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Hello, the plugin do not load properly in front-end. where can I contact you ? Do you have a ticketing system ? or email address ?


I wrote you by email.

Hello, the plugin do not load properly the images, text o anything and front-end load 404 page.

Can you help me please.!

Thanks, Santi


Send a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)

Hello, Is it a way to reduce the transition speed of “show all pages” mode? It is too fast so it is impossible to watch and select of any page. Best Regards


Send me a private message.

Hello, Just I have sent you a PM. Regards

Hi, I just downloaded the update and I have trouble figuring out how to install it. It fails to install on upload since the destination folder already exists Hope you can help. Best


Remove the plug and reinstall it.
You can also do this update files via FTP.

Hello, 1st I wish you a happy new year!

After the last update I have an issue with the lightbox layer. He is under the menu mow. Maybe thats a conflict with z-indexes?

Exemple: https://www.masonic-art-shop.de/hans-fischer-instruktion-fuer-lehrlinge/ (click at the book cover).

Do you have any idea?

Best regards



Thanks for the response.
Send me a private message.


collandi Purchased

Thank you. It works now!

Hi, I generate my book from a PDF document in French language. A kind of typo seems to make problem with French accents that disappear; how can I solve it? Thanks

I’m not sure how to send a private message…

Please tell me how to send a Private message.


the form is on the right at the bottom

arpo Purchased

keep getting this when trying to upload turn 3rd release to “Settings” in Avada theme:

“turn.js” has failed to upload. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

Please Help… thnx Karin


Send me a private message.

Hi Flashmaniac, i just bought your plugin Diamond FlipBook jquery&wp and installed it. I tried to convert the first pdf to a book and it keeps loading suddenly there is a javascript-popup which says create_book = 200 and then create_book = SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 2 column 1 of the JSON data.

There are some problems Example wp-content/plugins/newspaper_flipbook/lib/categories_custom_fields.php on line 237

Notice: Undefined index: not_visible in ????xxxxwp-content/plugins/newspaper_flipbook/lib/categories_custom_fields.php on line 1058 Notice: Undefined index: not_visible in XXXXX/wp-content/plugins/newspaper_flipbook/lib/categories_custom_fields.php on line 1153

Also How can I send you a private message


The system shows that you have not purchased the product.
Send a private message here( the form is on the right at the bottom ) and show licenses purchased.

Hi, I installed the plugin but it doesn’t work




Send a private message enter data for WordPress (host, user, password)

Plugin have calendar book style?


What do you mean ? You can ask more specific? Thanks.

Hi this is an Pre-purchase question: can i add google maps and other WordPress short codes in pages.


I checked. This code google maps works:
<iframe width="695" height="214" src="http://maps.google.pl/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=pl&geocode=&q=Pary%C5%BC,+Francja&aq=0&oq=P&sll=52.025459,19.204102&sspn=11.7483,33.815918&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Pary%C5%BC,+%C3%8Ele-de-France,+Francja&t=m&ll=48.856922,2.35322&spn=0.012085,0.059738&z=14&output=embed"></iframe>

Most of the tags work properly.

I’ve now added two books to this plugin, each with their own category. And now when I add either book through the the category’s slug in the shortcode, both book’s pages are displayed. This even happens when using the template implementation. I also get an error in Console:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #category-slug/page#

I can not get this plugin to only show the book I’m assigning to the page!


Send me a private message and enter data for WordPress (host, user, password)

have spent hours trying to get the plugin to work – have followed all of the tutorials -

even when using the book5 example provided – all the text and pages one mixed mess on one side of the screen – navigation arrows do not work

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled several times – I needed to get a flipbook out by the end of today – I have taken screenshot but your support facility does not have any provision for this.

very very annoyed and frustrated!

I am using WP multi-site have activated the plug-in only one of the sites within the multi-site


You have not installed the library turn.js.
Send me a private message if you still have problems with the installation.

following my previous message to you – have read through the other posts and came across someone with the same issue – the problem is that I am not linking to turn.js correctly in settings.

before I can correct this, I need to get turn.js into my media library – but word press will not allow this due to security issues. The way around this may be to ftp to the correct folder – can you let me know which is the correct folder – I looked at your video demonstrating the ftp method of uploading turn.js – and noted that you uploaded turn.js to a folder called ‘site_template’ – where is this folder?

once I can upload turn.js to the correct folder, I can then get the url to link to the file – that’s the theory

apologies for being so cross earlier


Do upload file “turn.js” on any server to any domain to any directory. Then paste pathway to file here: ( field link this library turnjs )