Easy Wikipedia API script

Easy Wikipedia API script

Easy to install and use script for getting content from Wikipedia. The script uses a word, chosen from you to search, get the article for it and show it in a tooltip or dialog window on your site. The script is optimized for people, movies and bands search, but also you can use it for every kind of keyword, you can see a live preview of the script here
You may also can add a category to get more specific results. To use the script you just need to add <span class=”easy_wiki”> and </span> tags around the word you want to get info about.
In order to speed up the work process, the Easy Wikipedia API script uses cache and every search is kept locally on your server for a certain period of time.
You can choose to use a localized version of wikipedia, like French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch or Japanese, thus the retrieved content is taken from the articles written in the specified language
A css styling is used for the design and its quite easy to change the color and overall look.
  • this plugin is not affiliated in any kind of way with Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikipedia is trademark of Wikimedia Foundation

    Updates in version 1.1

    • the script is getting the thumbnail of the main wikipedia image for the content, the width of the image is configurable
    • Added support for English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português version of the wikipedia content
    • some speed improvements

    Updates in version 1.2

    • you can now show embed a Wikipedia article on your page using PHP, with this the text will be visible in your page source
    • you can get also an array with the info from Wikipedia and thus you can edit it to your needs before displaying or just display in your desired way
    • you can show/hide a link to the full Wikipedia’s article in the dialog window

    Updates in version 1.3

    • Bug fixes
    • Improved tooltip

    Updates in version 1.4

    • Added support for Swedish and Dutch languages
    • Added support for Japanese language