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Presales question

Is there a live or demo directory I can check that will allow me to walk through the buying process? Having a good admin is important but it’s even more important what happens for our buyers.

ait-support Author Team

Hi, sorry we have no live demo with access to admin.



You misread my question.

kepr Purchased

Hey guys! Just bought this plugin, but got really disappointed. 1. Bought the plugin because you state it is possible to set the number of gallery images to each account type. 2. in the infobox under Tags you can read categories and custom types so i supposed these are further functionalities of the plugin. 3. AFTER buying the product you can find out from the documentation that the plugin can set the number of gallery images only in Directory theme. 4. Can not even set new categories or custom types, however you tagged your plugin with these words. 5. The only thing that seems to be functional with BF are custom metafields and a custom post query but i can implement these easily on my own. 6. I think you should really rename the plugin to Directory extension plugin and update the description, or implement the functionalities even for BF. 7. Will have to consult my client if he wants refund.

ait Author

Thanks for your message. Sorry not to write information more clearly. This plugin extends functionality of all 3 our directory oriented themes. Some themes already have these features implemented some not.