Cube Portfolio - Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin

Cube Portfolio - Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin

Latest Version 2.3.3 – 16 June, 2015

Cube Portfolio is a jQuery grid plugin that provides powerfull portfolio system, beautiful animated filtering, custom captions and it’s perfect for portfolio projects, horizontal slider, images gallery, team members, blog posts or any other ordered grid content.

It plays nice with your existing HTML and CSS, making it a great choice for dynamic and responsive grid layouts.

You can customize the plugin with just a little HTML and CSS to fulfill your needs. Cube Portfolio include more than 30 settings to control every aspect of the plugin.

What customers say

For anyone interested in this, buy it. Absolutely love how it looks and works!
ohh my God, it’s really realy much awesome !!!  :D
Ok, now everything is working fine
Thaks to bmihai for his help and patience))
Thank you for your quick replies to my emails.
Awesome plugin and really great work you have done :)
There are a lot of good options on the system to make it different, and suitable for many applications, even on the same website. Good support and helpful.
By far the best portfolio plugin we’ve used in terms of flexibility and stability. Bmihai has also been very helpful and quick to provide support around some customisation that we required.
The amount of time spent on the details of this plugin is astonishing. Hats off to the developer!

Full Features List:

  • Responsive & centering layout
  • Slider and grid layout
  • Responsive built-in lightbox with support for images, youtube and vimeo.
  • Fully customizable: more than 30 options
  • You can add unlimited number of items
  • You can add new items via AJAX
  • Built-in single ajax page with support for any HTML
  • 15 starter templates
  • 22 animations for item grids
  • Filter by categories: group your entries by categories
  • Support for dropdown filtering
  • 15 different caption animation types
  • Load more support
  • Display videos in your gallery from vimeo, youtube
  • Detailed and clean documentation with examples
  • Using CSS3 Animation
  • Use with any HTML content
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Keyboard navigation for lightbox and single page details
  • Seo friendly
  • Default Filter
  • Full width support
  • Powerfull API : init, destroy, filter, appendItems, showCounter
  • Adjustable speed, transition, easing and effects for each caption
  • Multiple portfolios on the same page
  • Support for inline content
  • Animated blocks
  • Easily customizable via CSS file
  • Constant support and upgrades

Change log

v2.3.3 – 16 June, 2015

  • [BUG FIXED] – slider-projects template fix singlePage

v2.3.2 – 26 May, 2015

  • [BUG FIXED] – when the grid has 0 items init correctly the plugin
  • [BUG FIXED] – lightbox issue for singlePageInline

v2.3.1 – 7 May, 2015

  • [BUG FIXED] – deeplinking for loadMore
  • [BUG FIXED] – caption css background color

v2.3.0 – 4 May, 2015

  • [FEATURE] – added options to integrate filters & loadMore functionality into the plugin
  • [FEATURE] – added multiple grids on the same page example
  • [FEATURE] – code refractoring
  • [BUG FIXED] – animationType don’t behave correctly on some edge cases
  • [BUG FIXED] – remove from dom unnecessary html nodes when animating
  • [BUG FIXED] – loadMore issue for full-width template
  • [BUG FIXED] – fixed some css

v2.2.0 – 19 April, 2015

  • [FEATURE] – added new template layout(e.g. faq template)
  • [FEATURE] – added support in ligthbox
  • [FEATURE] – added self hosted .mp3 files support in ligthbox
  • [FEATURE] – added default style caption (e.g. caption: ’’)
  • [FEATURE] – added two new API events: updateSinglePageStart.cbp and updateSinglePageInlineStart.cbp
  • [BUG FIXED] – singlePage hash issue for loadMore items
  • [BUG FIXED] – fixed gridAdjustement for `default` and `alignCenter` options

v2.1.1 – 7 April, 2015

  • [BUG FIXED] – `bottomToTop` Display Type option
  • [BUG FIXED] – fixed infinite load more functionality

v2.1.0 – 27 March, 2015

  • [FEATURE] – performance improvements
  • [FEATURE] – code refractoring
  • [FEATURE] – group images in `lightbox` or `singlePage` so that each project can have it’s own gallery
  • [BUG FIXED] – stop filters action when grid is loading
  • [BUG FIXED] – open full screen videos for singlePageInline
  • [BUG FIXED] – singlePage deeplinking can create duplicates in href
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] – removed `fadeIn` (displayType) option
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] – removed `boxShadow` (animationType) option

v2.0.1 – 21 January, 2015

  • [BUG FIXED] – margin-top of singlePage content for small devices
  • [BUG FIXED] – slider-project template performance improvements
  • [BUG FIXED] – API destroy slider layout issue

v2.0.0 – 17 January, 2015

  • [FEATURE] – slider layout option with drag support
  • [FEATURE] – better responsive layout system. now you can set the columns number based on the browser resolution
  • [FEATURE] – performance improvements
  • [FEATURE] – code refractoring
  • [FEATURE] – items auto height
  • [FEATURE] – added 9 new templates
  • [BUG FIXED] – mobile scroll for singlePage
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] – new html structure (old syntax still works)
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] – simple animations for ie8 & ie9

v1.6.0 – 7 November, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – set the appear animation for singlePage popup (e.g. `left`, `right`, `fade`)
  • [FEATURE] – youtube & video posibility to add params (e.g. &rel=0&autoplay=0 etc)
  • [FEATURE] – code improvements
  • [BUG FIXED] – minor css bugs

v1.5.1 – 29 September, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – multiple grids on the same page
  • [FEATURE] – mark-up for singlePage counter

v1.5.0 – 8 September, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – improved responsive layout on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • [FEATURE] – added deeplinking for filters
  • [FEATURE] – open singlePageInline at the bottom of the grid
  • [FEATURE] – use lightbox and singlePage outside of the grid
  • [FEATURE] – set the mark-up for ligthbox and siglePage counter
  • [FEATURE] – improved the look and feel of templates
  • [BUG FIXED] – singlePageInline overflow the items in some cases
  • [BUG FIXED] – dropdown filters is now closing at click
  • [BUG FIXED] – responsive bugs on some mobile devices
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] – changed JS and HTML for dropdown filters

v1.4.1 – 23 June, 2014

  • [BUG FIXED] – ios: double click to activate a filter
  • [BUG FIXED] – page shift to the left by 15-20px

v1.4.0 – 10 May, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – added videos support
  • [FEATURE] – added support for self hosted videos
  • [BUG FIXED] – corect dimensions for default filter
  • [BUG FIXED] – page flickers during singlePage open transition

v1.3.0 – 24 March, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – added default filter
  • [FEATURE] – added related projects, basic slider and closing transition for singlePage feature
  • [FEATURE] – focus the open panel for singlePageInline feature
  • [BUG FIXED] – small bugs fixed

v1.2.0 – 23 January, 2014

  • [FEATURE] – added 12 new animations for filters: ‘Slide Delay’, ‘3d Flip’, ‘Rotate Sides’, ‘Flip Out Delay’, ‘Flip Out’, ‘Unfold’, ‘Fold Left’, ‘Scale Down’, ‘Scale Sides’, ‘Front Row’, ‘Flip Bottom’, ‘Rotate Room’
  • [FEATURE] – added a new feature to open projects (singlePageInline). See exeample on ‘Lightbox Gallery’ template
  • [BUG FIXED] – small bugs fixed

v1.1.0 – 18 December, 2013

  • [FEATURE] – added a new animation for filters: ‘Skew’
  • [FEATURE] – added 3 new caption effects: ‘revealLeft’, ‘revealTop’, ‘pushDown’
  • [FEATURE] – added 2 new display type: ‘fadeInToTop’ and ‘bottomToTop’
  • [FEATURE] – documentation updated

v1.0.0 – 10 December, 2013

  • initial release

Images in preview (not included in package): Paul Flavius Nechita, Tiberiu Neamu, Cosmin Capitanu