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Just gave this plugin a 1-star rating. Here’s why…

I love Visual Composer, guess I expected too much from this plugin considering it was from the same company. Easy Tables was essentially a waste of $10 for me as this plugin is completely useless for my needs (and for many others if you read through the comments). My fault, I should have read through the comments first before expecting too much of this plugin based on Visual Composer’s quality.

My issues specifically with this plugin are: (1) It cost $10 for FAR less functionality than TablePress which is FREE! (I almost feel like this is a bait and switch and they are just riding the coat tails of Visual Composer) There is no way this plugin would get $10 if it wasn’t the same company as VC. (2) No ability to use HTML or links within cells (3) Not responsive (4) No ability to resize cells or columns individually (5) No ability to merge cells or columns

In summary…just get TablePress for FREE and save yourself $10!

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Hi, I just installed this plugin on one of the themes that has VC integrated into. It works great. However, I can’t use tables own themes that come with Easy Tables because the web site theme is dictating it’s own colours. Is there a fix to this?


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Any word on when this will be integrated into the Frontend editor of VC?

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we need a refund…since the author hasn’t updated the plugin nor is he replying. if we all write to evanto abt this they might take some action.

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Thanks to everyone who warned against buying this plugin. I ended up downloading TablePress which is free and works like a charm. It’s a pity that the author of EasyTables is not addressing all the complaints & concerns on this page. I hope he doesn’t abandon VisualComposer the way he did with this plugin.

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Hi WpBakery,

This is a pre sale question

Does your plugin supports Minified CSS and JS, what if I manually Minify all the CSS and JS code that I get with this plugin, will your Plugin Work even then.

Hoping for a quick response

Best regards Amit :impatient: amitmadhra@gmail.com
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bhathaway Purchased

I feel the same way as many others here. It is a waste of money. Visual Composer is so powerful, I was expecting a powerful and flexible table add-on. The fact that you cannot merge cells makes this worthless.