Ecommerce Products Display Layout Switchers

Ecommerce Products Display Layout Switchers

Enhance your next ecommerce project with dynamic product search result switchers!

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  • Instant switching – no page refresh required
  • Remembers chosen view state in a cookie
  • Responsive – adapts well on most devices
  • Product descriptions expander, tooltips, image hover effect and promo badges
  • Clean, easy to modify HTML, CSS and JS
  • Lightweight and SEO optimised products display


  1. Tested in IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
  2. If JavaScript is not available (unlikely), it will fall back to ‘row’ view, displaying all product information.
  3. On smaller devices, the view will be automatically switched to ‘grid’ view and view switcher buttons will be hidden.
  4. Works well with Bootstrap and Font Awesome, but not strictly dependant on them.
  5. If using Chrome or IE and browsing locally, cookies will not work, therefore will not remember the chosen view state on refresh. Upload to a server to test thoroughly.
  6. Demo pagination buttons and ‘sort by’ dropdowns for illustrative purposes only.



January 12th 2013 – Initial Release v1.0

March 10th 2013 – Minor Update v1.1 – Updated Bootstrap to v2.3.1 and Fontawesome to v3.0.2. Added Respond polyfill for IE. Changed the text from ‘condensed’ to ‘list’

December 18th 2013 – v2.0 – Switching script updated. Updated Bootstrap to v3.0.3 and Fontawesome to v4.0.3.

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