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This plugin looks like exactly what I am looking for, but before I purchase I’d like to know if there is any way to add a download option to the audio files?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, I saw the answer in the forum. Is there a way to add longer descriptions to the files that do not show up in the thumbnails?

Whatever description you set in the item settings will appear below the thumbnails and also in the overlay. But if you are familiar with coding in css then you can enter a custom html content for the description area which includes two containers – one for the short text, and the other holding the long text. Using css then you can hide the container with the short text so that it is not visible under the thumbnails.

Hi there Ive just noticed the songs on my site stop playing and go back to the beginning after approx 3 minutes, has anyone else reported this as they never used to, ive only tested on ios8 http://www.robfostermusic.co.uk/music/past/ Thanks Rob

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Ive also tested this in safari on mac and its doing the same, I’ve also noticed that the player doesn’t look right, I’m now thinking this might be something to do with me using cloud flare as i moved over to it a couple of months ago, ill ask them the same question

I’m waiting for a reply from them, i could be in for a long wait as I’m only a free user, ill give it a couple of hours then i might get rid of cloud flare Thanks!

So i got tired of waiting and went ahead and deleted my domain name from cloud flare , then changed ny name servers back to my sip’s and guess what were all good again, and my site is faster! result!

Good to know that you sorted out the issue.

hey…is it possible to give users a frontend upload for images…maybe also to create a gallery and upload more than 1 image???


You can give your user’s access to WP Admin so that they can create their own galleries. Note that the plugin requires admin level capability, but you can change that by editing the plugin php file.

i have thought of my registered user…...

Uploading through the front-end is not possible. All uploading and configuring of the gallery is done through WP Admin.


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Hi – is there any way to do a bulk import for items? I have about 300 audio/video entries in a spreadsheet and would love to be able to simply import them into the db. Fields would be mapped to CC Gallery fields. Thanks.

You can bulk upload all your items through FTP into the “ccgallery-upload” folder, after that insert the correct url’s for those items in the gallery item settings.


swcomm Purchased

Yes, that was my plan for the media files, but I was hoping to insert all the actual records into the db via csv import – I’d add those media and image URLs into my spreadsheet. But I’m not seeing any CCgallery table – looks like everything is in the the options table – is that correct?

Yes, CCGallery stores everything in the options table.

For some reason, I’ve noticed that when a user hits the “enter” key on a page with the ccgallery embedded, the active video pops up and starts playing. Can you help us remove this functionality? It’s interfering with the search box. The site is here – http://www.wphf.org/

What do you mean? This is what we have installed on the site: CCGallery WP | Version 2.1.2

Did someone else purchase this for you? Then please ask that person to post this comment.

If you have control over the search box functionality then you can capture the keydown event on that and stop it from bubbling with stopPropagation()

Eliot is the technical contact for the CCGallery installation on WPHF.org

Okay, no problem.

Okay, no problem.

Hi, I love so much your plugin ! I have big issues with the player. I got overlap in the lightbox, wrong font size on the list.

I bought both CCGallery for wordpress (the one I use) and html. This are my links: http://dualcorpsactivities.com/ http://cochiserecordstudio.com/

Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


I copy and paste on the bottom of my Avada: Stylesheet (style.css). Dashboard/Appearance/Editor http://cochiserecordstudio.com/
I made a slight oversight in the code that I sent, #overlay itself has to be included along with its children. So the correct piece of code is:
#overlay, #overlay * {
    box-sizing: content-box;

Working !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

Have been using the CCGallery code for a “regular” php website for a while and love it: http://www.davcoadvertising.com/portfolio/photography.php

Just purchased the CCGallery for WP and am trying to make the appearance similar.

Can the images in the WP version be varying sizes in the coverflow? If so, how to I make this work?

When I click on an image in the coverflow, I would like a different LARGER image to appear in the lightbox. (see link above for how this works on my php site)

(I can email you a link for my in-progress WP site if you like. Would rather not post in a public forum)

Hope you can help!

OK, please add that to the “wish list” for future WP versions.

Have tried a workaround on my site, putting the large image on a separate page. When you go to that page and click the image, it links you back to the page with the cc gallery. Ideally, would like the cover flow to re-center whatever image launched the new page in the first place. Is there a way to code the link so a specific image centers in the cover flow?

There is an option in the gallery settings for setting the start item in the cover flow, but that only works when initializing the gallery. You cannot pass this setting through an url, unless of course you created separate galleries for each large image with the appropriate item centred, but obviously that approach is not practical.

Any chance you could take a look at this page for me? The gallery just stopped working when I made a couple edits. I had tried to add a Youtube video to the video portion. Since deleted it but it’s caused this gallery to fail. http://www.skinetsports.com/custom-boot-fitting/ – Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I see that the thumbnail images have not been generated. This can happen due to low php memory. You need to ensure that the max_memory php setting is more than 64MB.

Hi im denis in france i have bought cc gallery and when i do it, its a roll who turn all the time can you help me please. Thanks. My purchase is: 570e49a2-3af2-492d-9f35-b13a4ae4e356 The link page is: http://www.instants-system.com/galerie-videos/

Thanks for purchasing!

I see that the thumbnail image has not been generated. This can happen due to low php memory. You need to ensure that the max_memory php setting is more than 64MB.

hi thanks, the actual memory is 512mb and when i do the first item, when i try to do the second item, i click on ad new item. and nothing is coming, i cant do the item. Please help me, thanks

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page – http://codecanyon.net/user/cosmocoder and give me access to your wp-admin

I purchased your CCGallery for WP and I got one gallery created and I its not displaying correctly. How do I receive support for this item? I paid extra and got the support extended to 1 year

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

Hi There

Im running cloud flare on my site http://www.robfostermusic.co.uk/dj-rubbertoe/ I’ve noticed that ccgallery items only play for approx 3 mins then go back to the beginning , also where the time shows there is a NaN:NaN i had this problem a while back but i just ditched cloud flare , but id like to try to get it working properly. I contacted cloud flare about this and got this reply…

“It looks like this is working from what I can see at the moment, it might just be the player that’s having trouble here. Does it try to keep a connection open to your web server? If so then that could be what’s causing this. If you could have it connect to the IP address of the web server itself then that should fix this, or perhaps find a different web player that tries to do the same thing here.”

I don’t really understand what that means, i certainly don’t want to ditch ccgallery, but does that make any sense to you?, i was also going to ask if you think your vimuse player might work better in this particular scenario, there must be people using ccgallery and cloud flare together, any comments you might have would be appreciated



but seeing as this problem arises even with native wordpress audio using media element its probably in their best interests to get it working, i cant believe I’m the only one getting the problem…

Hi There i just thought id let you know the problem is solved, my isp disabled gzip compression at server level now all is good!

Good to know that.