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Does this support URL formatted searches? I’m looking to implement this with an Android App.

e.g. webserver.com/yourscript.php?query=google.com

Or something of the sort, so that users of the app would be able to determine the site the want to check on the fly without me having to hard code it on the webserver originally.

Thanks, Thomas

Hi, I purchased it and run it but nothing works. I tried with domain_info and domain_check directory. By searching for a domain it waits a very very long time and then it breaks.
(Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to whois.nsiregistry.net:43… )
What could be wrong? Thanks

@Sitebase – could you please respond to my earlier comment? Been trying to get a hold of you for 10 days now.

Any chance to get .is support?

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When using domain check, selecting a checkbox for one of the extensions automatically selects others…same with unchecking a checkbox. Also the domain_check script works from locahost, but once I uploaded it, all it returns is … is not free. Every site searched for (even gibberish text) outputs ‘not free’ results.

Any clues as to why this is happening and how to resolve it?


This Author is no longer around.

Does this still work?

Correct me if i am wrong the domain tool class as a daily limit ?

check the live version before buying this item. a lot of it doesn’t work..

Hum, i”m afraid there are not support for this script. i don”t understand why codecanyon keep this here.

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Hi, The code needs to be updated! there are a lot of outdated features…

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I am also looking forward to an update since the last one (20 February 11) was over two years ago…

Domain keywords example is not working :S

demo is not working

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Your script works for me, exept for the ”.be” domains which are still unavailable (even something as gsdfgsdf.be).

Could you help me please?

Please check on http://www2.ordipat.fr/ndd Could you please contact me at romain@areswebstudio.com

Thank you to advence.