Email Campaign Manager

Email Campaign Manager

Mammothology Email Campaign Manager

The email campaign manager is an admin dashboard for your Mailchimp email campaigns. It’s designed to help you manage all of your email lists, subscribers and campaigns from a central location. You can use the email campaign manager stand-alone on your website back-end, or easily integrate it into your current admin dashboard. It’s written in clean PHP and Javascript & jQuery following modern coding standards.


  • Attractive dashboard for viewing your list and campaign status at a glance
  • Beautiful charts for list and campaign statistics, powered by the wonderful jQuery Flot plugin
  • Ajax updates so no page reloading when checking different lists and campaigns
  • Quickly view all your lists and their members plus specific member data
  • Add new subscribers to your lists, individually or as a batch
  • View all your campaigns and their content

Quick Start:

The Mammothology Email Campaign Manager is designed to get up and running quickly and easily. Just complete the following steps and you’ll be managing campaigns in no time.

  • Get your Mailchimp API key from the Mailchimp website, Account Settings -> Extras -> API Keys -> Create A Key
  • Copy the Mailchimp key and paste it into the top of EmailManager.php replacing YOUR_MAILCHIMP_API_KEY. (keep the quotes around the key)
  • Upload the contents of this product zip file directly to your server. Usually the root folder for the domain is named public_html so you want to extract the zip there.
  • Visit the domain where you extracted the zip file to and you should see the dashboard with your campaigns and lists (if you’ve created any in Mailchimp)
  • You’re all done, enjoy!

Integrating into other admin dashboards:

If you’re integrating this product into another admin dashboard you’ll need at least a basic coding knowledge. It’s suggested you keep the file and folder structure intact and just rename index.php to email_manager.php or similar.
Then all you need to do is add a link from your current admin dashboard to email_manager.php and it should all work as normal.

If you’re doing a deeper integration, please contact us at if you have any questions.


As with all Mammothology software products full support is available at our Support Forums or you can email direct to:


We’re planning on adding updates in the future depending on user requests and popularity.

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