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Hello Jennifer

2 or 3 days ago I sent you the following email, did you receive it?

Hello Jennifer,

Its me again. Because you are not accepting freelancing jobs, I need to ask if you are planning to add the following features in your next release.

You know, I really like your scripts and I admire your developing, designing skills, but I think the following features are needed for a complete project management.

1. Enabling clients to create projects and enabling them to upload their files and write a project description while creating projects. (admin will be notified, admin will send the quote for acceptance of the client and admin will assign staff for the project)

2. In your script you have only two types of roles for the staff. Admin and managers, but where is the people who do the actual work? How to name them is not important, whether you name them “vendors”, “freelancers”, “agents”, etc., but for a complete project management, we need them. And they need to see only the projects assigned to them, nothing more. Vendors must not see clients’ names and their contact info.

And they must not be able to exchange this info via messaging feature during the project work. We can minimize this risk by disabling deletion of messages and disabling all other kinds of uncontrolled messaging between them.

We must be able to fine grain permissions to all these roles, it can be better if we can select permissions for all these roles manually by clicking some boxes. This feature must not be hardcoded.

3. One click payments to Managers/Vendors.

4. Managers’/Vendors’ overview just like the client overview. Projects, invoices, payment history, profile, tickets etc.

5. Credits system and ability to manually add or deduct credits from/to clients and managers/vendors. Ability to use credits for payment (client).

6. This one is related with #2: Option to use username or real names of clients and Managers/Vendors. And hiding their contact info from one another. This is very important for privacy of business if you are not working alone. They can take the business outside of your platform if you don’t do that. Even, hiding this info in your code. When someone right click on a page, he must not see this info (contact info or names) in your code.

7. Adding more payment gateways.

8. Don’t you think giving ability for clients to create folders and uploading their files there without our knowledge creates security issues? By the way, are you planning to add a dropbox feature in the next release?

Thank you


Yes, I did and I responded. I added your suggestions to the update feature list. No promises on all of them, but I will see what I can do.


Sorry, Jennifer, I thought there is a problem with envato email system and you did not receive it (time to time it happens). I did not receive your reply, even to my spam box. I will send one more email now. But this is not about features. Thank you.


Please, use my Support Center instead of email. I am trying to keep all Support Requests and Comments/Feature Requests in one place.


Pre-sale question.

Can Managers see client contact details. I’m looking at using this as a crm with a collaborative function. So in my case the Manager might be a designer working on a project. It would only work for me if there is a restriction on what the Manger actually is able to view with regards to client information. Thanks in advance – Billy


Good Morning,

Yes Managers can see all of the their client’s information. I know this is not what you were wanting to here, but I designed clientResponse with a development team in mind.

I hope this helps!

Pre-sale Question : Is it possible to send client email when their account is created (containing their account details) or any time later on ?

Also is it possible to display Open/On-going projects directly on the dashboard for the client instead of them having to go into subsection of projects ?


An email gets sent when creating a new client account, when you select inactive. Try the demo out with your email.

Also is it possible to display Open/On-going projects directly on the dashboard for the client instead of them having to go into subsection of projects ?
Not at this time, but is a really nice idea. I will look into it more for a future update.
gg08 Purchased

Hi. Great job, congrats!

I have a doubt: where can I see the files that was uploaded? or… Can I create a project, assign it for a specific user and finally, in the project upload files to complement it? One more thing, when a user open a new ticket, can you upload files?

Thanks in advance!! GG


Look in the demo, upload some blank docs. You can upload files per client, or per project.

gg08 Purchased

Thank you very much. I wasn’t saw the “upload” section, sorry. On more thing: it’s possible to upload files in invoice section? Here in Mexico, We have a different way to generate invoices. Thanks in advance!!


Not in the invoice section, but you can upload files/invoices to the clients account or to the clients projects.

Hello Jennifer! Awesome Script! Clean and Neat. Went through all your applications and i really love them all.

Just wanted to ask if i need to extend the script how feasible would that be! but for now i think everything looks perfect.




The code is open, and well documented. Customizing it should not be hard, but you will need to have some PHP/MySQLi knowledge.

Hope this helps! :)


Ok thanks! Sent a ticket on VatoSupport. No reply yet

Hi I had 2 pre-purchase questions.

If I have 3 contacts assigned to one client/company, will they all be able to view projects associated with that client/company?

Am I able to assign one contact to multiple clients/companies? Would they need two accounts or are they find with one login?