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In Progress: Working on version 2 of the Daily Event Calendar. This will feature new interface, extra layer of security, code optimization, and many more. Details of features will be updated here once the script is updated.


Thank you for checking out the Daily Event Calendar script.

Daily Event Calendar, as the name implies, is a very simple Event Management System. It is a simple system to keep track of future events that you need to be aware of.

In this application, the user will be able to create account through the front-page. This allow only authenticated users to create events.

The application is very flexible. In simplicity, the event management system is only 1 file called “event.php”. All other files are some additional components. You can easily integrate this application in your application.

Features include:

  • - Javascript framework for cross-browser compatibility and better user interface
  • - Basic stylesheets
  • - Standard PHP file that requires standard PHP server
  • - Database file to get yourself start ahead

1.1 Changelog:

  • - Fixed browser compatibility (Safari, Chrome, and Opera)
  • - Improved validation when creating new event
  • - Removed the user management system. User can register from the front of the page
  • - Added user-defined event type. Example: Meeting, Conference
  • - Added event-sharing with other users. A known e-mail is required
  • - Added hyperlink associated to an event

Live Demo
You can try out a demo by following this link: Live Demo
e-mail: demo@testing.com
password: demo

PHP Server and MySQL database

Any questions, suggestions, and comments are recommended to improve this application.