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Hi, I am interested in purchasing this but would like to input the entries into a mysql dbase with each form field as a column in the dbase table. For example I want the fields First Name, Last Name, Address, etc to be inputed into mysql dbase columns fname, lname, address. I understand that it is possible with a code snippet from previous comments, but does it enter each field into seperate column or enter all data into one field as Blob text…as this is a problem I have had with other PHP form scripts. Thanks very much.


Hi there, yes it is possible to grab and insert each of the form field in distinct columns of your table. I hope this helps. Jennifer

jambog82 Purchased

Thank you. I have purchased the product. I will send you an email asking how to connect form to mysql database. Thanks.

How can I delete the

Host: Screen resolution:



You can do so by adding the float:left property to the style of container of the options


Thank you. I’m also having a problem with setting up smtp. I’m most certain that all the info is correct yet it’s saying that it’s not. I entered it correctly in the admin panel, and also in the class.form file. Any suggestions?


Please send me a private message with your request, it will be easier to help you that way than in the comments section.

Hello, Today i purchased your script & it looks very promising but i’m facing some issues in it. i have below problems 1. how do i add mobile number field 2. In the text field i want alphabet not numbers also…how do i achieve it.

Waiting for reply …


Hi there, I just replied to your message by email directly. Kind regards, Jennifer


Hello, I’m a bit confuse on your reply. where should i add custom code & why should i add??? It should generate these things automatically as its a contact form generator. I need an input field where user can insert his mobile number only. It’s basic part of any contact form.

Waiting for your reply.


Hello, Please help me. i just need mobile number input field with validation. Else everything is working fine. Without this functionality this form is useless for me. Please help me.

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Hi Jen,

I hope you enjoyed your 1 year holiday! :D Did you take any photos? :P

Just kidding. I’m sure you’re been busy with work. I totally understand.

So what is next? What are your plans for CFGFB (Contact Form Generator Form Builder) for the future?

Clone? Edit? etc?

Thanks again for the many late nights developing a massive time saver for contact forms! :D And thank you for not forcing people to use WordPress! ;)


Can I use this to create forms and use them to post data to pages?

Please let me know if you have any example so I can purchase this.

Is it also possible with your WordPress plugin?


having a issues with the forms. they send and work perfectly, however the fields labels in the emails come back as nulled, is it possible because I removed the labels altogether from the forms and added them within the form itself? here is a link to the preview.



That’s because you have removed the labels. Instead of removing them, hide them with style=”display:none”.


I’m having a problem when adding the dropdown options.

It stays on the loading symbol on the form and that is all. It does not do anything else.

I’ve tried even on a new form.

How can I fix this?


Hi, please send us a private message with the URL of your form builder. Kind regards


I have sent you an email. Did you receive it?

This is without a doubt the best script I have ever bought on this site and from a value for money aspect, this punches way above it’s weight. Brilliant job..


Many thanks for your nice message Barry

Is it possible to add certain sections to only be numbers? If so how can I accomplish that?


Hi there, open inc/form-validation.php

Above if($json_error_array)

if(isset($cfg['cfg-element-1-1']) && $cfg['cfg-element-1-1'] && isset($contactform_obj->merge_post) && $contactform_obj->merge_post){


               $json_error_array[$value]['errormessage'] = 'Numbers only';

Replace cfg-element-1-1 with the actual html id of the input field storing the numbers.

I hope this helps

Is there any way to have a check box to accept mailchimp subscription? Thanks in advance.


Yes, there is already a whole set of mailchimp integration features in the latest version of the item.

I still think it would be great if you added depending selections.

For instance:

Select box (can be radio button or checkbox also, or when a field is filled in):

Fruit Drink

and if you choose fruit then you the second select box has:

apple orange

but if you select drink the second select box has:

beer wine

I hope you understand what I mean.

Hello! Absolutely love this builder.

I do have one question – Is there a way to limit the number of characters that can be entered in the text fields?



Hi there, yes it is possible to do so. I just replied to your question by email. Kind regards.

hello I have a question before purchase

the results of the form, then all the records in a form that I create, I can export them to excel?


Hi there, the form data is sent throuh email. You will need to add you own cusyom code in order to export the data to excel. Kind regards, Jennifer.

Hi, Multi-step is possible now or still on the roadmap ?

Thank you Regards


Hi there, at the present time the feature you are mentionning is not in the item. Kind regards, Jennifer

Do I need to have xamp on my computer to run your program? Will it work with webmatrix3. The dashboard does it load to the browser? I would like to know if I have compatible software to run your program.


Hi there, the item will work with xamp and yes, everything is loaded in the browser. Kind regards, Jennifer

This looks interesting. Adding Recaptcha would be a very nice update.

Any way to add additional users to this?


Hi there, the feature you are mentionning is not in the item at the present time. Kind regards, Jennifer