DooMailChimp Modal Subscribe – PHP Class

Use this PHP Class to place the DooMail Chimp Modal Subscribe form on any of your PHP pages by using only 2 lines of PHP code and have your visitors subscribe to your Mail Chimp List!

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DooMailChimp Subscribe form Features:

  • Easy set up
  • Popup Modal Subscribe Form
  • Edit popup modal form title and add optional text (see Live Preview)
  • Edit css file to customize look (only edit if comfortable with CSS. Place your customized code at the bottom of the CSS file)
  • Generate subscribers to your list
  • Add batch emails to your list (back-end file)
  • 2 lines of code set up – for visitors to subscribe to your list (for front-end) and for batch emails, view list ids and view subscribers (for back-end)
  • If subscribers email already exists in your Mail Chimp list, then submission will fail and they will have a choice to up date their profile, first confirming thier email
  • Choose to use email input field only
  • Change button colours – Clear, Blue, Red, Green or Black
  • View the number of list and your Mail Chimp list id’s you have at a glance (No need to visit and log into the Mail Chimp website to retrieve for this script)
  • View a list of your subscribers Emails at a glance

How to use – quick glance:

  1. And your Mail Chimp API Key and List ID to the config.php file located in the doo_inc folder provided,
  2. Download your PHP page you would like to add the DooMailChimp Modal Subscribe form,
  3. Add the 2 PHP codes (1 in the head section:<head></head> and 1 in the body section:<body></body>) to the PHP page to show the button which will activate the popup modal subscribe form
  4. Upload your PHP page,
  5. Upload the doo_inc folder to the same location as your PHP page…

And that’s it! You are ready for visitors to subscribe to your list.

Click here to view and test the demo

This script comes with detailed documentation and a quick start guide!



  • Updated First Name,Last Name and Email input fields to *required fields
  • Updated script function to reflect First Name and Last Name required fields (Email is mandatory by Mail Chimp API)


  • Changed modal form layout input fields to horizontal
  • Can now edit modal form title and add optional summary text through the object: $DooForm->doo_load_form values
  • Shorter Email error code


  • Mail Chimp API
  • Twitter Bootstrap

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