Bootstrap Form Pack

Bootstrap Form Pack

Ready-to-use Bootstrap Form Pack for your php website!
You can use it in any website in a quick, easy & flexible way.

All the forms can be sent to email address or be recorded in a database (login / newsletter / register forms are just sent and kept in database).
**Working on a new version: 3.1 Bootstrap / Improvements code **

The pack includes 13 different Forms

- Contact Form (3 forms)
- Booking / Event Form (2 forms)
- Attach files to mail (or attach multiple files) – new v1.1
- Upload file or multiple files (2 forms)
- Newsletter subscribe form
- Register form
- Login form
- Registration form (new 1.2)
- Address form (new 1.2)
- Booking form with hour picker(new 1.5.1)

Main features:

- Image Captcha optional through config file – Waiting for approval v1.5
- You can limit the types of files allowed
- You can limit the size of uploaded files
- Easy to add new input box, if you add any new field it will work automatically
- Email sending
- Upload files
- MySql email registration, auto installation mysql table
- Make a copy of email sent for the customer
- Validation of fields with jquery validate engine
- Easy to use and setup
- Token antispam, block spam robots
- Easy customization
- Customisable email subject
- Responsive design, Bootstrap framework
- Automatically adapts to your css file (Bootstrap)
- PHP OOP (no OOP knowledge required)
- Can be easily embedded into a PHP page
- Compatible with Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, & Safari

Add custom fields

In this example Im going to add a new simple text field
<input type="text" id="name" name="name" />
If you want to be required field only add class “validate[required]”
<input type="text" id="name" name="name" class="validate[required]" />
You can validate emails, numbers, only letters, phone, url, IP & dates. (more info in help file)

Live demo

You can view a demo installation: Live Demo

Server Requirements

PHP 5.3+


v 1.5l
Image Captcha optional through config file

v 1.4
You can limit the types of files allowed
You can limit the size of uploaded files
Small code improvements

v 1.3
New Address form

v 1.2
New Registration form

v 1.1
Attach files to mail (one or more)