Ajax payment form with verification and loading icon
  • Subscription billing form example
  • Stripe webhooks example to respond to Stripe events
  • Integrated into Stripe to accept payments
  • Data sorting form with example Javascript to sort and filter by date, number and string
  • Address input form and pricing tables example too
  • Includes both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 versions of the forms

Quick Start:

  • Unzip form pack to your root webserver folder
  • Create a database using the included SQL file which will store all form input
  • Navigate to index.php in your browser to see all the example forms
  • Add data to the forms and submit and you’ll see it saved in your database

For Payments/Subscription Forms:

  • Sign up for a Stripe account for free at:
  • Copy your Stripe Publishable Key (see Stripe Account Settings) to payment_form.php and subscribe_form.php in place of ‘YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_KEY’
  • Copy your Stripe Secret Key to subscription.php, payment.php and webhook.php in place of ‘YOUR_SECRET_KEY’
  • Copy the contents of this zip file to your web server root directory, usually named public_html
  • Use a browser to visit your domain to test the files:
  • To test the webhook, add the URL to the webhook in your Stripe Account Settings under the Webhooks tab, for example:


As always, there is full support available at:


  • Added Bootstrap 3 versions of all forms!
  • Form tidy up
  • Recently updated to tidy up code and add extra security on the payment and subscription forms by ensuring auto-complete is disabled.

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