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Can this plugin work on a ‘per product’ basis or is it applied globally?

It is applied to the “sum” of products in the cart. It can work “per category” but, at the moment, not on a “per product” basis. If other users will ask for this feature we could add it in the future releases :)

Thanks Reneri.

Hi, I’ve purchased your plugin and now the problem that if free shipping is available, other shipping Options are not hidden. Thanks for help, Stefan

Hi westefan, maybe you have one or more shipping options in the “Don’t remove these shipping methods” field? Sorry for asking, but I’ve to exclude the most obvious reason :)

Hi raneri, thanks for your prompt reply. It’s ok to ask that, but this field is definitely empty.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this problem on our test installation of the current release. We can go deeply to understand the origin of the problem with an admin access to your WP installation and an FTP access. If you want to, leave me a message at riccardo {at} raneri.it .


hyper24 Purchased

Getting PHP error.

Problem: It’s not displaying the free ship method even with $600 worth of products in cart. Conversely, with less than $59 (my setting for minimum price for free ship) it seems to work as expected; I am seeing the motivational phrase in the cart.

PHP error: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/REDACTED/public_html/REDACTED/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-raneri-free-shipping.php on line 263


  • Checked “Enable this shipping method”
  • Method title “Free Shipping”
  • Unchecked “New registered customers always get free shipping”
  • Minimum amount 59
  • Maximum weight blank (also tried 0)
  • Quantity required blank (also tried 0)
  • Reverse quantity unchecked
  • Ignore virtual unchecked
  • Motivational phrase default
  • Motivational phrase background #FFFF00
  • Categories blank
  • Countries blank
  • All countries unchecked
  • Exclude states/provinces blank
  • Don’t remove these shipping methods blank

Troubleshooting so far: Tried multiple products, deactivated all other plugins, swapped to twentyfifteen. Error persists.

Hi Hyper24, sorry again for the “easter delay”. We tested your configuration and I can confirm the little bug you’re reporting. This is due to the fact that you didn’t choose anything in the list of the nations enabled for free shipping AND you’re keeping the “All countries” option unchecked. So you have to select one or more countries, OR enable the All countries checkbox, if free shipping is always allowed.

Of course this bug will be fixed in the next release ;)


hyper24 Purchased

Not a problem, everyone needs a holiday! Thanks so much for the easy resolution. Glad I was able to help you fix a bug for the upcoming release, too!


hyper24 Purchased

Just confirming this is the fix, works perfectly. Thanks much again for getting me sorted out!

Does this plugin let you schedule free shipping by date? Do you know of such a solution?

Hi, this seems to be a nice idea, not difficult to be implemented in our plugin. I’ll add it to the TODO list for the next release(s) ;)

Hi, Fantastic plugin. 5 Star given.

I have one question. How to style the motivational phrase using css?

The motivational phrase currently sitting on top of page without any box. Its look ugly. Can you suggest on how to make a box for those phrase? Or at least place that message on center of the page.

Thank you so much!!

Hi Ethanfx, first of all I want to say THANK YOU for the rating! :)

The motivational phrase has a CSS class: raneri_free_shipping_motivational_phrase so you can add the styling directive into your theme’s style.css.

Something like:

.raneri_free_shipping_motivational_phrase{ display:block; text-align:center; }

will make the motivational phrase center-aligned.

hi there, a pre-sales question, is it possible to configure the free shipping conditions to be different per specific country? for example: netherlands gets free shipping at 60 euro and belgium at 100 euro. thank you.

Hi ecb21, you can set a country-limiter for one or more countries, but it’s a yes/no condition. The other countries will not receive free shipping even if the conditions you’ve set are met.

Hi Raneri and congratulation for this great plugin , I have purchase your plugin but unfortunatelly i meet some issues after installation. I installed the plugin as a normal plugin installation via Wordpress and everything was fine , i activated the plugin , but nothing new appear in my Woo-> Setting-. Shipping Options . Can you please help with an advice or something .

Thank you , Adrian

I understand that but it isn’t . I’m using WP( 4.0.5 ) with Woo( v. 2.2.8) , so from you description it shouldn’t be any problem using this versions . Any other ideea?

Yes, I can certify that our plugin works also with old (and older) versions of WP and Woo. This is an another screen that I’ve just taken from a WP 3.7.1 + Woo 2.0.20: http://i.imgur.com/Olxc2Y9.png (sorry this is in italian).

It could be a conflict with another installed plugin. If you want, I can give you private (always free) support via email to understand better what’s happening. Contact us at info {at} raneri.it .

Ok , i will do that , thank you