Delicious CSS3 Notifications

Delicious CSS3 Notifications

Delicious CSS3 Notices

These delicious CSS3 notices deliver a set of notification boxes created entirely using the latest CSS3 code. The perfect partner for our Delicious CSS3 Buttons.


The notices are designed to be unobtrusive and to fit nicely into any design. They also include some jQuery which allows the user to hide notifications on click.

There’s also support for hidden long descriptions and 26 icons.

Best of all each style is split into an independent class which means you can create almost any notification imaginable! Simply change a class from ‘red’ to ‘green’ and ‘delete’ to ‘add’ and you’ve altered your notice from a deletion alert to an addition alert.

This also gives you the flexibility to mix it up. Want a green notice with a cross icon? No problem.


Icons help the user understand the notice and I’ve included icons to suit almost any situation:
  • notfound
  • ajax
  • back
  • bookmark
  • calendar
  • check
  • comment
  • delete
  • download
  • edit
  • forward
  • lock
  • love
  • mail
  • plus
  • refresh
  • rss
  • search
  • settings
  • tag
  • time
  • unlock
  • upload
  • user
  • volume
  • window

I hope you enjoy this delicious CSS3 notice set!