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Content Timeline – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Content timeline is powerful and lightweight responsive WordPress plugin, best for displaying any organized content. It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any js script, video, flash etc. Well structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started and flexible for customization.

Complete solution – Content timeline in a wordpress template

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How does the Content Timeline work:

  • Take any content
  • Sort it by date
  • Call function
  • You are ready to go!

Content Timeline can easily be modified to suit your needs. It has 30 elements places that can be activated on the left side of the timeline and 30 more on the right side of the timeline and you can add unlimited number of groups and items. In this preview we have displayed content that is sorted by date, but you can use whatever system you like.

Responsive design

Responsive design preview


Compatible Browsers

Compatible browsers for Content Timeline


  • Responsive design
  • SWIPE function
  • Ability to hide controls
  • Ability to hide timeline
  • Ability to hide the years/months and only display the timeline
  • Ability to rename the elements (dots)
  • 11 settings for customizing
  • Keyboard binded
  • 5 class events
  • Included easing effects
  • 7 embedded script control methods
  • Intuitive design
  • Fully flexible
  • Fully interactive timeline
  • More then one element can be connected to a single dot
  • Shadow that surrounds elements that are under the same dot
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Change log

Version 2.35 (06. May 2014)
- IE8 typo fix
- Fixed the issue of last item's title showing random text on touch devices
- Improved scrolling behavior when image is being dragged
- Added check not to create table on activation if it already exists
- Fixed the issue of item missing image border when "PrettyPhoto" URL field is empty
- Fixed te issue of opened item content always having 490px width
- Fixed "Image border color" control bug
- Fixed issues with multi-site
- Fixed the issue of title node bubble showing when there's no title
- Added feature to disable "Read more" button on individual items
- Added feature "Close item on transition" 
Version 2.31
- Fixed minor css issues
Version 2.3
- Included new flat timeline design
- Fixed overflow JS issues
- Included button color option
- Fixed color picker issues
Version 2.2
- Fixed import form category
- Fixed missing PrettyPhoto field
- Fixed multisite
- Removed timthumb and restructured image functions
- Removed 33 item limit, you can now import unlimited items
- Using multiple timelines on the same page is now possible
- Included read more button text field
- Read more can now be a standard link
- Included description
- Included documentation
Version 2.03
- Fixed a bug where where nothing would appear when you want to add an image
Version 2.01, 2.02
- Fixed some minor functionality issues
Version 2.0
- prettyPhoto
- Ajax content gathering
- Node hover text color editing
- Node naming
- Font editing
- Close button fix
- Swipe on mobile devices fix
- Responsive fix
- IE 8 fix
Version 1.12
- Fixed post query problems
Version 1.1
- New styling options
- Now you can add whole category to timeline
- Added a switch option for scroll function
- You can now remove or re-size images
- Fixed preview bug
- Fixed random "Read More" button at the start of the loading process
- Reorganized date/category concept (make sure to check your old date fields when reinstalling)
Version 1.07
- Fixed some minor bugs
- The plugin is working without flaws
Version 1.03
- Fixed a bug where nothing would appear on the page leaving it blank
- Fixed a bug where the blank page appeared when you click on "Add new" 
- Fixed a bug where a random error was displayed when you click on "Add new"