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DMCA Notifier - Fight for your right! - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

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Important: On November 1st, 2014, we will be retiring this product off the marketplace and discontinue all support for it. If you have purchased this item, please make sure you download your files by that time. Thank you for your understanding!

Fight evil at the source with DMCA Notifier!

Authors have rights and in today’s world, not many people care about copyright, about the value of work and hours put in developing a product, writing a book, shooting a photo or a movie. Unfortunately, fighting online piracy is a war too big for some, but fear not! While we can’t stop the sites that propagate download links for our works, we can deactivate those links at the source thanks to DMCA notifications and claims!

DMCA Notifier includes DMCA contact information for more than 110 file sharing websites, hosting websites, social media sites, video, photo and audio sharing websites.

We’ve added a default DMCA notification email that includes all required statements and reference to DMCA law and similar laws from EU, UK and FR for impact.

All you need to do is set up your contact information and simply paste the infringing links and each HOST’s box and your notification campaign will start. No more sending emails by hand to each service provider! No more copy-pasting email text and looking through email archives! No more headaches!

DMCA Notifier

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  • Please read the documentation before usage;
  • While extensive, we do not claim the websites archive to be complete. We’re more than happy to update it with valid sharing websites that you know to be prone to infringing files. Please use the contact form for this.
  • For suggestion and improvements please use the comments section

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Thank you for your interest in DMCA Notifier and looking forward to your comments and ratings!