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Hi for pre purchase question:

Can i copy and past the html generated code on my html5 website ?

I am using www.wix.com for site making. can I use the script in wix ?



Hi, yes you will just need to copy and paste the html code of the form in any of your page. The item has not been tested in wix though.

Hi presale question, maybe i’m dumb but i ask. If I understand, the form builder will export all the necessary files to embed the form in any external website ? (html or php driven). No need to install the form builder on the same server for further utilisation ?

That mean i can create form on my own server and use them for clients websites ?

If yes, is it possible to embed several image attachement buttons ? my clients want to have 4 different images upload fields.

Thanks for your answer.


another question for the file upload, is it possible to change the upload button with an icon ? or should it be done after the form was generated, directly in the files ?


The uploaded file can be sent either as an attached file or as a download link, both options are avaimable. Also yes, there is an option to delete the file after the upload. Kind regards, Jennifer


The upload button can be changed after the form has been generated. Kind regards, Jennifer

Can this script be used for offering hosting form services to public. The users can come and generate form for there website


pre buy q. Can I implement your form into Joomla site when it is created?

PS. Great work!!!


Hi there, I replied to your message by email. Kind regards, Jennifer

Greetings, I have tried your demo which looks fantastic – but I am concerned about the end result when I add the form data to Opencart. Have you an example form code you can distribute so that I can test on my site?

**A good example of my concerns is a similar form builder I found on envato. I tested in WP & Joomla and works fine. Add same form code to opencart and it is not responsive (opencart is my main platform). Therefore I am seeking a new form-builder that does not share the same problem.

Thanks for your time

Nolax Purchased

Anyway I can make this not into a user script? Being able to access the form builder with no login details etc?

aapta Purchased

i created a first form and the source files are in PHP and I am not sure how to put it in a html page.


Hi there, you should take a look at the documentation at the section named “how to integrage the form into your codebase”. Kind regards, Jennifer

Nice Script

Hi is this safe from sql injections?


Yes it is safe from sql injections, because it is not a database driven item :)

Hello can you tell me how to change the background colour of the form page. Currently its set to white. I want to remove the background colour so that I can add it into pages that have different coloured backgrounds.


Hi there, open cfg-form/css/contactform.css and change the value for the background color property in the class .cfg-form-container{ } at the top of the document. I hope this helps


thank you!

Hello do we upload this folder to the server contactformgeneratorv or do we only upload the folders within it.



You only need to upload the folder of the form

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Hello, loving the form generator. Was wondering if the ‘Upload’ function can be used to take a picture on a phone/tablet…etc So far I can’t get it to work? Kind Regards, Iain


Hi there , please send your request using the support tab along with the URL of the page where form is installed. Thank you

Hello, I’d like to know where should I add the SMTP Relay ID and password in order to receive e-mail. Thank you for your reply in advance.


thank you for the quick reply. actually I’m a beginner so could you let me know it more specific? I meant where should I put the smtp relay authentication ID and PW…


I think ‘go to form settings’ section is for the basic setting but in this case I need authentication process because this is a company intra network so it is blocked now. In order to unlock it, they provided me the smtp relay authentication Id and pw but I don’t know where should I put them…that’s my problem.


Go the form settings section, search for “Email Sending Method” then select SMTP

It looks like my last comment was deleted.

When are you going to update this with a HTML file upload instead of Flash as this is not usable on mobile phones?

You have said this is in the “roadmap” for the past 3 years????


We have no comment to make on this sorry.


Can i use forms for unlimited website and domain? What meaning of single end product for this product(Contact Form Generator – Form Builder)

Thank you.


Hi there, you can create as many forms as you want with the form builder and install those forms wherever you want.

I landed by google search on your demo site. I didn’t know that it’s a demo version. No I created a form in about half an hour. After wanting to download it there stood it would be only a demo. Why the fucking hell don’t you write before, that it is a demo? I can’t download my form now. Will you now pay me the half hour? Or where is my saved form now? And can I afterwards continue to design it with your tool? Thank you for your info!


That might be the link: http://goo.gl/7QHl8b. Can I buy it (15$ including your script)?!!


Hello there, you can buy the item here http://codecanyon.net/item/contact-form-generator-form-builder/1719810 . We have made a backup of your form, just send us a private message with your item purchase code and we will send you back the zip file of your form (you will need to re-create again in your version of the form builder if you want to edit it though).

Any plans to add multi-column layout function so text fields can be side by side?


Absolutely it’s on the roadmap :)

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I changed the below to both 755 and then 777 and it still doesn’t work when I integrate the code into my existing website. Ofcourse, the link work, but for some reason the actual code into existing html doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone provide me with some solutions?

I’m using dreamweaver and filezila

“The upload directory is not writable: uploads won’t work in your form.

Use your FTP software to set the permission to 755 on the directory cfg-form-7/upload to solve this problem.

Set the permission to 777 if it does not work otherwise. If your website is installed on a Windows based server, you must make the directory writable.

If there is no upload directory inside the cfg-form-7 folder, use your FTP software to create it and set it with the permissions mentionned above (755 or 777).”


I replied to your message by email.