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Bureau Bootstrap Skin version 2.0

Latest update: 3.09.2013

Bureau Bootstrap skin is a lightweight corporate-style set of CSS styles (LESS-files included) which gives you all the power of Twitter Bootstrap powered by a unique look, enhanced features and usage examples.

You get all the features that make bootstrap framework so nice – grids, layouts, responsive design, menus, buttons, modals and everything else but Bureau skin also gives you these bonuses:
  • Since version 2.0 Bureau Bootstrap skin is based on new Bootstrap version 3.0 with all its new features. Check it out! LESS-files included.
  • Several usage examples. Check out the blog post page, single blog page, contact page. Standard Bootstrap examples also included.
  • Changed look of typography blocks (hero unit, page headers, heading text, quotes, – see on the preview page, and compare it to default layout using the style switching feature).
  • Enhanced look of paging components.
  • Completely different enhanced look of navigation elements (pills, tabs, stacked tabs, stacked pills, navlists). Stacked tabs, stacked pills, nav lists have icons now, which make them look nicer.
  • Restyled navbar with search input and dropdowns.
  • Tables have more strict look that makes it easier for the user to read through complicated sets of data.
  • New shapes, styles and color schemes for the default progress bars.
  • Fresh look of forms with light 3D-effect.
  • A brighter new look for alerts and buttons.
  • Includes 180 glyphs in font format from the Glyphicon Halflings set.
  • Enhanced look for all javascript examples, and some extra javascript included by default.
  • Skin is pixel perfect.
  • Includes page templates.
  • All documentation included and online support on found issues provided.