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clukas Purchased

Has anyone been able to implement easy apns? Im having some trouble.

You may have worked this out, but I too saw the status bar (battery) issue and was playing around in the info tab. Did you try this:


Has anyone been able to get a feed from Joomla working with this?

Flickr is not working.

reeter Purchased

Anyone got the map to work?

This author made a few Android apps a while back under another account. He stopped supporting them about 18 months ago. Same has happened here.

Dear Author

We use real estate website www.wohnungalanya24.de and is this possible to get properties and property category with xml direct from web site?

Can you help us about it…

I would like to purchase this app, but I would like to know is it updated for use with Xcode 5 and ios7?

Also, it seems like some users have concerns about support, are you still supporting this app.


we can have 2 menu with different feed xml ?

Hi. Really like your work. Is there any way of taking a photo and uploading it through the app? Thanks

just to let folks know that it works fine with xcode 5 and ios 7.1…. i stupidly purchased it without reading the comments. But had my app approved four days ago by apple and it runs fine on all devices and firmware. I did have a bit of tweaking to do to get what i wanted but google as your friend i managed quite well.

Hello, When will you release v1.1 ?


Does anyone know how to change the font type in the Articles tab? Also, secondly, the background colour – from the white to another colour? Thanks.

do you need to have a server for this app?

No Support !!

Does anyone know of an android equivalent to this?


I only need the ‘feed’ part of this.

Ok, I have an issue with this template in ios7. In the news feed tab the article titles no longer span 2 lines. They end mid sentence.

I’ve tested this by opening the emerald project in xcode and building it to both simulators: ios6 and ios7

ios6 is fine and the titles are complete over 2 lines. but ios7 has just one line and the title gets cut off.

I would seriously like some help with this from at least Coltboy or anyone else that might’ve come across this issue and fixed it.

Codecanyon: Coltboy hasn’t been too responsive on support. I wonder if this is a concern to you that you are selling a product that isn’t supported by the author.


I’ve had some success with this. I find this file: Emerald/News/News.m

Then change this line: lblTitle.lineBreakMode = NSLineBreakByWordWrapping;

to this: lblTitle.lineBreakMode = NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail;

And I get my 2 line titles back.

can i add my podcast feed?