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Where are the instructions?

Check the documentation directory

Thanks! I’ve tested with gmail and yahoo and I haven’t received any notifications or messages. I’m using Php mailer.

Please send your request using the support tab


Jeremyt027—unzip the download folder and look in there :)

Top Studio

Such a fun generator! Sent you a support email about my forms being blocked. Hope you received my message!


I’m looking for a plugin that will allow users to register on a WP Site AND sign up to an Aweber list at the site time.

Does TopStudio allow this?


At the present time you can integrate aweber in the forms.

I love this script and I have been using it for a while but recently, we have the css button effects aren’t working and we have a captcha that isn’t working as well and it keeps saying incorrect captcha…

I can see your answers that it could be a server issue with sessions to some similar problems with the captcha but it will be nice if we have documentation regarding these issues.

For the CSS, I can manage to add the css manually but I would appreciate to hear something regarding the sessions…

Happy Halloween!

Please send your request using the support tab.

With the mailchimp integration, does a user who gets subscribed have to confirm his subscription via email? as in a double opt-in?

That’s up to you, you can set it or not in the form settings section

i cannot set up the website like demo , I see a login page . How do i remove that ? this script is of no use to me with the login screen. Please help

Hi there, please send your request using the support tab.

Hi, I would love to track form submission via Google Analytics Event Tracking. I’m placing this code on submission button: ”<input type=”submit” class=”cfgen-submit” name=”cfgen-element-2-5” id=”cfgen-element-2-5” value=”Invia” onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, { eventCategory: ‘Contact’, eventAction: ‘Information Request’, eventLabel: ‘Contact Form Landing’});”>” Do you think it will work???


mike4898 Purchased

Hey there!

I bought this almost 3 years ago, and I love all the changes that have been made since then!

Anyways, I’ve been making forms with upload fields lately, and I wondered if it would be able to work with Dropbox. Is this a feature you’re planning to work on? I’m sure people (including me) would love it!

Other than that, thanks for all the amazing updates and support since December 2012!


Hi there, the dropbox feature is on the roadmap. Kind regards

This form is lovely. my challenge is that result cannot be exported to excel. Please when can this feature be available? I see a lot of customers asking same thing. or can you simple help with the custom code you mentioned so it can work around that. Thank you.

Hi there, the excel csv import feature is on the roadmap. Kind regards

No reply ? I have been waiting for days on email. Please tell me how do i set up the script like demo , I want to remove login screen ….

We did reply to your message by email, resend your request using the support tab if you did not receive it, we’ll resend it to you.

Hiya, quick question, does this form do conditional statements?

It doesn’t

ok, what about outputting the sent results as a comma separated list, or a csv file

When you create the form, then download ‘source’ is that like a php file of some sort, or what is that exactly do?

You get a zip file with all the form source file (php, css etc) that will make it work out of the box


osseigh Purchased

I used the Support button and no one is responding…

Yes it can take up to 1 open day. I have replied to your message.