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Data/File Upload & Managemnet

If you’re looking for something which allows you to upload and manage in real time your files on your website, Data/file Upload & Management is the one for you.

This script will allow you to Upload and manage every kind of file you desire (txt, rar, html, jpeg and many many others, and is also personalisable).

There are three options, Uploading, Viewing and Deleting. The script is coded in PHP with JQuery integration for cool effects, and requires a database to work. It’s very simple to customise and to use as you want. Installation is very easy and fast.

Here we go:

-  Coded in PHP,
-  JQuery integration,
-  It can be used everywhere, also like a personal,
-  Many extentions are allowed, and it's still personalisable, 
-  It requires a database because stores all the informations,
-  It's easy to integrate with your stuff,
-  It's fully commented to help you in reading the code.

For questions and information please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.