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Please let me know if I’m able to use the plugin like this:

Shipping is $2.00 for item A, and $5.00 for item B. When item A and item B are in the cart together, shipping is free for item A but still costs for item B. So the total is $5 for both A & B.

Hi ShiloRune, our plugin “decides” if the shipping will be free for the whole cart, based on many conditions, it doesn’t supports “semi-free” (= paid) shipping.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Do you happen to know of a solution like this?


djcarlson Purchased

I have just purchased and installed your plugin. I have set the country as United States but I am unable to enter any states. When I try entering Alaska nothing populates. I am trying to restrict the free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Hi DjCarlson and thank you for your purchase!

What version of WooCommerce are you running?

Did you have set the United States also as available shipping country in your WooCommerce general settings?

Hello, this looks like a great plugin, I would just want to know if with this plugin I could specify what my situation that happend to me today to not happen again…

I have a perfume online store, a client wanted to purchase a product that was 85$ our policy is free shipping on orders over 99$ so she needs to pay shipping… but for some akward reason her particular area is 103$ to ship to compared to it should of been between 12-15$... So she contacted us to see why shipping was so expensive and its our shipping company that charges this much because of the area she lives in… So she was smart enough to make her order just over 100$ to be eligable for free shipping… But its costing us 103$ just to ship it to her, resulting in us not making money at-all but paying for the clients merchandise…

I want to be able to have free shipping on orders 99$ and over, but if shipping amount exceeds example 20$ then they must pay it. Please let me know if this is possible… summed up, I need to be able to limit the free shipping based on shipping price as-well as the order price…

Thanks, Jeff

I guess not, I would really need to be able to input if shipping is higher than xx free shipping disabled

if you could add that as a php function to your plugin then I would definetly purchase it


raneri Author

I have to check if it’s possible to “read” the current (minimum) shipping cost from the other shipping methods during the calculation of the availability. I will let you know here our results.