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Hi, I have buddypress version 2, on wordpress 3.8 (multisite). I downloaded and uploaded the plugin. The plugin only displays in the network admin, and not on the site on which i’m running buddypress. Anyway, I network activated the plugin, and nothing happens. Can you tell me how I can get the plugin to work?

Many thanks


Once again.. can you please offer some suggestions as to how to get this plugin to work?


Just tested these 2 scenarios:

1) Multisite. BuddyPress activated globally on main site. BPPS activated globally (that’s the only option, it can’t be activated on a particular site in the network). I see menu: http://screencast.com/t/nl8U95f9

2) Multisite. BuddyPress activated on a subsite (not globally Network activate). BPPS activated globally (Network activated – no other options). I see the menu: http://screencast.com/t/nl8U95f9


finally established that buddypress needed to be network activated!

Hi slaFFik -

This looks like exactly what I need. Before I purchase could you please confirm if it is also possible to see results of total amounts (like 65% men 35% women, etc.) based on selected profile fields?

Thanks, Chris


Yes, you will be able to see that. Please spent 2 minutes and watch the video demo – all the functionality is shown there.

papsie Purchased

Thank you. I did already watch the video (and read all the comments, etc.), but I was not 100% sure. I have now purchased and look forward to seeing just what this can do! ;o)

Hello slaFFik,

I am having trouble getting the plugin to work correctly.

All checkbox field data is showing as one field ‘Other’. So all the checkboxes are put together and I can’t see any data at all.

I have a couple of screenshots for you:

http://s28.postimg.org/dd7vl5d6l/members.png http://s28.postimg.org/bk4ywtrzx/statistics.png

Other fields with less fields are showing up correctly.

Can you please assist me in this?

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slaFFik can you please help me with this? my site is going live today and I haven’t figured out why this is happening..

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Js plugin that used to display the graph just can’t process so many variations of the same field. If you have 10 checkboxes in it, that’s 10! = 3628800 variants.

So sorry but I can’t help here.


That’s really bad. There should not be a limitation in how many variations you can have.

If you use more than 10 checkboxes in a profile, this plugin is useless?

There should not be a limitation in how many variations there can be.

I wouldn’t have purchased the code if I knew that in advance. You can’t simply expect me to remove profile options.

I want a refund! This is not what I payed for.


The same does you (regarding your words “your plugin compares a maximum of 10 data points inside one field”). I have never said that the plugin supports only 10 options inside 1 field. I just said (a quote from above):

Js plugin that used to display the graph just can’t process so many variations of the same field. If you have 10 checkboxes in it, that’s 10! = 3628800 variants.

Anyway, I’m sorry that the plugin doesn’t fit you. I can’t help you anymore. Perhaps in the future I will fix this thing, but honestly speaking – I’m not sure.


Use this and it’ll process many millions of variations: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/5681842

You have to realise that big sites have more than 10 checkboxes. You are going to get allot more complains about this.


I believe this example is more relevant: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/5944371 Thanks for the link. D3 uses a bit different technologie, and requires a lot more coding.

By the way, how big actualy your site is? Asking because I have developed a BuddyPress search plugin and abandoned it as I didn’t find big enough BuddyPress site to test it on.

I have updated the plugin description text to reflect its possible big “Others” section in pie chart for profile fields with lots of checkboxes.

The graph with statistics shows for a few seconds and then disappears and appears the sad smiley. The plugin concept is good and useful sadly doesn’t work as expected. WordPress 3.9.1 BuddyPress 2.0.1 SweetDate template


Sorry to here that. I will update the plugin in May, but can’t give any definite date.

hugblue Purchased

Ups ..

It almost seems like the plugin i need! I want to show the user statistics who comment per post. And be able to show these stats inside the author panel. Is something like that possible? (custom $$)


Hello, Use the contact form on my profile or here: http://ovirium.com/contact and describe everything you want to be done.

Hi dear friends … I don’t understand …

I did upload the plugin, it is active, BUT … I do see anything in Dashboard/users/ ...

Simply the old 3 options: All Users, Add New, Your Profile … :(

May You help, please?

Thank You. Pietro


Weird… I need to investigate this problem. Can you please write, which versions of WordPress and BuddyPress you have? Also how is WordPress installed – subfolder, multisite etc.


I think I solved, thank You. There was maybe some conflict!

Have a nice day! :)


Hi @slaFFik, great plugin, looks great :)

before to purchase it, I would like to know if there is any way to show the stats in a page in the front-end. I don’t mind coding a template, but if it’s going to be very hard work I would like to know before to buy it.

Thanks in advance!


So far the plugin was not developed to work on front-end. It uses quite a lot of custom css and js, and as I remember all its code is loaded in wp-admin area only. So that might be a problem to make it work on front-end.

Does this plugin work with latest BuddyPress and latest WordPress


Yes, using it on own WordPress 4.0 + BuddyPress 2.1.1 site.

I have accidentally purchased your plugin twice when I only intended to get it once. Is it you that I ask to process a refund for one of the plugins or do I go to Envato directly?


Unfortunately, authors can’t process a refund, so you should ask Envato. But I believe according to their rules they will refuse to do that, dunno. Try to contact them.


@slafFFik: Thanks for looking into this. Yes this was an honest mistake from my end. Envato’s apparently held up with a backlog of support messages. So will wait to hear from them.

We purchased this plugin so we could sort and see our inactive users, or those with “Not recently active” status. Its advertised as doing this but I see nowhere to do it. Is there a setting we can adjust to show these users? Currently we can only see “Empty Profiles”, which we do not need.



Thank you for the reply. I checked “do you want to display hidden values?” and i see “no activity at all” now, but its now showing any data. Is there a way to process user data so it will show ones w/ no activity? Thanks again


Thanks for the feedback. In the next version I will review this process of detecting. I guess I know where the problem is. And so far there is no other abilities to show users with no activity.


Ok. We need to be able to identify inactive users and this is the reason we bought this plugin. The plugin description and screenshots indicate this was possible, so I feel a little misled.



What exactly doesn’t work?