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I am thinking to buy and need some clarifications Is it possible to assign multiple people on one project. Currently I can see its allowing only one person that is project manager.


“Is it possible to assign multiple people on one project.”

Not in the current version. You can always have more then one client login with the same account. Not ideal but would work.

I am planning this feature in the next update.


I was going through the comments and found that many people asked the same question and some of them was more than year ago.

If you can add this option soon, than I will do a purchase. Without that its difficult to use. Projects assigned to many people liek PM, teamlead, engineers etc. Only one person is just for freelance project.

Not useful for the companies.

Let me know your feedback.


clientResponse was designed for Freelancers. That is the reason behind the single client per project.

My skills have vastly improved since the last update, and I have lots of new and useful features planned, including multiple clients per project.

I hope this helps answer your questions. :)


is it possible we can turn invoicing off? because we use different platform for invoicing


do you have any future plans for that?


I can add it to the list of feature requests for the next update. :)


i noticed if i turn off paypall invoices disappears :) so this is already there.

also you should consider adding following

1- Social Login 2- Client can see project tasks 3- Assign tasks to client


dgmodel Purchased

Hello, have you integrated stripe yet? Waiting to purchase..thanks!


Good Morning, Not yet, but I will be looking into adding it in the next update. :)

Hi…I’ve liked all your products. I’ve purchased 2 off them, and didn’t combine…but created links. I’ve also taken the ClientResponse and worked on re-writing the code to fit what I needed.

Where you have newProject, I have newPolicy. Not much of a change, except that I have to have more fields in my database for carriers names, type of policy, etc.

The reason I’m writing, is perhaps you an help me with an issue. All is working fine, but when I input a newPolicy…it does NOT go to the database. I believe it is due to the ‘new fields.” Any advise? Thanks.


Oh, I have more question. I’ve tried to implement in ClientResponse where the uploaded pdf files show tiny images of what they are. I’d prefer to click on the images and they pop-up. I’ve searched online to find a code…or something. If you have a separate code, please let me know so I can buy it.


Good morning,

If you have questions, or are in need of support for clientResponse, please visit my hosted Support Center vatoSupport at

You can and either post your question in the Forums or open a new Support Request once registered and logged in.

Thanks! :)


I saw that, and I will. I love your work. Easy, nicely done. As for my problem, I fixed it and all’s good. However, I still want to know if you can develop that pdf pop-up image. And, I will register soon. Have a good day! From here on, I’ll catch up with you over on your forum.

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I am getting the MySQLi connection failed: and I cannot find enough information to fix it on the support page or the comments. Please help.

bluegator Purchased

Go it fixed. In case anyone is having the same problem here are the things that I needed to fix.

1. Assign your username to the database ->duh 2. Change the PHP version to 5.4 (not native)

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Hello Jennifer

I managed to install the script, but there is no words on pages. You said maybe lang file is missing but it is in the related folder also. There is no missing file in the installation.

And when we enter something from settings tab in the admin panel, it is not recorded into the database.

It is written it supports MySQL 5.x but are you sure this script supports latest mysql 5.6 version?

I can be happy if you can give a quick reply.

Thank you

Hey there,

Awesome product. Kudos for your fine work. Very clean styling and good features. I hope to use for a project. Your demo works fine for me in Chrome, but I can’t get the login to take in IE. Tried 3 computers in my office (IE versions 10 and 11) – no go. After clicking the “Sign In” button it just clears the text boxes for user and password. What would cause this? How to ensure a real client never sees this?

Thank you for your time, LC



Same thing is happening for me – with the Envato iframe header. Remove the frame by clicking on the “X Remove Frame”.

You would of course not have this frame in a production environment.

Hope this helps :)

Hi Jen, It’s been a while since last i checked in.

just a few suggestions and hopes for future updates.

1. Email all clients system update with an editor with html support.

2. Multiple mangers and admin project assignment.

3. easier file sharing system per project, automated folders? drag and drop?


Good Morning,

Can you do me a favor and post your feature requests in my Support Center for clientResponse please? That way when I start working on the update, I have everything in one place.


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Hi I’ve already bought it. Is it possible to customise the prefix of the invoice?

For example, I would like to change the prefix every financial year, e.g. 2014- or 2015-.

Hope this program could have this kind of function.

Thanks, Dom

bjdchorg Purchased

Read your last comment and will post it in your support area.