Chat Detector for Facebook - with Like Collector

Chat Detector for Facebook - with Like Collector - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Facebook Chat Detector helps the user to see who is ONLINE or IDLE/AWAY on Facebook without him being ONLINE! Chat Detector comes with a modern and easy to use design, with a clean source code where each function has comment!

-Application is very easy to install and customize, based on a single file!!! (config.php)
-Who ever will buy this application will receive information on how to install, for free, SSL certificate!!!

Update – Version (v2.6) 31/07/2013

  • Auto wall post was disabled (can be enabled by the administrator)
  • The occasional error, in which no online and Idle tabs with was solved
  • With version 2.6, Chat Detector is supported by all platforms! Browsers (all), mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Update – Version (v2.5)

  • All bugs and errors are fixed!!

Features (v2.4)

Our application comes with tons of amazing features. Here is a small list of some of them:
  • Tabs for both ONLINE and IDLE users.
  • LIKE COLLECTOR OPTION! Ability to insert application in a page tab to get many likes!
  • Posting an advertisement on the user’s profile with your application!!!
  • At each 300 seconds ( 5 minutes), the application refreshes so the user can see the current content and to have more diversity in banners. Time can be changed!
  • Ability to open any profile or send messages to any user in the list!
  • A search box that helps to easily search a name.
  • Ability to hide / show at all divs presented on the site.
  • An “Invite Friends” button located on the menu.
  • A “Help Me” section, where each function of the application is explained.
  • A “Contact” section, where you can find the Facebook Comments plugin, simple to use for every user!
  • A “Copyright” section, where you can find the application’s rights.
  • A “Privacy” section, where it’s explained the way user’s informations are used.
...and many others!


  • Internet Explore (all versions)
  • FireFox (all versions)
  • Chrome (all versions)
  • Safari (all versions)
  • Opera (all versions)

  • Android (all versions)

  • iOS (all versions)