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Hello, does this plugin override the default wordpress gallery? If so i’m buying it. Thanks!


And another thing, If for example i have only 1 picture, it goes all width & height, and then if i have 2, it’s divides the workspace? 1 occupies 1/1 , two picks 1/2 each one, three picks 1/3 each, etc, etc. All in a pre 100% width 500px height if stablished. Thanks.


Before I buy this plugin. May I know if the gallery supports link to posts or pages?


I was having no problems with the plug in before and have installed no new plugins, but now when I go to upload a new photo, no thumbnails shows up. Also, i’ve tried adding in a new gallery, and it won’t let me add any new thumbnails. help!

the website is puresoulsmedia.com

Hey Nickys. I’m having trouble with the lightbox function. The screen is going dark onclick, but no image appears. I’ve tried disabling all of my other plugins but this hasn’t helped the problem. Would be much obliged if you could take a look. Clare x


Does it also work with custom post types?

Worked fine for a while – then I stopped being able to add any new images – thumbnails don’t appear when you add them to a gallery and the gallery doesn’t display anything, same problem happens when adding to a new or existing dynamic gallery

PS – FYI, it doesn’t replace the wordpress gallery automatically – as you might wish, you have to set up new galleries and add them to a page / post with a short code.

Hi this is not working for me, images dont move, lightbox does not show any images and images are not sized correctly, can i please get a refund?

Hello I think this needs an update to work with the latest WP theme – mine are not working now :(

This is a beautiful plugin but the lightbox is not longer working…on click there is a black screen and no image appears. Are you planning to make an update with latest WP version? Thank you

This is a gorgeous gallery plugin that I was going to use for a client’s site build, but it’s not compatible with the latest version of WP – thumbnails do not display for images. If there is no update planned can I get a refund since I won’t be able to use this plugin? Thank you

Can it pick from custom post types automaticly?

Can I make this scroll on the horizontal?

WOW, this grid gallery is great, for many reasons. I tried other grid plugins that were more money and this works even better. It loads very fast and with another grid plugin I tried you had to set percentages for each square??? This one is so much easier to set up. Also very easy and intuitive for the client to able to add pics them self.

Also this works with older versions of WordPress which other grid plugins do not!

Love this, definitely worth it!!

Be great to see this working with latest WordPress… can’t continue to sell it if it doesn’t! Lightbox isn’t working for me now either… just a black tint of death… any idea how to fix? Thank you.

Perfect, you pay 15$ and you get a broken plugin.. lightbox doesn’t work. You can retourn my money? It’s not correct to sell a plugin with those problems. Or tell me how can I repare the problem. (WordPress 3.8.1)

I bought the plugin and sent an email via the ticket support tab… The lightbox function of the plugin is not working. Either on the plugin preview or the live version. I’m running wordpress 3.9. Please advise.