CreativePager its a php class that builds almost any pagination system that you see over the internet. It has a lots of options and its very, very configurable. The configuration its so easy that you will be able to configure a pager in less than 30 seconds.

You can easily incorportate with your sites and backoffices. You can integrate with a list retrieved by any database, like MySQL, any news feed, any information from a file, you name it. Features

  • very easy to configurate
  • extremely flexible
  • multiple pagers in the same page
  • 3 navigation modes (Intelligent, Centered, Paginated)
  • correct syntax with unordered list
  • styled CSS

Warning: after you use it, you will always be using this pager system. :P

This pack is very well documented, width:

  • 9 configuration examples
  • 7 styled examples
  • 1 real example width a tabled list
  • 1 real example width a tabled list using ajax