Calendarize it! for WordPress

Calendarize it! for WordPress

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Calendarize it! was originally created without support for Visual Composer. Please notice that you do not need Visual Composer to use the plugin, but if you have Visual Composer you can take advantage of the built-in compatibility with this plugin and build your own templates using the popular drag and drop page builder in Visual Composer.

The most flexible and feature-rich calendar solution for WordPress - Works with or without Visual Composer - the #1 Drag and Drop Page Builder plugin

Download Color Schemes or create your own color scheme with our Visual CSS Editor

FLAT UI - Blue ThemeFLAT UI - Amethyst ThemeFLAT UI - Emerald ThemeFLAT UI - Midnight Blue Theme\\FLAT UI - Pumpkin ThemeFLAT UI - Carrot Theme\\FLAT UI - Turquoise ThemeCalendarize it! Grey Theme

Calendarize it! for WordPress is ready for translation

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! Dashboard Notifications

Calendarize it! WordPress Pointer showing location of Calendarize it! Help after installed and turned on.

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! - Visual CSS Editor

Downloadable Content and Add-ons for Calendarize it!

With Calendarize it! version 2.0 we introduce Downloadable Content. When you enter your License Key in the Options Panel you will be able to access Downloads. You can download free add-ons like our new Visual CSS Editor and the Contexual Help for Calendarize it! as well as buy premium add-ons.


Calendarize it! Downloadable Content

Event and Venue Layout Box Builder

With Calendarize it! 2.0 we introduce the Layout Builder for the Event and Venue Box.  It makes it super easy to customize the layout and add custom fields as well as setup default templates.


Calendarize it! Event and Venue Box Layout

Update the plugin directly from within WordPress admin

You can now update Calendarize it! for WordPress directly from within WordPress admin. All you need to do is enter your Item Purchase Code (License Key) in the Options Panel.


Calendarize It! for WordPress automatic update from within wp-admin.

Easy Point and Click interface to add new events

It is easy to add new events with the “point and click” visual calendar interface in wp-admin. Click on the day, enter the start day/time and end day/time.


Calendarize it - point and click to add new events

Preview when entering event in wp-admin (single event)

You will get a preview of the event in the calendar in the wp-admin.


Calendarize it - preview event in wp-admin

Support for Recurring Events

Easily add recurring events: every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every year, and if you select More Options you can choose to repeat events multiple times the same day, hour. You can also choose between settings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or last.


Calendarize it - Recurring Events

Support for Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions

With the release of Calendarize it! for WordPress version 1.2 it is now possible to create Arbitrary Recurring Events easily. First you create your recurring event and then you can repeat it when ever you want, including changing the time of the day when it repeats. You can also create Recurring Events and then easily remove specific dates (exceptions).


Calendarize It! for WordPress - Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions

Show Individual Calendars per user in WordPress

You can easily display calendars for individual users in WordPress simply by adding a Shortcode with the username. You can also display events from multiple users by adding the id number of the user instead of the username.


Calendarize it - Show Individual Calendars

Advanced Filtering (Custom Taxonomies)

Calendarize it! for WordPress supports Custom Taxonomies and by using these you can apply advanced filtering when viewing the Calendar in the front end. By default all events will be showing unless you have inserted a Shortcode with filtering. Click on a Custom Taxonomy and click “Apply filters”. You can add the filters in any combination. And click “Show All” in order to remove all filters.


Calendarize it - Advanced Filtering

Sidebar Widget for Mini Events Calendar

Insert a Mini Events Calendar widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies. Choose between different jQuery UI skins.


Calendarize it - Mini Calendar Sidebar Widget

Sidebar Widget for Upcoming Events

Insert a Upcoming Events widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies.


Calendarize it - Upcoming Events Sidebar Widget

Event List per day, per week, monthly

Switch directly from either Monthly, Weekly or Daily view to “event” and view all events from the Month, the Week or the Day.


Calendarize it - Event List per Day, Week or Month

Support for Custom Fields for Events

When creating your event you can easily add Custom Fields. Choose between three different types of Custom Fields: Custom, Taxonomy or Metadata.


Calendarize it - Custom Fields for Events

Create and Manage Venues, Organizers and Calendars (Custom Taxonomies)

Assign events to specific Calendars, Organizers and Venues. Create detailed Venue page.


Calendarize it - Create and Manage Calendars, Organizers and Venues

Support for Shortcodes

We have created 8 different Shortcodes that you can use with Calendarize it! From a very Shortcode to insert the calendar to more advanced Shortcodes that allow you to apply different filters.


Calendarize it - Shortcodes

Support for Custom Post Types

You can activate Calendarize it! for Custom Post Types including Posts and Pages. This means you can make these show as “events” in the calendar.


Calendarize it - Support for Custom Post Types

Support for Custom Capabilities

With Custom Capabilities you can customize who has access to the different features. Please notice that you need a Role and Capability Manager in order to use the Custom Capabilities. You can either use our White Label Branding for WordPress, which has a build in Role and Capability Manager, or try one of the free plugins available on the internet.


Calendarize it - Support for Custom Capabilities.

Customize Time and Date format

We have implemented comprehensive support for customizing the Time and Date format. You can completely customize the Time and Date format for the following views: month, week, day and event list. This also includes setting 12 hour or 24 hour time format .


Calendarize it - Date and Time format customization

Support for Events by User Role

If you have our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin you will able to set the access to each event by User Role. You can either provide access or block specific user roles. This makes it possible to show one calendar, but depending on the visitors user role they will see different events in the calendar.


Calendarize it - Events by User Role

Detailed Event Page

Each event has a detailed Event Page where you can add information.


Calendarize it - Event Details Page

Detailed Venue Page

Each event has a detailed Venue Page where you can add information about the venue. Below the venue information we will display any upcoming events from the venue.


Calendarize it - Detailed Venue Page

Google Map integration for Events and Venues

Both the Event Page and Venue Page supports Google Maps.


Calendarize it - Google Maps for Events and Venues

Support for internationalization

Calendarize it! for WordPress comply with the Codex for internationalization. This is a process of making an application ready for translation. In WordPress this means making strings which should be translated in a special way.

If you have our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress you can easily translate Calendarize it! for WordPress.

The following language versions are included with the plugin:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian


Version – May 26, 2016

  • Fixed Bug: Problem with Date picker when using Spanish, Portuguese date format j \d\e F \d\e Y
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with Time picker when using French time format G \h i \m\i\n or German time format G:i \U\h\r
  • Fixed Bug: When excluding dates from recurring pattern
  • Update: Prevent users from being able to type Date and Time manually. Can only be picked using the Date and Time picker. This will prevent the Date and Time picker from crashing when users custom settings for WordPress Date and Time formats

Version – May 20, 2016

  • New Feature: Add global setting in Options > Template Settings to disable all comments in the Events Template (This is only for the custom post type Events)
  • New Feature: calendarizeit shortcode attribute tax_hierarcical_sort default value is “0”, will order as usual. Adding value “1” will order by parent followed by child taxonomies.
  • Update: Added an apply_filters function to support Custom Post Types for Custom Metaboxes from add-ons.
  • Compatibility Fix: Added a compatibility fix for the Avada theme. Template title is showing in Calendarize it! events and Taxonomy Pages. The troubleshooting option was showing the Page title instead of the right menu title

Version – May 13, 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Do not allow recurring Events to end by count value to be set to 0. It crashes the frontend

Version – May 9, 2016

  • Update: Style improvements in the fc dialog (metabox)
  • Update: Minify Javascript
  • Bug Fixed: Remove PHP warning in tooltip
  • Bug Fixed: Itemscope should have a value
  • Bug Fixed: Remove comments that are breaking the Accordion Upcoming Events Widget
  • Bug Fixed: Remove geo from Text node. Google Structured Data error in the Accordion Upcoming Events Widget
  • Compatibility Fix: jS. F, Y supported
  • New Feature: Added attribute btn_tax_parent_only for Calendarize it! shortcode. Takes comma separated taxonomies that will only render the main term in a Taxonomy dropdown filter (Requires Taxonomy Filter add-on)

Version – May 4, 2016

  • Update: Added new rch DateTimePicker framework to init xdsoft DateTimePicker with custom settings predefined in the framework
  • Bug Fixed: Multiple Google Structured Data errors related to location. Events that are not assigned a venue, or the venue has an empty address will still return an error. Events must be assigned a venue with an address. If the event is online or virtual create a venue name with an address

Version – April 23, 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Minified Javascript files for the date and time picker

Version – April 22, 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Upcoming Events Widget and Accordion Upcoming Events Widget author events depreciated due to function warning
  • Bug Fixed: Accordion Upcoming Events Widget events are not showing
  • Update: Updated xdsoft datetimepicker and added the latest version
  • Version – April 21, 2016

    • Compatibility Update: Added alternative bootstrap-select for some themes that break the Community Events form and Map View drop downs
    • Compatibility Fix: WPML 3.3.6+ language drop down links to Event Template instead of actual Event Details Page
    • Compatibility Fix: When using WPML if the page template id is translated, switch it automatically when loading an Event Details Page
    • Compatibility Fix: When using Bridge and Wimple Theme the translated Event Details Page shows the template name instead of the Event Title
    • Update: Updated Date and Time picker for entering events (removed old classes, jquery-ui time picker, admin_rhc.js/css)
    • Update: Added option to define Google Maps API Key (pending implementation)
    • Bug Fixed: Location micro data is not rendered in Upcoming Events Widget and Accordion Upcoming Events Widget
    • Bug Fixed: The “only related events” option in the Upcoming Events Widget is not working in server side mode
    • New Feature: Added attribute to rhc_static_upcoming_events shortcode. Setting author=“the_post_author” will filter the displayed events to the events owned by the author of the post/page/custom post type that contains the rhc_static_upcoming_events shortcode
    • New Feature: Added filter rhc_event_template_page_id to allow third party to change the used event page template
    • New Feature: Upcoming Events with added option to hide the widget if there are no events (only server mode). Removed very old option to use original Upcoming Events Widget (depreciated)

    Version – April 1, 2016

    • Update: Add Meta Fields dropdown to the Post Meta Visual Composer Element
    • Compatibility Fix: Moose theme and Moose-Child theme. Template name is showing instead of the Event or Taxonomy, and the corresponding troubleshooting option is making the name of the event show in the menu multiple times.
    • Compatibility Fix: Events in Month View not translated when using WPML

    Version – March 17, 2016

    • New Feature: Added Troubleshooting option to increase the priority of the save_post hook; as a workaround for a case where a third party i crashing on the save_post hook and preventing the calendar to generate required metadata (Events not showing in the calendar, and there is no Javascript error).
    • Compatibility Fix: Change classes where the constructor has the same name as the class to __construct (PHP 7 compatibility).
    • Bug Fixed: Troubleshooting option to disable update notification for NON Options panel is not working.
    • Bug Fixed: Avoid loading micro data for the same event more than once
    • Bug Fixed: PHP warning in some sites when inserting the Upcoming Events Widget shortcode
    • Bug Fixed: In the Upcoming Events Widget (server mode), when using the words argument, the link is no longer showing. Added filter hook “upcoming_events_description” to allow manipulation of the Upcoming Events description. It passes the following arguments: the modified description, the original excerpt, the word count and the event object.
    • Bug Fixed: Calendar crashes on bag timezone settings.
    • Update: Automatically add microdata to Event Details Page. Added option to disable automatically adding microdata to the Event Details Page.

    Version – March 2, 2016

    • New Feature: When combining the attributes render_events=“0” and month_event_image=“1” the image will be rendered, but not the title or time of the event (or event container)

    Version – February 26, 2016

    • Bug Fixed: Emails with a dash in the domain name will not render as links
    • Bug Fixed: Previous version fixes broke drop down behaviour for Event Grid View
    • Update: With debug mode on (Troubleshooting), when editing an event, show the count of recurring records
    • Update: Repack Javascripts

    Version – February 24, 2016

    • Bug Fixed: Adjusted position of Month and Year in mobile view
    • Bug Fixed: Remove PHP warnings related to the Single Template Title fix
    • Bug Fixed: Events set on April 30, are showing correctly in the Month View, but are displayed on May 1 in the Accordion Upcoming Events Widget.
    • Bug Fixed: When both “Preload Data” and “Single event shows template title instead of event” are set to YES, the events in a Organizer page shows the Organizer name instead of the Event name.
    • Bug Fixed: Removed PHP warnings related to rnoe variable not set.
    • Bug Fixed: Multiple field labels are not rendering when not placed in a custom details box
    • Bug Fixed: When using the Taxonomy drop down in Month View, selecting a taxonomy (term) resets the calendar date
    • Bug Fixed: Upcoming Events Widget with date range is not rendering date range
    • Bug Fixed: Removed the dash when there is no time set * Update: Added class field to custom fields layout to allow setting a custom class for the field
    • New Feature: Added support for Event Ticket Box in Visual Composer (Requires Event Ticket WooCommerce add-on)
    • Update: Minify CSS
    • Update: Minify Javascript
    • Update: Increase Javascript version

    Version – February 9, 2016

    • Bug Fixed: rhc_conditional_content shortcode is not rendering shortcodes (Visual Composer)
    • Bug Fixed: February 1, 2016 events not showing when set as ALL DA
    • Bug Fixed: Events set on April 30, are showing correctly in different calendar views, but are rendered as May 1 in the Accordion Upcoming Events Widget (related to lead year).
    • Bug Fixed: When both preload and “Single event shows template title instead of event” option are set to YES, the events in a Organizer page show the Organizer name instead of the Event name.
    • Update: Styling of Social Connection networks updated
    • Update: Month View Title in mobile view hiding in some websites
    • Update: Minify CSS
    • Update: Minify Javascript
    • New Feature: Added support for future release of Event Tickets (WooCommerce) add-on for Calendarize it!

    Version – January 27, 2016

    • Bug Fixed: Disable Event Link on event list is occurring always, should be take place when the option is actually selected
    • Update: Minify Javascript
    • Update: Update Javascript version

    Version – January 27, 2016

    • Bug Fixed: Added a fix for label mapping. Changed a anonymous function to a named function
    • Bug Fixed: When disable title option is active, remove the a tag from the event list title and added end time to Event List View (default box)
    • Bug Fixed: Tooltip target for links
    • Compatibility Fix: In WordPress 4.4 Taxonomy Term meta added with Visual Composer are not showing any values
    • Compatibility Fix: Added a troubleshooting button to re-run he WordPress 4.4 taxonomy metadata upgrade (converting old metadata to new format introdced with WordPress 4.4)
    • Update: Fixed styling for Social Networks when using RSVP Box (requires RSVP Events add-on)
    • Update: Updated Visual Composer templates
    • Update: Added _switcher to have only YES/NO or ON/OFF buttons in Options Panel

    Version – January 9, 2015

    • Bug Fixed: Added a self rescue procedure where saving an event will remove corrupted (UNTIL) recurring rule data, that prevents both backend and frontend from rendering events
    • Bug Fixed: Calendar color not getting applied when the bg color or text color meta field is not set
    • Bug Fixed: post_meta_boxes, hide group input type was not working as expected, group was to getting hidden
    • Bug Fixed: Google ics feed is generating duplicate records in Calendarize it! when using External Event Sources add-on
    • Bug Fixed: ics feed is not parsing correctly at Google calendar when using ampersand in the organizer name
    • New Feature: Allow applying default event fields to Custom Post Types other than Events
    • New Feature: Added an option to disable the Visual Composer module (troubleshooting tab)

    Version – December 31, 2015

    • New Feature: Added support for Taxonomy Counter Widget. New icons and styles (requires the Taxonomy Counter Widget add-on)
    • New Feature: Added support for using the Taxonomy Image as fallback image if the taxonomy image URL field is empty (requires Taxonomy Image add-on)
    • Bug Fixed: When not using Week Numbers, the first cell is too wide
    • Bug Fixed: Basic Week view on mobile devices is not showing cells belonging to a different month
    • Bug Fixed: Issue when viewing an AgendaView on a mobile device
    • Bug Fixed: When a recurring event is set, trying to add a arbitrary repeat date will change the recurring date settings
    • Bug Fixed: Term Image not showing in Events Map View (dialog). If both term image URL is set and Taxonomy Image is used the Taxonomy Image will take precedence

    Version – December 15, 2015

    • Bug Fixed: Server Side Static Events are not taking into consideration the event removal by Event End attribute.
    • Bug Fixed: Remove PHP warning from log on WordPress 4.4. Related to old Taxonomy Meta Data prior to WordPress 4.4.
    • Bug Fixed: Event Title started to show HTML code in all default views

    Version – December 10, 2015

    • Bug Fixed: Encoded characters are showing in calendar views
    • Bug Fixed: PHP warning in Taxonomy related to is_custom_taxonomy flag
    • Bug Fixed: Clear internal Calendarize it! cache on update, so that fixes that affect cached elements gets applied.
    • Compatibility Fix: Added a renounce procedure to copy Term Meta Data to the built in WordPress Term Meta Data released with WordPress 4.4.
    • New Feature: Added troubleshooting feature to allow turning OFF all add-ons at once (this is useful if a add-on is causing an error, which results in the user not being able to apply a fix by updating add-ons. By turning off all add-ons the user can go to Downloads and apply any pending updates, and then turn ON the add-ons again).
    • New Feature: Added SVG icons for the new Event and Taxonomy Counter Widget add-on.

    Version – December 4, 2015

    • Bug Fixed: The Automatic Calendar content option should be ON by default for the native event custom post type
    • Bug Fixed: Hyphen and apostrophe is showing as code in events titles
    • Bug Fixed: When Custom Tooltip Details is selected, and the tooltip settings have no fields, it should not display the default Start and End Date. Instead it should not output the content unless the user adds fields.
    • Update: Singular label for events custom post type updated.

    Version – December 2, 2015

    • New Feature: Added support for the popular Visual Composer plugin. If your theme supports Visual Composer and you have the plugin installed in your website, you can now build your Event Details Box, Venue Details Box and Organizer Details Box layouts with Visual Composer. Choose from 8 bundled layouts or build your own custom layouts choosing from 34 different elements (Visual Composer is NOT bundled with Calendarize it!)
    • New Feature: Added support for 16 additional OAuth websites in Social Connection module
    • New Feature: Added filter rhc_feature_access_capabilities to allow add-ons to add more capabilities to the Feature Access option tab
    • Bug Fixed: Google Maps warning about sensor attribute being depreciated
    • Bug Fixed: When upcoming only is used, and grid_norepeat, and daily recurring event, the recurring event is not displaying in the Events Grid View
    • Bug Fixed: Temporarily disable the GEO field from ics. Google is no longer ignoring the field, instead it fails to load
    • Bug Fixed: When mixing an Month View or Week View calendar with Event Grid View in the same page, the event titles gets overwritten in the Month View or Week View when the Event Grid View loads more data
    • Bug Fixed: Disabling the automatic elements for event post type is not working
    • Bug Fixed: Events Grid View started showing strange data and time format (Events Grid View add-on)
    • Compatibility Fix: When using the Metro Pro theme, the canonical URL is wrong and Facebook shares get incorrect page data (debug screen added info about the theme)

    For full Change log please visit our website