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Diamond Math

Drag and Drop the right answer in the upper task box. The calculations are random. Every 5 right answere the level increse by 1 and the random max number increase.


  • Fast HTML5 Game
  • Work on all html5 devices (mobile!)
  • You can replace the images for other look
  • Create your own splash screen at the beginning
  • High Resulotion | Retina | 1280×720 | Fullscreen
  • Source File: Construct 2

More Game

We have a variety of HTML5 games that are available for non-exclusive licensing.

We are able to integrate your own branding or a basic API as necessary. Additional customizations can also be made, including localization. (individual work like costomizations or api integration cost extra money, ask me and i give you an offer , see contact) – Support is free!

Our HTML5 games run on a variety of platforms, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets, plus desktop and more! Games react to device orientation changes and scale up on tablets. They vary in complexity, quality, and target audience.


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