Easy Comments with Localization Support and Styles

Easy to install and configure comment system, it allows you to have comments on html and/or php websites.
It is build with localizations in mind, so it can be easily translated to whatever language you want (Latin, Cyrillic, Asian language families and etc.) also all languages in the comments are supported.
By default the system is translated to English, Spanish and Bulgarian (others translations are coming soon).

Also, the comments are styled via external css files, and different skins are allowed and supported, so its really easy, if some of the included styles are not matching your site design, to change the color theme of the comments design (tutorial for this is included in the documentation ).

The system is also coming with administration panel, so you can easy edit and manage the comments on your site. You can edit and delete comments, view comments for each page of your site, view all the comments for specific user and ban a user from commenting on your site.

Live preview of the system (html page setup)

Live preview (php page setup)

Live preview (spanish translation)

Admin panel preview (user: test, password: test, its a read only preview)

Updates in version 1.1

  • 2 new languages added – French and Portuguese
  • Admins can see the commentators e-mails
  • Admins can see how much new comments have been posted since their last login in the panel
  • The new comments can be viewed for the whole site or for specific page


Answers of important questions about the script