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ethica Purchased

Can a honeypot spam filter be added?


Hi there, thank you for your suggestion, that’s a great idea we’ll add it to the todo list. Kind regards, Jennifer

jpsmavi Purchased

Hi, awesome script. Using it for last few months. I was wondering if in next release you can add the feature that emailmeform has to limit submissions based on IP address. OR if you can provide us a workaround. Would happily pay for this addition.


Hi there, please send us a private message with your request so that we can get in touch with you by email. Kind regards, Jennifer

adevran Purchased

Hello, Form works flawlessly and i guess it’s the best around. One simple question for you guys.

How to change file upload button name? It’s “Browse” by default but i have to change it to something else..

Thank you


Hi there, please send your request with a private message, we will answer you by email directly. Kind regards, Jennifer

FlipMad Purchased

I’ve looked everywhere…

Where is the Your item purchase code ???

Crazy! :P

FlipMad Purchased

G’day Jen! :) Just sent you an email :)

PLease, is it possible to add clear button (or reset) ? to clear all fields

Tring to use <input type=”reset” class=”cfg-reset” name=”cfg-element-2-16” id=”cfg-element-2-16” value=”Clear” /> but nothing happen…. Thank you!


Hi there, please submit your request using the support tab, we will answer you by email directly. Kind regards, Jennifer


Hello! Sent you the request using support tab! thank you!

FlipMad Purchased

<input type=”reset” name=”Clear Form” />


FlipMad Purchased

Hi Jen,
I have a few questions and queries on how to do things. I need some help making some improvements and modifications.

Are these possible? Field captions (HTML5 placeholder) for example value = “+123 (0)44 5566 7788” until clicked.

Telephone number input (or numeric (and check boxes to permit +’s, -’s or space’s). Plus optional pattern.

Could we also please get a Country drop-down?
Perhaps even a comma-separated list of items that can be imported instead of entering them one-by-one? (in drop-down values)

Justification. Left, Right and Justify are required. Possible?

How does one put multiple fields on one line? This is something I’ve always wondered but never had a chance to ask.
E.g. Field – Field – Field
Field – Field

How would you change the default time, so it isn’t 1:00 AM? Perhaps 9:00 AM or 12:00 PM instead? Only other alternative is creating a drop-down field with all options…?

How can I add some vertical padding on the drop-down option entities? e.g. padding or margin on top\bottom. Just to make it easier for people clicking on the options.

We need to change the ”.cfg-form-container { width: 680px;” default “form width” to 440px, as it resulted in large white space on Right hand side of all fields (i.e. max 430px field width, except Title and the Submit buttons’s “left margin” cause the field to get messed up… (doesn’t take the Button’s width into account. i.e. $button.width – 44 0= max left padding.).

I’ve removed two lines, and added another:
$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key = '@media only screen and (min-width: 320px), only screen and (max-width: 320px)';
$cfgenwp_contactform_css['mediaquery'][$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key]['.cfg-form-container'] = array('width'=>'300px',
                                                                                            'margin'=>'2px auto',
$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key = '@media only screen and (min-width: 480px)';
$cfgenwp_contactform_css['mediaquery'][$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key]['.cfg-form-container'] = array('width'=>'440px');

/* ---- ADDED ---- */
$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key = '@media only screen and (min-width: 520px)';
$cfgenwp_contactform_css['mediaquery'][$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key]['.cfg-form-container'] = array('width'=>'480px');

/* ----
$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key = '@media only screen and (min-width: 600px)';
$cfgenwp_contactform_css['mediaquery'][$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key]['.cfg-form-container'] = array('width'=>'580px');

$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key = '@media only screen and (min-width: 768px)';
$cfgenwp_contactform_css['mediaquery'][$cfgenwp_mediaquery_css_key]['.cfg-form-container'] = array('width'=>'680px');
---- */

Can I get some help???



Hi there, please send your request using the support tab. Thanks

FlipMad Purchased

Sure. :)

FlipMad Purchased

LOL. Does this looks just a “little” similar?


It’s from the 7632886-inception-responsive-form-generator-irfgenerator

Akshaye Purchased

I have a problem with this script !

The generated source have index.php and I also have my website including the cfg-form-1 and the index.php which is overwriting the other index.php


How to solve this problem?

Thank you.


Copy and paste the form html code into your page. If you need further help with this, please use the support tab. Kind regards, Jennifer

Akshaye Purchased

Ok. Thanks

Hi for pre purchase question:

Can i copy and past the html generated code on my html5 website ?

I am using www.wix.com for site making. can I use the script in wix ?



Hi, yes you will just need to copy and paste the html code of the form in any of your page. The item has not been tested in wix though.

Hi presale question, maybe i’m dumb but i ask. If I understand, the form builder will export all the necessary files to embed the form in any external website ? (html or php driven). No need to install the form builder on the same server for further utilisation ?

That mean i can create form on my own server and use them for clients websites ?

If yes, is it possible to embed several image attachement buttons ? my clients want to have 4 different images upload fields.

Thanks for your answer.


another question for the file upload, is it possible to change the upload button with an icon ? or should it be done after the form was generated, directly in the files ?


The uploaded file can be sent either as an attached file or as a download link, both options are avaimable. Also yes, there is an option to delete the file after the upload. Kind regards, Jennifer


The upload button can be changed after the form has been generated. Kind regards, Jennifer

Can this script be used for offering hosting form services to public. The users can come and generate form for there website


pre buy q. Can I implement your form into Joomla site when it is created?

PS. Great work!!!


Hi there, I replied to your message by email. Kind regards, Jennifer

I have reached out to support and have not gotten any feedback and Highly Disappointed at this time. If I cannot receive basic support and putting the code in shows a demo version, makes things tough. I also even went in a made the form over to download it and nothing is showing. I just want to be able to put the HTML code in my Joomla site and have it function.


Please send us a private message with the URL of the page that includes your form.


Sent you my code. Thanks


Excellent Patience and walk through. Everything is working great now and happy to have this integrated into my website. Thanks again and happy to get this resolved!!! :)

SMTP is not working for me. We can authenticate externally and from other sources besides the generated form but when we actually send the form it says “Thank you, your message has been sent to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.” then we get an email error in outlook. PHP goes through but gets stuck in our spam filter. Any thoughts?


I’m repying your message by email. Kind regards, Jennifer

Greetings, I have tried your demo which looks fantastic – but I am concerned about the end result when I add the form data to Opencart. Have you an example form code you can distribute so that I can test on my site?

**A good example of my concerns is a similar form builder I found on envato. I tested in WP & Joomla and works fine. Add same form code to opencart and it is not responsive (opencart is my main platform). Therefore I am seeking a new form-builder that does not share the same problem.

Thanks for your time

Nolax Purchased

Anyway I can make this not into a user script? Being able to access the form builder with no login details etc?

aapta Purchased

i created a first form and the source files are in PHP and I am not sure how to put it in a html page.


Hi there, you should take a look at the documentation at the section named “how to integrage the form into your codebase”. Kind regards, Jennifer

Nice Script

Hi, love the form. I was wondering if there was a non swf option for file upload.


Hi there, we are working on a html5 version of the upload field. It will come very soon.