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Hi, I am new to PHP so please bare with me :)

I want to attach a pdf to the respond email. I created a folder in the root directory called “uploads” and placed the file “att.pdf” in it.

what is the right path for the contactsettings.php ?

$uploadpath = dirname(FILE).’/uploads/att.pdf’; ?

do you have a direct email to contact you ?


For support you can register at our support forum where you can available free support with the support team.


how can I see the admin panel in demo site?

how I do to send to more than one email by category example, if I have category support want to put more than one email example: support@gmail.com and support@hotmail.com want that I send the form to the two together

and how I can do so I send the form to all emails in a table from my database?

please help , i need form my job … thank you very nice script :-)


not working to send to email@gmail.com not working to email@hotmail.com i need this working please. how i to do what this work in emails gmails and hotmail ? please help i working in my job

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate. i can not to send to emails gmail and hotmail please help :-(

Is it possible to remove the phone, subject and captcha fields?


Not possible easily you need to customize it.

azerided Purchased

I don’t like this soft. non working auto respond. non working SUBJECT. non working SMTP. it is not respond to sender. not send to man who in subject. it is not connecting to smtp mail server. My site on godaddy servers. i want my money back.


There might be something missing or disabled on your server so it was not working or may be your server requires authentication. Kindly please register at our support forum so that we can take a closer look at it. http://support.aivahthemes.com