BuddyPress Extend Groups Description

Important Information

This plugin will work only if BuddyPress installed and configured with a Groups component activated. Read BuddyPress documentation to know how to do that.

So the minimal requirements are:

  1. WordPress 3.2.x
  2. BuddyPress 1.2.5
  3. Javascript enabled in your (and your members) browser (that’s 99.6% of all internet users).

Tested up to WordPress 3.8 and BuddyPress 1.9.1.


With “BP: Extend Groups Description” you can add extra functionality to pretty straight-forward BuddyPress groups. 

  • Use @mentions in description to define (or point to) famous community members.
  • Use any WordPress shortcode in a description to make it unique!
  • Check the length (in # of words) of a description in group admin area. By default 25 words is the “orange zone”.
  • If the description is more then 25 words, it will be splitted with a “Less” link.
  • Everything is ready to be localized (i18n support).
  • Rich Editor for group description in group admin.
  • You can use shortcodes in groups descriptions
  • In BuddyPress admin area (BuddyPress -> Settings) you can enable or disable rich editor for group description.
  • You can enable or disable words count for group description.
  • You can specify the number of words to display before the “Less” link will appear in a group description.


  1. Upload the ‘bp-extend-groups-description’ folder with all its content to WordPress plugins folder (normally it’s ’/wp-content/plugins/’).
  2. Go to WordPress admin Plugins page.
  3. Activate the plugin “BP Extend Groups Description”.
  4. Go to “BuddyPress -> Settings” page and enable/disable rich editor for groups descriptions.
  5. Go to any group page (or group admin area where grop details are edited) in your social network and enjoy the results!




Admin Area:



Jan 4 2014
  • Code updated to work with the latest WordPress and BuddyPress
  • improved the code
Apr 26 2012
  • enable / disable words count on “BuddyPress -> Settings” page
  • define number of words before “Less” link will appear in a group description
Apr 19 2012
  • rich editor for group description
  • enable / disable rich editor on “BuddyPress -> Settings” page
Apr 11 2012
  • use @mention in description
  • description words counter
  • show / hide full description

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