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CloudSend was created for companies such as agencies that must constantly send files to the same customers or receive files from the same customers.

The employee can upload files from the administration system and share it with it’s customers or create a public link for one time customers

Every customer can have it’s own URL with a full screen background image and login system to fit it’s CI. In this area, the customer can upload files directly to the company’s server or download files provided by company.


Admin Login:
Password: admin123

User Area:
Password: admin123

Example Public Link:

Example Upload Request Link:


  • Completely template-based for easy design modifications
  • Multilanguage ( easily adding more languages )
  • Created with HMVC PHP ( CodeIgniter ) and the amazing Twitter Bootstrap – easy to modify and to understand
  • Full Source Code
  • Files renamed for security reasons. Original filename restored while dowloading.
  • Apache .htaccess Support for nice URLs
  • Easy to use Step-By-Step installer
  • ..... and a lot more. You’ll find the complete list on

At that moment, only the english language file is version 1.4 – the rest is coming soon.

  • English

2014/05/05 ( v.1.4.2 )

- FEATURE: central login box on root screen ( needs a MySQL Table update which is included )

2014/04/28 ( v.1.4.1 )
- BUG: creating subfolders wasn't possible -> fixed
2014/04/16 ( v.1.4 )
- FEATURE: Folder view
- FEATURE: Rename files
- FEATURE: Show index page or redirect to admin login ( can be chosen in the settings )
- FEATURE: Select default file view: Category, Folder or Both ( can be chosen in the settings )
- FEATURE: Direct download files send by email instead of attachment
- FEATURE: Preview for text based files
- FEATURE: Preview for PDF files
- FEATURE: Default Folder for "Upload Requests" and "Customer Uploads" 
- FEATURE: Remove files with hover icon
- FEATURE: "Upload Requests" and "Customer Uploads" do allow file comments
- BUG: MP3 preview stream fixed
- BUG: Verify SEO URL while creating a new user
- BUG: Do not allow duplicate emails
- BUG: Changing email recipient in user details not shown correctly
- BUG: User login checked in frontend details
- BUG: Installation without table prefix not possible ( white page problem )
- BUG: Download counter for public link limitations
- BUG: DB query for public uploads fixed
- ENHANCEMENT: Public files list in admin modified
- ENHANCEMENT: Add user column to file list in category view
- ENHANCEMENT: Don't mind spelling of extension in allowed types ( for example jpg allowes JPG, jPG, ... )
- ENHANCEMENT: Removing the last superadmin not possible
2014/04/15 ( v.1.3.3 )
- BUGFIX: removing / sending / publishing files on multiple pages fixed
- BUGFIX: adding files to different categories during upload fixed ( thanks to Pablo )
- BUGFIX: removing files from categories result in 0 KB entries fixed
- UPDATE: Spanish language
- BUGFIX: French language errors in JS fixed
- REMOVED: Support tab for easily contact us
2013/08/09 ( v.1.3.2 )
- Portuguese language added: Thanks to Dennis
- Stylesheet for modifications ( which will not be overwritten in case of an update )
2013/08/03 ( v.1.3.1 )
- CRITICAL BUGFIX: Error in upload request fixed
- BUGFIX: When trying to delete more than about four files, an error occured
- UPDATE: Spanish language for 1.3 
2013/07/31 ( v.1.3 )
- FEATURE: User can download his uploads ( can be disabled in settings )
- FEATURE: User can upload files ( can be disabled in settings )
- FEATURE: Show free space on user area ( can be disabled in settings )
- FEATURE: Advanced logging
- BUGFIX: File could not be deleted if not exists on server
- FEATURE: Support for chunked downloads
- FEATURE: Added HTML 5 video support for movies ( file preview )
- FEATURE: Added MP3 preview player ( file preview )
- FEATURE: Added support for direct download
- FEATURE: Import files from import folder ( e.g. for FTP upload )
- FEATURE: Remove sharing with user
- FEATURE: Add description, category and tags before uploading files
- FEATURE: Request uploads with public link
- FEATURE: Direct download of every file in admin area
- FEATURE: Added sharing for public urls ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
- UPDATE: Font Awesome from 3.0.2 to 3.2.1
- BUGFIX: PNG preview error
2013/06/17 ( v.1.2.3 )
- Added French language file ( Thanks to MaximeBanHammer )
2013/06/13 ( v.1.2.2 )
- Added Dutch language file ( Thanks to Kay Van Aarssen )
2013/06/10 ( v.1.2.1 )
- Bugfix on user side success message when creating a public with password protection
- Bugfix in administration system when trying to save thumbnail settings ( white page appears )
2013/05/28 ( v. 1.2 )
- Added Google Analytics Support
- Added Category / Folder Support ( add files to categories by Drag & Drop )
- Added Lightbox Support for Images
- Added ImageMagick Support
- Added Live Search Support
- Added Tag Support
- Added Spanish Language File ( thanks to Enrique )
- Some small bugs fixed
2013/05/10 ( v. 1.1 )
- Added file icons
- Added preview for supported images and zip files ( if supported by your webserver )
- Added file description
- Fixed problem when selecting files on multiple pages
- Fixed whitescreen problem after installation

- File expiration
- Superadmin account removal not allowed
- Daily summary of uploads / downloads
- Automatically send files after uploads finished
- File details in user area
- Amazon S3, RapdiShare and HostEurope Cloud ( Europe ) support for file hosting
- iOS icons and "Add to Homescreen" ( with full responsive support )

  • Webserver *nix ( Windows not tested! )
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5 Datatabase
  • at least 10 MB of free space
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled ( optional )
  • PHP ZIP for archived downloads ( info )

CloudSend was created with the latest OpenSource Technology available on the market. We would like to thank