Count It Round

Count It Round

Count It Round is a WordPress plugin that allows you easy and fast to create circular countdown timers for your website.


From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse and pick the countitround archive file. Click “Install Now” button. Click “Active Now” after the plugin has been installed. A new menu should now appear in your Admin Menu called “Count It Round”.


From your Admin Panel go to Count It Round -> General Settings.

Display the plugin on the front-end

The plugin uses the shortcode [countitround] to display the front-end content. From your Admin Panel create new Page or Post and type [countitround].

If you want to call it directly through “do_shortcode” use: <?php echo do_shortcode(“[countitround]”); ?>

If you intend to call the shortcode with “echo do_shortcode(“[countitround]”);” make sure you have loaded the scripts first by using: <?php countitround::enqueue_scripts(); ?>

NOTE: The plugin uses CANVAS (HTML5).

Shortcode examples:

[countitround startdate="15 March 2013 12:00:00" enddate="25 August 2013 12:00:00"]

Shortcode default usage:


If you plan on having multiple countdowns with different settings you can use the “Generate Shortcode” feature. You can easily generate the shortcode with all options available through the WP Admin Panel -> Count It Round -> General Settings. Adjust the desired settings and click “Generate Shortcode” button at the bottom of the page. This will generate the full shortcode for you ready to use.

Generated shortcode example with all parameters currently available:

[countitround startdate="01 March 2013 12:00:00" enddate="03 April 2013 12:00:00" callback="" color1="#ff6565" color2="#378cff" color3="#9cdb7d" color4="#ffdc50" backgroundcolor1="#ccc" backgroundcolor2="#ccc" backgroundcolor3="#ccc" backgroundcolor4="#ccc" glow1="#ff6565" glow2="#378cff" glow3="#9cdb7d" glow4="#ffdc50" glowwidth1="5" glowwidth2="5" glowwidth3="5" glowwidth4="5" backgroundwidth1="25" backgroundwidth2="25" backgroundwidth3="25" backgroundwidth4="25" frontwidth1="30" frontwidth2="30" frontwidth3="30" frontwidth4="30" size1="150" size2="150" size3="150" size4="150" textsize1="14" textsize2="14" textsize3="14" textsize4="14" countsize1="30" countsize2="30" countsize3="30" countsize4="30" textcolor1="#ff6565" textcolor2="#378cff" textcolor3="#9cdb7d" textcolor4="#ffdc50" countcolor1="#ff6565" countcolor2="#378cff" countcolor3="#9cdb7d" countcolor4="#ffdc50" layout="dhms"]

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