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Easy Email For Mandrill – The easy way to send email in ASP .NET

Easy Email For Mandrill is a simple to use ASP.NET C# / VB plug-in developed by Jet Powered Code that allows you to send emails from your website or program with ease.

Sending email via Mandrill allows you to create an interactive an immersive website / application without having to worry about mail servers or email deliverability.

Extensive C# and VB documentation is included which should show you how to do pretty much anything you’d like to do.


  1. Send 12,000 emails per month via Mandrill for FREE
  2. Track who opens your emails and which clicks are clicked on
  3. Add Google Analytics to your emails
  4. Never have to worry about your mail server again!
  5. Use Mandrill / Mailchimp Templates for great looking emails
  6. Send emails by just adding text
  7. Send plain text and HTML versions
  8. Send emails from templates
  9. Send emails from templates stored online or on your server
  10. Send emails from a database (Only need to add an connection string!)
  11. Easy to send one email to many people
  12. Add attachments to emails
  13. Automatic and manual email validation
  14. Add custom headers to emails
  15. Support for CC, BCC , reply to and priorities
  16. Great examples and tutorials to get Easy Emails working