Email Cart for WooCommerce - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

What it Does

WooCommerce Email Cart is a super useful plugin which allows customers and admins to send a pre-populated WooCommerce Cart to any email address ready and waiting for checkout. The receiver can then checkout straight away or continue shopping, adding to the cart or editing what is already in it.

Admins are also able to select whether the link goes to the Cart page or the Checkout page and a live output of the link is always available for to copy and use in any other application, such as a newsletter, support email, ad or promotion.

Great for:

  • Customers sharing their cart with others for interest or to checkout for them
  • An easy, once-off, wish list type functionality for customers
  • Over-the-phone or email, ‘manual’ orders for admins
  • Customers contacting support who are having trouble finding products or using your site
  • Not having to create a new customer manually in admin for an over-the-phone or email customer to set up a new Order for them
  • Encouraging phone / email customers to checkout through the usual front-end where all your shipping and discount plugins are effective
  • Adding links to newsletters, ads or communications to quickly add products or sets of products to customers’ carts with one click. Increasing sales!

Happy conversions!



* Added optional CC and BCC fields to Back and Front end forms that can be turned on/off in the General Settings Tab
* Added Send a Copy field to General Settings Tab for permanent BCC so admins can keep track of User activity
* Fixed compatibility issue with WC2.1
* Fixed double attribute_ being added to the cart URL
* Fixed formatting issue with the front-end cart
* Changed the front-end call to action to be .button
* Added filter to add CC or BCC to email
* Updated UpdateChecker class
* Various small bug fixes
* Added ability to send Variable Products set to "Any" attribute from Email Cart on the front-end Cart Page. Previously these products would be omitted (
* Added and files to use for language conversion
* Updated language support for previously disabled text areas
* Added ability to deep link to Email Cart using - allows users to create their own custom buttons linking to Email Cart
* Updated the Email Cart backend with a great new looking UI
* 1.41 Check all missing text is language translatable
* Added ability to Send Cart from the front end WooCommerce Cart
* Added WordPress multilingual support (we invite you to send us your language files. please. thanks)
* Added ability to add complex variable products to the cart
* Added variable product attributes to the cart in the email to improve the 
information sent to the user
* Added count to a product item in the query string in order to reduce length.
 Compatible with older query
* Fixed minor PHP notices
* Changed form layout for better UI
* Added a dropdown to the form which allows the selection of either the Cart or 
Checkout page as the landing page
* Added an updateable Share link to the Form
* Fixed Bug: Link now clears cart before adding products to cart and displaying 
cart/checkout page
* Initial release