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Download Color Schemes or create your own color scheme with our Visual CSS Editor

FLAT UI - Blue ThemeFLAT UI - Amethyst ThemeFLAT UI - Emerald ThemeFLAT UI - Midnight Blue Theme\\FLAT UI - Pumpkin ThemeFLAT UI - Carrot Theme\\FLAT UI - Turquoise ThemeCalendarize it! Grey Theme

Calendarize it! for WordPress is ready for translation

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! Dashboard Notifications

Dashboard Notifications when Calendarize it! has been installedCalendarize it! - Visual CSS Editor

Downloadable Content and Add-ons for Calendarize it!

With Calendarize it! version 2.0 we introduce Downloadable Content. When you enter your License Key in the Options Panel you will be able to access Downloads. You can download free add-ons like our new Visual CSS Editor and the Contexual Help for Calendarize it! as well as buy premium add-ons.


Calendarize it! Downloadable Content

Event and Venue Layout Box Builder

With Calendarize it! 2.0 we introduce the Layout Builder for the Event and Venue Box.  It makes it super easy to customize the layout and add custom fields as well as setup default templates.


Calendarize it! Event and Venue Box Layout

Update the plugin directly from within WordPress admin

You can now update Calendarize it! for WordPress directly from within WordPress admin. All you need to do is enter your Item Purchase Code (License Key) in the Options Panel.


Calendarize It! for WordPress automatic update from within wp-admin.

Easy Point and Click interface to add new events

It is easy to add new events with the “point and click” visual calendar interface in wp-admin. Click on the day, enter the start day/time and end day/time.


Calendarize it - point and click to add new events

Preview when entering event in wp-admin (single event)

You will get a preview of the event in the calendar in the wp-admin.


Calendarize it - preview event in wp-admin

Support for Recurring Events

Easily add recurring events: every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every year, and if you select More Options you can choose to repeat events multiple times the same day, hour. You can also choose between settings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or last.


Calendarize it - Recurring Events

Support for Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions

With the release of Calendarize it! for WordPress version 1.2 it is now possible to create Arbitrary Recurring Events easily. First you create your recurring event and then you can repeat it when ever you want, including changing the time of the day when it repeats. You can also create Recurring Events and then easily remove specific dates (exceptions).


Calendarize It! for WordPress - Arbitrary Recurring Events and Recurring Events with Exceptions

Show Individual Calendars per user in WordPress

You can easily display calendars for individual users in WordPress simply by adding a Shortcode with the username. You can also display events from multiple users by adding the id number of the user instead of the username.


Calendarize it - Show Individual Calendars

Advanced Filtering (Custom Taxonomies)

Calendarize it! for WordPress supports Custom Taxonomies and by using these you can apply advanced filtering when viewing the Calendar in the front end. By default all events will be showing unless you have inserted a Shortcode with filtering. Click on a Custom Taxonomy and click “Apply filters”. You can add the filters in any combination. And click “Show All” in order to remove all filters.


Calendarize it - Advanced Filtering

Sidebar Widget for Mini Events Calendar

Insert a Mini Events Calendar widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies. Choose between different jQuery UI skins.


Calendarize it - Mini Calendar Sidebar Widget

Sidebar Widget for Upcoming Events

Insert a Upcoming Events widget in your sidebar. Apply advanced filtering with Custom Taxonomies.


Calendarize it - Upcoming Events Sidebar Widget

Event List per day, per week, monthly

Switch directly from either Monthly, Weekly or Daily view to “event” and view all events from the Month, the Week or the Day.


Calendarize it - Event List per Day, Week or Month

Support for Custom Fields for Events

When creating your event you can easily add Custom Fields. Choose between three different types of Custom Fields: Custom, Taxonomy or Metadata.


Calendarize it - Custom Fields for Events

Create and Manage Venues, Organizers and Calendars (Custom Taxonomies)

Assign events to specific Calendars, Organizers and Venues. Create detailed Venue page.


Calendarize it - Create and Manage Calendars, Organizers and Venues

Support for Shortcodes

We have created 8 different Shortcodes that you can use with Calendarize it! From a very Shortcode to insert the calendar to more advanced Shortcodes that allow you to apply different filters.


Calendarize it - Shortcodes

Support for Custom Post Types

You can activate Calendarize it! for Custom Post Types including Posts and Pages. This means you can make these show as “events” in the calendar.


Calendarize it - Support for Custom Post Types

Support for Custom Capabilities

With Custom Capabilities you can customize who has access to the different features. Please notice that you need a Role and Capability Manager in order to use the Custom Capabilities. You can either use our White Label Branding for WordPress, which has a build in Role and Capability Manager, or try one of the free plugins available on the internet.


Calendarize it - Support for Custom Capabilities.

Customize Time and Date format

We have implemented comprehensive support for customizing the Time and Date format. You can completely customize the Time and Date format for the following views: month, week, day and event list. This also includes setting 12 hour or 24 hour time format .


Calendarize it - Date and Time format customization

Support for Events by User Role

If you have our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin you will able to set the access to each event by User Role. You can either provide access or block specific user roles. This makes it possible to show one calendar, but depending on the visitors user role they will see different events in the calendar.


Calendarize it - Events by User Role

Detailed Event Page

Each event has a detailed Event Page where you can add information.


Calendarize it - Event Details Page

Detailed Venue Page

Each event has a detailed Venue Page where you can add information about the venue. Below the venue information we will display any upcoming events from the venue.


Calendarize it - Detailed Venue Page

Google Map integration for Events and Venues

Both the Event Page and Venue Page supports Google Maps.


Calendarize it - Google Maps for Events and Venues

Support for internationalization

Calendarize it! for WordPress comply with the Codex for internationalization. This is a process of making an application ready for translation. In WordPress this means making strings which should be translated in a special way.

If you have our Easy Translation Manager for WordPress you can easily translate Calendarize it! for WordPress.

The following language versions are included with the plugin:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Paid Add-ons

We have both free and premium paid add-ons for Calendarize it! that will allow you to extend the available features. Simply enter your license key in the Options Panel and you will be able to download the free add-ons and purchase the premium add-ons.

Premium Add-on Community Events for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Events Map View for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Payment Options for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Advertising Options for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Ratings and Reviews for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on RSVP Events for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on External Event Sources for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Social Sharing Panels for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Event Color by Calendar for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Capabilities and Taxonomies for Calendarize it! Premium Add-on Social Auto Publish for Calendarize it!

Free Add-ons

Visual CSS Editor add-on for Calendarize it! FLAT UI Calendar Widget add-on for Calendarize it! Visual CSS Editor add-on for Calendarize it! Events in Blogroll add-on for Calendarize it! Custom Buttons add-on for Calendarize it! No Vertical Scroll Bar add-on for Calendarize it!

Support and Updates

We support our plugins and have a professional support ticket system setup to handle and track all issues or requests from our customers. Follow us on Envato or Twitter to stay up to date with new releases and updates.

Don’t forget to enter your License Key in the Options Panel. This will enable auto update from within WordPress admin. With this feature you will always be able to keep the plugin up-to-date. Please notice that we only provide support to users with a valid License Key.

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Version 2.7.7 rev48793 – April 10, 2014

  • Compatibility Fix: Prevent WPML or other plugins using pre_get_posts from breaking Venue Page
  • Bug Fixed: Prevent Month View image overlapping
  • Bug Fixed: Month View Image not showing when switching views

Version 2.7.6 rev48786 – April 10, 2014

  • New Feature: Support for featured image in Month View (enable feature in Options > Calendarize Shortcode and Month View)
  • New Feature: Added separate option to enable Month View Image metabox
  • Update: When either the Month View metabox or image option for Month View is set enable the image on the event Ajax data.
  • Bug Fixed: Javascript error on Event List View after previous update. Increased version no. of Javascript to force non-cached file.

Version 2.7.5 rev48751 – April 9, 2014

  • Update: New optimization feature Ajax data shrink for faster loading of Events (can be disabled in Options > Troubleshooting)
  • Bug Fixed: When using the Match Events color feature, applying a filter does not reset the background color

Version 2.7.4 rev48555 – April 3, 2014

  • Bug Fixed: Post info metabox was not showing on some Custom Post Types where it was enabled.
  • Update: Increase Options Panel version no.
  • Bug Fixed: Prevent php warning in Options Panel
  • Bug Fixed: Super Admin in WordPress Multisite are getting Demo Mode error message
  • Bug Fixed: Super Admin in WordPress Multisite can not save settings in Options.

Version 2.7.3 rev48332 – March 31, 2014

  • Bug Fixed: Prevent some javascript error when post extra info goes into a bad state
  • Bug Fixed: Remove empty space in dynamic tooltip when custom fields data is not entered
  • Update: Change line height in new Calendar Widget

Version 2.7.2 rev48250 – March 28, 2014

  • Update: Added support for the new FLAT UI inspired Calendar Widget (free download).
  • Bug Fixed: FLAT UI widget not translating month and day name
  • Bug Fixed: iCal button space showing under FLAT UI Calendar widget

Version 2.7.1 rev48158 – March 26, 2014

  • New Feature: Added buttons to restore specific default layouts individually (Event Details Box, Venue Details Box, Tooltip Details Box)

Version 2.7.0 rev47975 – March 25, 2014

  • New Feature: Added a Upcoming Events Widget template with date range
  • New Feature: Added a Skip Months feature in Calendar view.
  • New Feature: Option to match the month view day cell background color with the event background color
  • New Feature: Added support for dynamic Tooltip content (build your own layout)
  • New Feature: Option to replace all events Custom Fields with the default template
  • Bug Fixed: jQuery conflict fixed causing Sidelist on Events Map View add-on not to show
  • Bug Fixed: Can not delete own events in draft status
  • Bug Fixed: Improved styling for Social Network buttons in mobile view
  • Bug Fixed: Super Admin on WordPress Multisite can not save Options in Calendarize it!

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