ClientEngage does not currently provide support for this item.

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How can I duplicate TASKS when duplicating a project?

This is important to make re-usable projecs with pre-defined tasks.



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Please provide an E-mail address so that I can ask you for support without providing my url or other details here.

Hi, When i press on submit I get the following error.

“The requested address ’/survey/visitorforms/success/’ was not found on this server.”

The Script is installed and i renamed it as survey

The Link for the script

any help please?

It seems there is is no feature for tracking the time worked on a Projekt or Phase? Is there something like this planned for future releases?

Dear I tried to ask question in my previous email , maybe i was not clear enough,. Here I am writing you again. I have some pre-Purchase questions:

1: How can create projects and assign the employee to the client’s project?

2: Can manager or administrator create and assign one employee to one client and restrict the employee to see other projects, clients and messages ? ofcourse sometimes you do not want your employees to know all of your clients.

3: Does your product provide the branding like to change the logo on the client dashboard, make a post date invoice, etc?

4: Is that possible to show the client balance in client dashboard , sometimes client can pay upfront so they should see the balance in their dashboard to pay the future invoices. Possible?

5: A client should only see his own project and the employee assigned to him. Is that what your product offer ?

6: Do you offer ticket system in the product? Can I client have multiple logins on one project? For example if a client is a company and their two department wants to monitor the project , they can ask for two different login for one account.

5: Do you provide installation services ? Is it free or you will charge?

Client Engage no longer provides support – as stated. No big loss there anymore anyway. This script never did work properly. The only waste here was – me purchasing this script. I wound up buying a different script. One that actually works properly and has support too. – ClientEngage has not been updated either anymore. I looked at it again, only to reafirm what I already knew: I wasted my money on that one.


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Hi, great script, i’m planning on buying it. got few questions

Can we rename “Projects” to something else such as “Applications”? Is the script 100% twitter bootstrap compliant? Can I simply replace with a custom bootstrap CSS?

Hi, i’ve tested but I can’t get the automatic notifications to go out. I’ve been adding phases, updating progress and adding new comments but the project members aren’t getting emails about these activity.

When I click ‘Start Installation’ the install page keeps refreshing. Is there a manual way to install ClientEngage?

All folders inside app/tmp and app/tmp itself have write access. On the installation page all tests say my settings are correct.

Please open the file `app/Config/core.php` and around line 73 look for this:

'defaults' => 'php',

And change it to this:

'defaults' => 'cake',

Moreover, please ensure `app/tmp/sessions` exists and is writable. Let me know how you get on.


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I found the error. It didn’t had to do with ClientEngage, it was my global PHP session folder. Apache didn’t had access to the folder. Fixed now!

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this item but I just have a couple of questions. Is it possible to allow clients to add jobs themselves and then have a staff member add comments/change progress?

Also, is it possible to have a notification (e.g. email) sent to a staff member once a new job is added by a client?



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The logo disappears when you open a project could help me? Thank you for your prompt response

That’s on purpose – the client-facing system is unbranded. The only logo/branding can be seen inside the admin panel.

That said, if you want your own logo to appear, you’ll need to upload it on the Settings/Configuration page.


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Thank you for your prompt response, but what happens is that the logo appears in the administration normally as it always does, but when I go to projects part of the logo of the top disappears and leaves as if the image had been deleted . I hope you understand me and can help me, thanks


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And I was solved by reloading the logo again from settings, thanks for your help


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I have a new problem, when I change the progress of the phase of a project, they are not getting email notifications to me, but if I get when I make a comment on any stage, this should be?

You need to check “Send email notification to project members?”. Also, can we please keep this in one comment thread?


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change favicon?

You can overwrite the favicon.ico in “app/webroot”. Also, can we please keep this in one comment thread?

when is the next update?

Hi there – I don’t have any specific plans in that regard at the moment.

still waiting for the next update.. when will be?

Hi there – I don’t have any specific plans in that regard at the moment.