CakeBattles - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

CakeBattles is a full web application developed using CakePHP and jQuery that allows battles to take place between contenders with users being able to vote on who/what would win.

CakeBattles has been developed to be as generic as possible so that the system can be used for comparing pretty much anything. Each Contender can have multiple images associated with it which are displayed at random to keeps things fresh and new.

Each Contender also has multiple Tags which are used to categorise them and allow similar Contenders to be pitted against each other more often. The system uses an algorithm to allow new Contenders to be chosen more frequently to combat any skew in the number of Battles.


  • Full CakePHP Application
  • Password protected admin section
  • Data validation
  • CakePHP Components and Elements
  • Fully commented code
  • Ajax with jQuery
  • Thickbox: Nice popup effect for images
  • jQuery tooltips for forms
  • swfUpload on images when submitting a Contender