Crafted Drag and Drop Gallery

Crafted Drag and Drop Gallery

This is a JQuery gallery plugin that has the following features:

  • - supports very flexible drag-drop.
  • - Can set a wrapper div for the images to be put inside (like in the live demo)
  • - images are scattered randomly at the beginning.
  • - on selecting an images it goes on top of the others.
  • - on click images are opened in a bigger size window.
  • - many options including:
    • – boundaries On/Off which can be set off to make the images scattered all over the page.
    • – if boundaries are on, the range can be set.
    • – images frame color selection.
    • – can set a description for each image, to appear in the large preview.
    • – can set drag-able images’ size and frame size.
  • - documentation and installation manual is included.
  • - very easy installation steps.

Update 9/5/2011

  • – Used PrettyPhoto Image Viewer.
  • – Fixed a bug with the frame size, and boundaries

Update 28/8/2011

  • – Ability to use more than one gallery in the same page.
  • – New option to enable and set round corner radius.
  • – A better Demo is included in the package.

if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write your comments.

have fun, and don’t forget to rate :)